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TOAI Co., Ltd. Jankara Kintetsu Yao Store Relocated and Opened on 12/2!

TOAI Co., Ltd.
Jankara Kintetsu Yao Store Relocated and Opened on 12/2!

Jankara, which has 168 stores nationwide and boasts the largest scale in the industry in western Japan, will relocate and open the Kintetsu Yao store in Yao City, Osaka today. We also have a dodeca room that can be used by up to 80 people, and can be used in various scenes other than karaoke with a large number of people. In addition, “Karaoke BAR Y・A・O” is attached to the store, providing a space where customers can communicate with each other.
[Image 1d17032-232-5caa8ef97c3ce52285d3-0.png&s3=17032-232-80c3dd3463ee1581632105b150ca3f36-787x334.png
Kintetsu Yao store special page
■ “Dodeka Room” available for up to 80 people
[Image 2d17032-232-d7ed24eb82912d0c8354-1.png&s3=17032-232-9a72e900566d352328c8dd4a90048db5-979x596.png
“Dodeka Room” that can be used by up to 80 people has appeared. It can be used for events such as karaoke competitions and live performances, dance practice using mirrors on the wall, band practice using permanent instruments such as guitars, and meetings using a large screen. Scenes can be used.
■ Karaoke BAR Y・A・O, a place for music lovers to interact
[Image 3d17032-232-eaff47d601b1278eefc8-2.png&s3=17032-232-026b93a82491225f8ef757d5825881a0-953x346.png
There is a counter “Karaoke BAR Y・A・O” that can be used as a bar as well as karaoke.
You can enjoy karaoke while communicating with each other at the open counter. We also have various projects that you can enjoy more, such as karaoke scoring challenges.
Various Fun “Concept Room”
[Image 4d17032-232-648b308396b0985d600a-3.png&s3=17032-232-ced9ed3fb575e6f25f21f7d0361eaad1-984x331.png
We have circle rooms, studio rooms, boxercise rooms, and kids rooms. The circle room can be used for various circle activities such as chorus, dance, and drama practice. In the studio room, you can not only play with your own instruments, but you can also enjoy playing with the permanent instruments even if you come to the store empty-handed. In the Boxercise Room, you can experience a full-fledged boxercise. The kids’ room is a room with a door and a monitor set at the child’s line of sight, as well as features such as drawing and peepholes.
■ Opening campaign
・80g green soybean picking challenge
We will hold an opening campaign where you can win luxurious prizes such as “3,000 yen special coupon for Jankara”.
Place edamame (model) on a scale with a hidden weight display, and if it is exactly 80g in connection with Yao (80), you will receive a “Jankara complimentary ticket worth 3,000 yen”.
Near pin prize and participation prize are also available.
*You can participate in the challenge once per member who uses the Kintetsu Yao store during the period.
Period: 12/2 (Friday) – 12/4 (Sunday)
*Jankara members can use the service at a discounted membership rate at any time with no enrollment or annual membership fees.
Jankara member app registration method
■ Store overview
Store name: Jankara (Kintetsu Yao store)
Location: Flex Building 3-6F, 2-9 Hikarimachi, Yao City, Osaka 581-0803 Phone number: 080-6202-7449
Business hours: 10:00 to 5:00 the next day
■ Our efforts against the new coronavirus
At Jankara, we prioritize safety and security for our customers and employees, and operate on the premise of non-contact and
non-face-to-face operations.
If you use the Jankara app “Sugukara”, you can directly enter the room and enjoy karaoke after arriving at the store without having to go to the reception.
Furthermore, if you use the “0-second payment”, you can go home without having to pay the bill.
Our efforts against the new coronavirus
■ About TOAI Co., Ltd.
Company name: TOAI Co., Ltd.
Location: Karasuma Building 5F, 85-1 Mikuramachi, Sanjo-dori, Karasuma-nishiiri, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Representative: Motoki Higashihara
Established: June 17, 1986
Business overview: Developing an entertainment business centered on “Jankara”, the largest karaoke chain in western Japan.
We will continue to create “new experiences” that excite our customers by utilizing the know-how and abundant resources we have cultivated in the karaoke business.
Currently, we are developing a wide range of services such as fitness business, shopping agency business, hot bath facility business, restaurant business, trunk room business.
In the future, in addition to our domestic core business, we will boldly take on the challenge of new businesses, create managerial talent, and build a dynamic business portfolio.
■ About “Jankara”
Since we started our karaoke business in 1990, we have been able to expand our business by offering all-you-can-sing, all-you-can-drink, and reasonable pricing, which has been well received by customers. Currently, we have 168 stores nationwide as the largest karaoke chain in western Japan. In recent years, in order to pursue highly convenient services, we have introduced “Sugu Kara”, which allows you to use a smartphone app from reception to payment, and “Unmanned reception and payment machine” that enables completely
non-face-to-face use. While constantly creating “new value”, we are taking on the challenge of creating a karaoke space that customers have never experienced before.
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