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Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd. Fukagawa-meshi, one of Japan’s five major rice dishes born in areas such as Mo nzen-Nakacho, “Your ultimate cup of Fukagawa-meshi” photo contest held

Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd.
Fukagawa-meshi, one of Japan’s five major rice dishes born in areas such as Monzen-Nakacho “Your ultimate cup of Fukagawa-meshi” photo contest held

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“Tokyu Stay” operated by Tokyu Resorts & Stays Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshiyasu Awatsuji) has formulated a new brand concept of “a hotel that travels in everyday life” and offers customers ” In order to provide a comfortable extension of daily life within reach and walking distance, we are conducting the “Nichitabi Project” centered on the managers of 31 stores nationwide.
Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho (Koto-ku, Tokyo, general manager, Issei Tokunaga) will hold a photo contest from December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) as the second project of the Nitabi project. We will let you know when we start.
The planning background of “Fukagawa Meshi”
Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho (Koto-ku, Tokyo), which implements the project, is located in the Fukagawa area of ​​Koto-ku, Tokyo, which is known as the birthplace of Fukagawa-meshi. During the Edo period, the “Fukagawa area” developed greatly as a town of fishermen as a base for catching high-quality Edo-style fish and shellfish, such as “clams”, “oysters” and “nori”.
“Fukagawa-meshi” has its roots in the fact that the fishermen who lived in this area at that time devised it so that they could quickly make it in between their busy fishing trips and get delicious nutrition. In addition to 1, it is also one of the five major rice dishes in Japan. Roughly chopped green onions and raw clams are simmered in miso and served over hot rice. This dish has been loved by fishermen in the Edo period as a local dish filled with the wisdom of how to eat clams quickly and deliciously. I’m here.
[Image 2d55787-436-3f694c72012d67911182-1.jpg&s3=55787-436-1b7a0b04c3db4c2e34ab005f6d3942ce-3024x2016.jpg
This time, at Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho, we would like you to experience this “Fukagawa-meshi” when you stay, so we will introduce “Fukagawa-meshi” that you can eat at restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. Inside, we will also sell Fukagawa-meshi set in a simple retort at the front desk of the hotel. It is a photo contest that customers can easily participate in by using the mini kitchen, which is a feature of Tokyu Stay, and enjoying a little arrangement with ingredients purchased at a nearby supermarket, and posting on Instagram.
Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho Your ultimate bowl of “Fukagawa Meshi” Photo Contest Overview
[Image 3d55787-436-c4dc7466c1092e645f9a-2.jpg&s3=55787-436-1067593c4bd57fa048f488d00d7a48d2-3024x2016.jpg
Recruitment period: Applications will be divided into three periods. 1, December 7, 2022 (Wednesday) to December 13, 2022 (Tuesday) 2, December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) to December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) 3, December 21, 2022 (Wednesday) to December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) Judging criteria: During each period, Monzen-Nakacho staff will select from among those who have posted images with the hashtags #Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho and #Fukagawa Meshi based on the number of “likes” received. .
Participation conditions: Those who have set their Instagram account to public and are staying at Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho
Participation fee: Free
Posting conditions: Please take a picture of “Fukagawa Meshi 1 bowl” that you think is the ultimate bowl of your meal and post it on Instagram.
Prizes: During each period, a Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho pair accommodation ticket will be presented to one person (total of 3 people during the period).
Prize announcement: After sending a direct message to the winners, we will send the prizes after confirming the identity by phone. Note: In this project, we will not conduct any act of directing to the URL link and acquiring personal information.
When following a fake account, please be careful not to lead to a URL link in a direct message.
Others: For a limited time, we will sell “Fukagawa-meshi Retort Set” (for 1 person) for 500 yen so that you can enjoy “Fukagawa-meshi” in your room. * Those who do not participate in the contest can also purchase it.
What is the “Nichitabi Project”? [Image 4d55787-436-630de4fb3bbfd264eb7e-4.jpg&s3=55787-436-4b29f7dcc7378955adb56c4610dc768d-1574x1220.jpg
“Tokyu Stay”, which is perfect for medium- to long-term stays, is equipped with living functions such as a washing machine and dryer in the guest room, and provides more comfort than ever before, “within reach and walking distance.” This is a project to develop new services and plans for Led by the managers of all 31 Tokyu Stay stores across the country, we utilize the strengths of each store, cooperate with each region, share ideas, and sometimes listen to customer feedback on SNS.
[Image 5d55787-436-ba8376a46ac34f85e9be-5.jpg&s3=55787-436-bf9781156add2778b53e20aa639837dd-300x345.jpg
Instagram official account
“Tokyu Stay Monzen-Nakacho” hotel overview:
[Image 6d55787-436-c9c76d53c2aed1a95da1-6.jpg&s3=55787-436-4748df33c72b515069eac7bf8b677925-3024x2016.jpg
Address: 1-23-2 Tomioka, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0047
Access: 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Tozai Line “Monzen-Nakacho” Station Exit 1
5-minute walk from Toei Oedo Line “Monzen-Nakacho” Station Exit 5 11 minute walk from Exit 3 of Etchujima Station on the JR Keiyo Line Number of rooms: 110
Renewal completion date: Thursday, October 6, 2022
Cafe laundry business hours: 7: 00-22: 00 (open all year round) Official website:
Phone number: 03-5620-0109
[Image 7d55787-436-7d841e8924108991b5b3-3.jpg&s3=55787-436-9b6e5c54667bdf78b9b0f4eac38487e0-916x595.jpg
Overview of Tokyu Stay:
Concept: A hotel where you can stay as if you were living in your own way For the purpose of providing a comfortable space for business, sightseeing, temporary residence such as transfer, including travelers from overseas, whether for one night or medium- to long-term stay, we have a washer/dryer, microwave oven, and kitchenette (some types). ) in the guest rooms.
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