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Tokyu S Reyes Football School Trial School 2023

Tokyu Sports System Co., Ltd.
[Tokyu S Reyes Football School] Trial School 2023
~Challenging environment for you~

Towards the new year, we will implement a limited-time optional service “Trial School” that allows anyone to participate in regular school and train. If you are looking for a football school, you can experience the school early before the new school year, and you can join the same class multiple times or participate in different classes. This is your chance to find a class that suits you. Members are cheaper than regular additional lessons, and if you are a basic course, you can participate in the category one level above and share it with your friends. We look forward to your purchase.
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*You can only participate in the selected course if you are in the same category and at the same level or lower.
■ Contents
During the school period from January to March 2023, even non-member children can participate in the regular school at a discount according to the number of purchases.
■ Target
Children of members and non-members (Kindergarten to 6th grade) * The target grade varies depending on the school.
*Azamino, Tama Plaza, Nakamachidai, Renaissance Sagami Ono, Yokohama Kanazawa, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Seiseki Sakuragaoka
(This will not be held at NAS School, but you can participate in the school at the member price.)
*If you were enrolled in the school by the end of December 2022, please check the comeback school from the button below.
Click here for the comeback school → ■ Period
・Purchase period: Saturday, December 24, 2022-last school day in March 2023 * Purchases at the front desk can be made on business days.
・Period of use: Regular school from January to March 2023
* Please see the schedule and calendar from the desired school button below and check the school implementation period.
■ Fees (tax included)
・One session: 1,870 yen for members / 2,420 yen for non-members ・3 times: Member ¥4,950 / Non-member ¥6,600
・5 times: Members ¥6,600 / Non-members ¥9,900
*Regular experience (free) for non-members is only once.
■ Membership benefits
Enrollment campaign in progress will be applied.
Click here for details ■ What to bring
・Apparel suitable for exercise
・Shoes (other than spikes)
・Shin guards (U-6 not required)
■ Class schedule & school calendar
Please select the desired school button on the HP.
■How to purchase/reserve/use
1. How to purchase
・You can purchase at each school or online.
・One person can take the course at one time, and you can share it with your friends.
・Please note that we cannot accept refunds or refunds after purchase. ・Those who are taking a break or withdrawing will be sold at the non-member price. If you take a break or withdraw after purchasing, you will be required to pay the difference.
・Not available at NAS Minamirinkan, NAS Shonandai, and NAS Mizonokuchi. * For Nakamachidai and Renaissance Sagami Ono, please contact the school and transfer from the account below.
・Renaissance Sagami Ono
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Shibuya Branch (135)
Normal) 3801201
Tokyu Sports System Co., Ltd.
・Nakamachi stand
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Shibuya Branch
Normal) 2342685
Tokyu Sports System Co., Ltd.
2. How to make a reservation
・Reservations can be made by phone or at the front desk of the school you wish to participate in from one week to the day before the desired date.
*Please note that reservations made through web transfers will not be valid. ・Since each class has a capacity, please note that we may not be able to accept you if the capacity is reached. Please call in advance to check availability.
・ Transfer to a third party (friend, brother, etc.) is possible. Please make a reservation for the parent/guardian of the transferee. * After transferring to a third party, the rights will be transferred to the transferee, so please contact the facility where you made the reservation if there are any changes.
・Children in the basic course can use it at any target store and can participate in classes in which the next grade is enrolled, but cannot participate in the selective course.
・For the selected course, only affiliated members can participate in the same category, and you cannot participate in the next level (challenge class ⇒ advanced class, etc.).
3. Precautions for use
・Please be sure to participate after completing the reservation. ・If you need to cancel due to poor physical condition, please be sure to contact us by phone.
・Cancellation on the day is considered as use.
・Malicious resale is strictly prohibited. In the unlikely event that it is discovered, we may refuse to use the facility.
・If the school is canceled, you can make a reservation again within the period. ・Class availability varies by grade, and classes that have reached capacity will be put on a waiting list.
・Please contact the school of your choice for details.
Click here for the list of inquiries ■ Click here for details Details about this release:

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