Tokyo Dome Co., Ltd. Notice of additional information Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2023-Japanese festivals, hometown flavors-New project “Fascinating Local Immoral Meshi” is now available! January 13 (Friday) to 22 (Sunday), 2023 10 days

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[Notice of additional information] Furusato Matsuri Tokyo
2023-Japanese festivals, hometown flavors-New project “Fascinating Local Immorality (Haitoku Meshi)” is now available! January 13 (Friday) to 22 (Sunday), 2023 [10 days]

At the “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2023-Japanese Festival, Hometown Taste-” to be held in January at Tokyo Dome, a gourmet project ” Enchanting local immorality” will appear for the first time. In addition, there are plenty of attractions such as the “Furusato Bread Festival” that gathers popular bakeries from all over the country, and “Participate Night !!” by TRF leader DJ KOO and Japan Bon Odori Association advisor Ageha Bijo Shihan. We provide food and festivals. In addition, there are many other popular projects where you can enjoy local flavors from all over the country, such as the “12th National Local Donburi Championship”, “Choco-tto Nomi Mitsuma Yokocho”, and “Local Sweets Marche”.
Enchanting local immorality
“I don’t care about calories for today!” High-calorie, large-sized servings, sinful gourmet “immoral meshi” that you can’t help but want to eat all over the country. Whether it’s a pizza covered in melty cheese or a hearty hamburger steak made with local ingredients, it’s sure to fill your stomach with delicious flavors that make you feel guilty and visually appealing.
Please enjoy the slightly eco-friendly and enchanting devil’s luxury served in an “edible bowl” to the end.
[Image 1

Furusato Bread Festival
The “Furusato Bread Festival” brings together popular bakeries from all over Japan. It will be held every day during the exhibition period, and a total of 17 stores from all over the country will exhibit on a daily basis. Customers who purchase stand reserved seats (day tickets) can enter the venue one hour earlier on the day of the event.
[Image 2

Local Sweets Marche
A large collection of local puddings from all over the country under the theme of “Furusato Pudding Festival”. You can enjoy it at the venue, or you can take it home and enjoy it as a souvenir.
[Image 3

special night event
Along with local gourmet food, the “Festival Plaza” is a highlight of “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo” where you can enjoy “traditional festivals from all over the country.” From 18:00 to 21:00, the venue is darkened to create a huge night festival venue, where you can enjoy local gourmet food with local sake and beer from all over the country in one hand while watching the powerful festival stage. The “evening ticket” valid after 16:00 is on sale for 1,400 yen in advance. Please use it as a venue for a New Year’s party to deepen exchanges with company colleagues and friends.
[Image 4

NEO Bon Odori
“NEO Bon Odori” was named by EXILE USA as “Odoru Vegetable Project” and was born with hints from the ancient Japanese “Dengaku”. The theme is “Harvest Festival”, where we sow seeds while dancing, engrave the rhythm in the earth, harvest vegetables while listening to the best dance music, celebrate the good harvest, and sing and dance to appreciate the blessings of the earth. It is a Bon Odori. This time, at the venue of “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo”, he will dance to the rhythm of “FIREWORKS” together with EXILE TETSUYA and Kenchi Tachibana to liven up the venue.
◎ Date and time: Friday, January 13, 18:00-
◎Place: Matsuri Hiroba
◎ Starring: EXILE USA, EXILE TETSUYA, Kenchi Tachibana and others [Image 5

[Image 6

DJ KOO will appear again this year! Participation night by DJ KOO and Minari Ocho! !
The collaboration project of DJ and Bon Odori, which made the Tokyo Dome dance at the previous “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo”, will appear again.TRF leader and “one of the best livening number in Japan” DJ KOO and Bon Odori with the theme of “from tradition to innovation”. A special stage by the Japan Bon Odori Association adviser, Shihan Agehabijo, who is active as a professional, has been further enhanced this time. Participants dance their hearts and bodies at the participatory “Bon Odori Festival” that dances to the Bon Odori choreography that matches TRF’s famous songs.
◎Date and time: Thursday, January 19, 20:00-
◎Place: Matsuri Hiroba
◎Performers: DJ KOO, Minari Ocho, and others
[Image 7

Aomori Night in Furusato Matsuri Tokyo
We will deliver a special stage where you can enjoy the charm of Aomori City, including the “Aomori Nebuta Festival”. This time as well, the acrobatic professional performance unit “BLUE TOKYO”, which is spreading the charm of Aomori to the world as the tourism ambassador of Aomori City, will appear.
◎ Date and time: Saturday, January 21, 18:00-
◎Place: Matsuri Hiroba
[Image 8

*The image is an image.
*The latest information on the event will be updated on the official Furusato Matsuri Tokyo website.
* The content and time of the event may change depending on the social situation.
*At Tokyo Dome City, in order to protect the safety of customers and staff, we will implement infection prevention measures in accordance with the guidelines of industry groups.
Overview of “Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2023-Japanese Festivals, Hometown Tastes-” [Image 9

[Video 2:] ◎ Dates: January 13 (Friday) to 22 (Sunday), 2023 [10 days]
◎Hours: 10:00-21:00
* Closed at 18:00 on the 22nd (Sun)
*Admission until 30 minutes before closing
◎ Venue Tokyo Dome (1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
◎Organizer Furusato Matsuri Tokyo Executive Committee
◎Admission fee Advance ticket 1,800 yen / Same-day ticket 2,000 yen *Various planning tickets and discount tickets available
*Up to 4 children under elementary school age are free of charge when accompanied by an adult.
◎Main projects ●The 12th National Local Donburi Championship ● “Choco” Drinking Mitsuma Yokocho
●Fascinating local immorality
●Furusato Bread Festival
●Local Sweets Marche
●Nigiwai Market (general exhibitors from all over the country) about 300 booths, etc.
*For details, please see the official website
◎ Customer inquiries: Tokyo Dome City Waku Waku Dial TEL.03-5800-9999 ◆ Detailed press release can be downloaded from here.

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