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Tokyo Marriott Hotel Launches “TOKIMEKI Strawberry Afternoon Tea”, a tea time that makes you feel the excitement of spring with the taste of sweet and sour strawberries

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Tokyo Marriott Hotel Launches “TOKIMEKI Strawberry Afternoon Tea”, a tea time that makes you feel the excitement of spring with the taste of sweet and sour strawberries

At the Tokyo Marriott Hotel (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, General Manager: Kyosuke Sato), from Thursday, January 5, 2023 to Sunday, April 30, 2023, sweet and sour strawberries will be served at the restaurant “Lounge & Dining G” on the first floor of the hotel. We will release “TOKIMEKI Strawberry Afternoon Tea” that uses plenty of
[Image 1

TOKIMEKI Strawberry Afternoon Tea image
Afternoon tea at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel where you can enjoy the changing seasons in Gotenyama, which is rich in nature even in the middle of the city. We have prepared sweets and savory with plenty of strawberries that are in season in spring, with the image of the excitement of spring. There are 8 sweets such as pistachio and strawberry frégers, which are popular for afternoon tea every year, and scones with sweet and sour strawberries and refreshing basil jam. There are three savory items, including a sandwich that combines cream cheese with pepper on bright red bread that catches the eye, and a dish that looks like a spring garden with seasonal vegetables. Finally, a parfait that combines fresh strawberry and pistachio cream with a strawberry crème brulee accented with a sweet and faint sourness will conclude the gorgeous tea time.
Enjoy a strawberry-filled tea time immersed in the excitement of spring at the Tokyo Marriott Hotel under the spacious atrium. About TOKIMEKI Strawberry Afternoon Tea
Afternoon tea with plenty of strawberries and an image of the excitement of spring. There are 8 sweets that you can enjoy the deliciousness of strawberries in various flavors, such as cakes and ganache cones that combine pistachio dough with strawberry cream. For savory, we have prepared three items such as a seasonal vegetable that looks like a spring garden and a seafood sandwich with a gorgeous strawberry red that catches the eye. At the end of the tea time, a parfait with fresh strawberry and pistachio cream, soft cream with a rich milk flavor in a glass, and strawberry creme brulee on top. Enjoy a blissful afternoon in anticipation of spring full of strawberries. menu
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Sweets (upper row) image
[Image 3

Sweets (lower row) image
・Strawberry and pistachio fréger
・Elderflower and cranberry jelly with condensed milk sauce
・Strawberry ganache cone
・Rose and raspberry macarons
・Tochiotome Strawberry Trumpet
・Strawberry mousse candy
・Strawberry & raspberry eclair
・Triple berry scone with strawberry basil confiture
[Light meal (savory)]
[Image 4

Savory image
・Garden-style uncured ham and seasonal vegetables
・Smoked salmon and celery love tartare
・Seafood and pepper cream stick sandwich
[Image 5

Enfin image
・ Strawberry creme brulee parfait with rouge sauce
[Tea, herbal tea or coffee] *Brand change and free refills
・ “TWG Tea” 8 types of tea selection
・Five coffee variations
Overview of “TOKIMEKI Strawberry Afternoon Tea”
Period: Thursday, January 5, 2023 to Sunday, April 30, 2023
Time: 13:00-/15:30-
Location: Lounge & Dining G
Price: ¥7,500 per person
*Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance.
*The above prices include consumption tax and service charge. * The contents of the provided items are subject to change.
-Reservations and Inquiries-
Tokyo Marriott Hotel Lounge & Dining G
TEL: 03-5488-3929 URL: ■ Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection at hotels At Tokyo Marriott Hotel, as a countermeasure against infectious diseases caused by the new coronavirus, we give top priority to the health and safety of our customers and employees, and we are implementing thorough infection control measures so that customers can use the hotel with peace of mind. increase.
[Public Space Efforts]
・Installing alcohol disinfectant in lobbies, restaurants, restrooms, etc. ・Set up transparent partitions at the front counter, etc. to prevent splashing. ・Ensuring social distancing by increasing the distance between seats at restaurants
[Efforts for hotel staff]
・Check your physical condition every day, such as temperature measurement, and stay home if you have a fever of 37.0 degrees or higher or are not feeling well.
・Enforce hand washing, gargling, and coughing etiquette
[Request to customers]
・Cooperate with wearing a mask when visiting and disinfecting your hands with alcohol.
・Temperature measurement when staying or using restaurants, etc. For details, please see the hotel official website.
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