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Tomoshibi-kai “FIRE CLINIC” We have started the “Body HIFE” treatment that tightens from the inside with the power of ultrasound.

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“FIRE CLINIC” We have started “Body HIFE” treatment that tightens from the inside with the power of ultrasound.
“FIRE CLINIC”, which offers custom-made treatments according to the process of dieting, focuses on diets that are difficult to rebound, and has started the “Body HIFE” treatment that tightens from the inside with the power of ultrasound.

■What is Fire Clinic?
Fire Clinic, which conducts short-term comprehensive medical diets, offers the “FIRE Method”, a diet method that does not involve excessive diet restrictions or exercise based on slimming medicine. Since each person’s constitution and lifestyle are different, the appropriate diet is also different for each person. We provide thorough counseling and offer the best advice for each patient. ■ What is HIFU?
It is called HIFU, which stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. Converts ultrasonic energy into heat energy, and heats the tissue under the epidermis, which is the cause of sagging, that is, the dermal cells and superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) cells to about 60 to 70 degrees. To do. HIFU is another technology that is widely used as a minimally invasive treatment, such as using heat to destroy cancer cells. It is often likened to the principle of collecting sunlight with a magnifying glass and heating only one point.
■ Treatment overview
Fire Clinic’s HIFU treatment is a 3D HIFU with more irradiation lines than conventional treatment equipment. Since irradiation is performed on a point-like surface, the lift-up effect that can be felt in a single treatment has been greatly increased. Because the density is high and it is possible to effectively approach the SMAS fascia and fat layer, you can feel the effect with fewer treatments and shorter treatments than with conventional machines.

Side effects/risks
Common side effects include folliculitis, infection, erythema, pain, and swelling.
Serious but rare side effects include burning and associated nerve damage and hyperpigmentation.
People who should avoid surgery
Those who are pregnant ・Those with keloid constitution ・Those with malignant skin tumors ・Those with a tendency to bleed
Those with metal threads or metal plates, etc. ・Those with heart disease or implanted cardiac pacemakers
These patients need to be evaluated by a doctor.
Treatment time
Depending on the number of shots, the shortest is 40 minutes, and the longest is about 90 minutes.
Areas that can be treated: Abdomen, waist, inner thighs, outer thighs, upper arms, buttocks Any part
1 part: [List price] 200,000 yen
We also offer promotional prices, so please feel free to contact us. Our clinic supports “a diet method that suits each individual” Fire Clinic is a medical diet clinic. We provide treatment based on our extensive knowledge of diet. We handle not only fat cooling but also various medical diets. In our clinic, we are fully equipped with online support and blood tests to eliminate the anxiety of medical care.
In addition to treatment with medical equipment, we also provide support using diet medicine. Prescribe under the judgment of a doctor and provide a custom-made plan that suits each individual. If you have failed to diet so far, please come and have a free counseling. ■Online medical treatment
FIRE CLINIC has started online medical consultation for those who live far away and cannot go to the hospital. We provide diet pills and coaching, and even in the case of online consultations, we carry out mail-type blood tests so that treatment can be performed while ensuring safety.
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【Company Profile】
Corporate name: Medical Corporation Tomoshibikai
Representative: Masatoshi Egoe
TEL: 0120-685-832
Consultation hours: 10:00-19:00 (excluding year-end and New Year holidays) Details about this release: