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Tokyu S Reyes Football School Selection Course New Year Selection 2023

Tokyu Sports System Co., Ltd.
[Tokyu S Reyes Football School] Selection Course New Year Selection 2023 ~Members and non-members can apply~

This time, we will carry out the selection course new year selection for current 2nd to 5th graders. Therefore, please check the outline of the event below and apply. We look forward to your participation. [Image 1

■ Recruitment requirements
The school’s class organization is structured to provide a more optimal environment for all children with remarkable growth
differences, and to allow many people to attend classes according to proficiency level.
The purpose is to match the growth of the junior generation, which has large individual differences, to the skills and growth speed of each individual, and to focus on providing an environment where they can experience small failures and many successes. .
We will do our best to support your child’s growth through these experiences. ■Overview
・Provide an environment where children who are technically and mentally above a certain level can work together and aim for a more fulfilling level.
・Provide an environment where you can aim for further improvement while still enrolled in your current team, not team activities ・Aiming for promotion to Tokyu S Reyes FC and providing an environment that can support that possibility
*The challenge class is the class that will be the entrance to the selection course. There is a recommendation system/refresh selection meeting in which players who belong to the challenge class and are highly evaluated for their play for a certain period of time are promoted to the advanced class and select class. Activities will be weekday training. Therefore, activities in the club to which they belong will be the main activities.
■ Participation qualification
Current 2nd to 5th grade elementary school students who can attend the “Challenge Class” and “Goalkeeper Class” of the selection courses held at the school where the exam is held
*Combined examinations cannot be accepted. Please note.
* To enter the Advanced Class or Select Class, it is necessary to receive a recommendation or pass a refresher course after joining the Challenge Class.
■ Schedule
[Image 2

[Tama Plaza]
[Image 3

[Yokohama Kanazawa]
[Image 4

[Image 5

[Seiseki Sakuragaoka (group type)] * Only those who wish to
participate will be selected on the specified date and time. [Image 6

[Seiseki-Sakuragaoka (experience type)] *We will participate in the regular school and make the selection.
[Image 7

[Goalkeeper class]
[Image 8

■ Participation fee (tax included)
[Member] 1,650 yen
[Non-member] 2,200 yen
*Please note that refunds cannot be made after payment has been made. ■ How to apply
Application period: December 18th (Sunday) 14:00 to January 18th (Wednesday) *Seiseki-Sakuragaoka experience type will be accepted until January 15th (Sun). 1) Entry from the application form below
2) auto reply email
*Entry will be completed as soon as the payment is made to the specified bank account.
・You cannot take both exams. Please note.
・We will contact you only if we cannot confirm the transfer for more than a week after the entry.
・If you apply just before the selection, please transfer the money by the day of the selection.
■Flow of the day of selection
1. Reception (Reception starts 15 minutes before the start)
2. Selection (After warming up, selection will be done in a game format) 3. Dissolution (Please note that the event may end earlier than planned depending on the number of participants.)
*If you are late, please contact us as soon as possible.
■ Announcement of results
・We will contact you by e-mail whether you have passed or not by the Thursday following the test date.
・Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding selection criteria, the number of successful applicants, etc.
■ Precautions
・Please note that insurance does not apply to injuries during selection. ・On the day of the selection, only one guardian (not including children) will be allowed to view the selection, so please cooperate. ・For pick-up and drop-off, please do not park on the street in the neighborhood. ・We will make a decision one hour before the start of the selection process in case of stormy weather.
Please check the website of the participating school.
・If the event is canceled due to inclement weather, we will contact you by posting the details of the reserve date on our website. ・The reserve date will be a provisional schedule in case the selection could not be held due to stormy weather.
・Please be sure to obtain the approval of your team before
participating in this selection.
■ Contact information
Azamino/Goalkeeper 045-903-1095 Kunii/Kojima
Tama Plaza 045-909-2878 Takano
Yokohama Kanazawa 045-780-5109 Ikeda (Hiroshi)
Shibuya 03-6451-1423 East Ambassador
Ikebukuro 03-5953-2270 Yufu
Seiseki Sakuragaoka 042-338-1448 Tako
■ Application
Please apply from the following. ■ Click here for details Details about this release: