Tokyo Lumber Wholesaler Cooperative Association Hanging advertisements using real wood will be deployed on JR Chuo Line vehicles!

Tokyo Lumber Wholesalers Cooperative Association
Hanging advertisements using real wood will be deployed on JR Chuo Line vehicles!
―I want many people to know about timber―This is a hanging
advertisement with the desire to increase the demand for timber. Entitled “wood power”.

Aiming to expand the demand for wood, we will post hanging advertising posters made from real wood on Chuo Line (JR East) trains.
The period is one week from December 12th (Monday) to 18th (Sunday). A train channel (video advertisement) will also be broadcast in the same vehicle.
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This wooden hanging advertisement was created under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Yoshifumi Miyazaki of Chiba University.
The power of wood that we think of = from “wood power”
We introduced the following three points.
“Wood has the power to relax the human body”
“Timber and forests have the power to prevent disease.”
“Wood therapy has the power to convey the possibilities of wood to the world.” We want to convey the value and warmth of wood
wood is
1) It relaxes the body and contributes to health promotion.
2) It has excellent durability, workability, and aesthetics, and is suitable for building materials and furniture materials.
3) Contribute to the achievement of SDGs.
We call these “wood power”. Wood has power.
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[Middle-hanging advertising design. 3 patterns will be posted] On the train channel, “History / Timber Hall Edition” that introduces the history of the union and the wood hall in Shin Kiba, “Delivering the richness of wood” that conveys the activities of the union, and learn trivial knowledge about wood in a quiz format. Three Q&A videos will be released.
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[Overview of hanging posters and broadcasting on Train Channel] Implementation date: December 12 (Mon)-December 18 (Sun), 2022 Vehicles: JR East Chuo Line Rapid Service 1 formation (10 cars) *Please refrain from contacting station staff. *Operating period is tentative and subject to change or cancellation without notice. *The service may be suspended even during the operating period. *There may be times when the service will not be available on the last day due to removal work.
About Tokyo Lumber Wholesale Cooperative Association
We, the Tokyo Timber Wholesalers Cooperative (Koto-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Yoshio Shoji), are a group of lumber wholesalers in the Honjo area of ​​Fukagawa, which was called Kiba. Its history is long, dating back to the beginning of the Edo period.
The spirit of the Edo Lumber Dealer runs through our bodies. We consider the future role of forests, forestry, and the wood industry, and are working to make wood more familiar to many people by conveying the value and warmth of wood.
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Union name: Tokyo Lumber Wholesale Cooperative
Location: 1-18-8 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0082
Chairman: Yoshio Shoji
Established: February 24, 1948
Number of union members: 292 (as of November 9, 2020)
Union HP:
contact information
[General planning]
Tokyo Lumber Wholesalers Cooperative Association
1-18-8 Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0082
Person in charge: Secretariat Business Department
Email address:
Phone number: 03-5534-3111
[Hanging ads]
Person in charge: Yoshifumi Miyazaki (Professor Emeritus, Chiba University) Email address:
Phone number: 090-2470-6879

Details about this release:

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