Tokyo Until December 26th, one more photo! Public bath ♨ Free bathing ticket gift For those who have regis tered as LINE friends

Until December 26th, and one more! [Public bath ♨ Free bathing ticket gift] For those who have registered as LINE friends
Let’s Spread the Happiness Sharing Campaign 3rd Campaign

For those who add new friends to the “Tokyo official LINE” (it has already been sent to those who have already added friends), we will give you a “Tokyo 1010 (Centa)” coupon for a limited time.
* A mobile coupon that allows you to bathe in over 400 target public baths in Tokyo for free.

Following the 1st installment, the 2nd installment is also very popular, and due to everyone’s support and hot requests, the 3rd additional gift project is underway!
Please take this opportunity to share the happiness with your family and friends by using the “Tokyo official LINE” and the warm “public baths” in Tokyo!
■ From coupon acquisition to bathing
Add Tokyo official LINE friends
Click the URL displayed in the automatically received friend addition thank you message
Show the displayed mobile coupon to the staff of the target sento Enter the store code given to you at the sento
You can bathe in public baths in Tokyo for free.
■ Terms of use, notes, distribution period
November 1st (Tue) – December 26th (Mon)
2nd round:
November 11th (Friday) to December 26th (Monday)
3rd: (this time)
November 22nd (Tuesday) to December 26th (Monday)
■ Expiration date
Coupons can be used after acquisition until 23:59 on December 31, 2022, or until the planned number of uses is reached.
■ Precautions/remarks
If the planned number of uses is reached, use will be stopped before the expiration date. Even if you obtain a coupon, the use of the coupon may be closed on a first-come, first-served basis, so please use it as soon as possible.
You must be logged in with LINE to apply for and use coupons. Coupons obtained after application are valid for one person only. Those who have obtained a total of 3 coupons in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd campaigns of this time can use it 3 times.
■Campaign Details/Add Friends
3rd [First-come-first-served free bathing ticket gift] For those who have registered as LINE friends, one more! ■ Reference information
◎ What is “Tokyo 1010 Coupon”?
It is distributed at events organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government so that people who have never been to a public bath or who have no chance to use it even if there is a public bath nearby can learn about the appeal of public baths. It is a mobile coupon that allows you to use the target public bath for free. Please check here for details on public baths where coupons can be used, other event venues that are distributed, and how to use them.
*The Tokyo 1010 Coupon Campaign is run jointly by the Tokyo Public Bath Industry Association and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. ◎ What is “My TOKYO”?
This is the official portal site of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, “created together” by delivering the necessary information about Tokyo according to the interests and circumstances of each user, and reflecting everyone’s opinions. We are currently using the simple version, so please feel free to send us your opinions and impressions. ◎ What is “Tokyo Official LINE”?
This is the official account of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We will deliver useful metropolitan government information by push distribution.
■ Inquiries
(Regarding the Tokyo 1010 Coupon)
Tokyo 1010 coupon campaign window
(Inquiries regarding this article, collaboration campaign with MyTOKYO) Policy Planning Bureau Strategic Public Relations Department Public Relations Public Hearing Division Digital Portal Site Manager E-mail S0014902 (at)
*The notation of the e-mail address has been changed to prevent spam. Please replace (at) with @.
Details about this release:


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