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Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd. “Kohaku Uta Gassen” Yo Oizumi & Kanna Hashimoto & Sho Sakurai on the cover! The N ew Year’s gift appendix is ​​Yuzuru Hanyu 2023 calendar !! Digital TV Guide February issue, released today

Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd.
“Kohaku Uta Gassen” Yo Oizumi & Kanna Hashimoto & Sho Sakurai are on the cover! The New Year’s gift appendix is ​​Yuzuru Hanyu 2023 calendar !! Digital TV Guide February issue, released today
“Digital TV Guide February 2023” released on Friday, December 16
Tokyo News Service, which publishes TV information magazines such as “TV Guide”, released the terrestrial + BS + 4K + 8K + CS all-in monthly TV magazine “Digital TV Guide February 2023” on December 16 (Friday). Available at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. [Image 1

“Digital TV Guide February 2023” (published by Tokyo News Service) The cover is Yo Oizumi, Kanna Hashimoto, and Sho Sakurai, who are the moderators of the 73rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen. “I really, really didn’t expect it” (Hashimoto), an episode when it was decided that the host was decided, and “(Jun) Matsumoto will play Taiga in 2023, so I’d like to pass the baton” (Sakurai). Otoo (Takuma) from TEAM NACS will appear in Taiga! I want to pass on the baton.”
Also, the cardboard New Year’s gift appendix is ​​the Yuzuru Hanyu 2023 calendar. A calendar where you can enjoy Yuzuru Hanyu’s famous scenes such as the 2012 World Championships, the Olympics, and the People’s Honor Award throughout the 12 months. In addition, on the inside, we also reported on the end of the ice show “Prologue” held in Hachinohe on December 5th. Please pay attention to the
post-performance interview where he also talked about his thoughts on the Tokyo Dome performance “GIFT” in February, saying, “It’s my first performance at the Tokyo Dome as a skater, so I’m really nervous.” And in this issue, we will introduce a large volume of notable programs that each station will put their whole effort into from the end of the year to January. The number is more than 2500 including program commentary and movie commentary! If you look at this, the viewing plan for the year-end and New Year + January is perfect. In addition, as a new drama feature for the winter of 2023, in addition to the relationship chart, interviews with Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Yuriko Yoshitaka & Takumi Kitamura, Mugi Kadowaki & Kei Tanaka, Mao Inoue & Ken Sato & Kenichi Matsuyama are also posted.
In addition, interviews with Kasumi Arimura & Mansai Nomura from the Taiga drama “Dosuru Ieyasu”, interviews with Yutaka Yokoyama from the serial TV novel “Maiagare! , We will deliver features in a wide range of genres, such as quiz features that can be enjoyed at home during the year-end and New Year holidays, broadcasts of topical works, and video distribution service guides.
●Cover & Intro
Yo Oizumi & Kanna Hashimoto & Sho Sakurai
“The 73rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen” Guide to Highlights with Participating Singers ● New Year’s gift appendix
Yuzuru Hanyu 2023 calendar
●Latest report
Yuzuru Hanyu “Prologue” Hachinohe Performance
● Year-end and New Year special calendar
● January 2023 drama relationship chart
New Year’s holiday recommended TV movie
●Popular Kabuki actor SP roundtable discussion
Kikunosuke Onoe & Shido Nakamura & Matsuya Onoe
Taiga drama “What to do with Ieyasu” special feature
Interview: Kasumi Arimura & Mansai Nomura
●Continuous TV novel “Fly Up!”
Interview: Yutaka Yokoyama
●Challenge from a popular quiz show
Interview: Keisuke Okada
● Interview
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi
Yuriko Yoshitaka & Takumi Kitamura
Mugi Kadowaki & Kei Tanaka
Mao Inoue & Ken Sato & Kenichi Matsuyama
Kazuki Sawamura & Masanobu Takashima
Rei Maruyama
Kenta Fukasaku
Ijiri Okada
Shingo Tsurumi & Anju Suzuki & Tetsuhiro Ikeda
● Easy to see! user friendly! 6 page program guide per day
[Terrestrial] 12/23 Fri → 1/31 Tue
[BS][4K][8K] [CS] 12/28 Wed → 1/31 Tue
Recommended programs by genre
Movies, sports, music, entertainment, domestic dramas, foreign dramas, Asian dramas, travelogues/documentaries, anime
● End-of-the-book planning
BS/4K/8K/CS all broadcast movie index
Raw photo benefits, decided!
At TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (honto), those who purchase the “Digital TV Guide National Edition February 2023 issue” will receive one “Yuzuru Hanyu photo” from all three types!
* You can select and purchase from all three types of raw photos from A to C. Please see the following website for purchasing at TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook (honto).
* Sales with benefits are only for the nationwide version.
・With Yuzuru Hanyu Photo A
[Image 2
・ With Yuzuru Hanyu photo B
[Image 3
・ With Yuzuru Hanyu photo C
[Image 4
*As of December 16
* Sales of products with benefits will end as soon as the stock of the benefits runs out. note that.
[Product information]
“Digital TV Guide February 2023”
(National version/Kansai version/Chubu version)
●Release date: December 16, 2022 (Friday) *Some regions have different release dates
– Special price: 600 yen
Available at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. For details, please check TOKYO NEWS magazine & mook- 【Related Sites】
■ Comprehensive information site for each product such as magazines, books, photo collections, calendars, etc. issued by Tokyo News Service TOKYO NEWS magazine&mook-
■ “Digital TV Guide” Official Twitter
■ “Digital TV Guide” Official Instagram
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