Tonkachi Co., Ltd. Christmas 2022 Special Tonkachi Store Gift Guide, Christmas Edition

Tonkachi Co., Ltd.
[Christmas 2022 Special] Tonkachi Store Gift Guide, Christmas Edition
Tonkachi store’s Christmas feature page has been released. Special sets recommended as Christmas gifts for Tonkachi artists such as Marianne Hallberg, Donna Wilson, M.B. Goffstein, and Pauly Fern are lined up at a special price.
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Tonkachi Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yukari Katsuki) announced the Christmas special feature “Tonkachi Store Gift Guide Christmas Edition” on Thursday, November 17, 2022.
It is currently available at Tonkachi Store ( Tonkachi Store Gift Guide Christmas Edition
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Christmas season is coming soon! We have selected items that will make you feel even more excited. In addition to Lisa’s pottery, Marianne’s new bottle, Donna’s winter knitwear, tableware, wine, books, miscellaneous goods, and more! Time to choose is also one of the fun. A gift for someone special, a Christmas present for your family, or a reward for yourself for your hard work. Adults and children alike will have fun together with special Christmas items! (From the special page)
Click here for the special page

[Marianne Hallberg] Rose pair set
The collaborative work of Marianne Hallberg and seto (Seto ware) has become a 5-piece set that can be enjoyed in pairs.
A set of two S size mugs from the Rose series. Two S-sized plates that are just right for serving food can be used together with mugs to serve guests. It is no exaggeration to say that Marianne’s masterpiece is “Perfume Bottle Kabin” is also included in the set. This “Rose pair set” is 2,000 yen cheaper than buying each item individually. [Image 3

Rose pair set
“Rose pair set” *2,000 yen discount for set
・Perfume bottle or bottle x 1
・Rose cup ・S (seto) x 2
・Marianne’s round plate (rose seto) S size x 2
Price: 19,800 yen (tax included)
[Donna Wilson] Four Seasons Cat Set
A complete set of Tonkachi’s special creature series “Cats of the Four Seasons”. “Shiki no Neko” was created by combining Tonkachi’s curiosity and Donna’s happy and unique ideas. This is a special series. You can save 3,000 yen with a set of 4.
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Four seasons cat set
“Four Seasons Cat Set” * Save 3,000 yen with the set
・”Spring Cat Blossom”
・”Summer Cat Sunflower”
・ “Autumn Cat Pumpkin”
・ “Winter Cat Snowdrop”
Price: 27,500 yen (tax included)
[M.B. Goffstein] Brooky’s Sheep and Mug Set
A set of a cute stuffed animal and a mug that appear in “Brooky’s Sheep”. The mug is Mino ware and comes in a special box with the title and illustration of the picture book. A set that allows you to enjoy Gofstein’s world view at once is also a special gift. You can save 500 yen with the set.
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Brooky’s Sheep and Mug Set
“Brooky’s Sheep and Mug Set” * Save 500 yen on the set
・ Stuffed toy (Brooky’s sheep) 1 point
・ Mug (Brooky’s Sheep) 1 point
Price: 3,960 yen (tax included)
[M.B. Gofstein] Picture book and mug set
Goffstein’s masterpiece picture book and mug set includes a total of five types: “The Real Us”, “Over the Sea”, “Sophie’s Picnic”, “Brooky’s Sheep”, and “The Children!”. The mug comes in a special box, perfect for Christmas gifts. Each set saves you 500 yen.
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Picture book and mug set (The real us)
“Picture Book and Mug Set (The Real Us)” *500 yen discount for set ・The real us 1 volume
・Mug cup (real us) 1 point
Price: 5,170 yen (tax included)
Click here for the lineup of all 5 types of “picture book and mug set” [Tonkachi artist] Wine and glass set
For that special day, a set of Tonkachi wine and wine glasses is now available. This is a set of 2 art wines specially made by Tonkachi and a cactus wine glass based on the concept of “a happy life with art and wine”. The wine glasses are made by Ichendorf, a glass maker founded in Germany, and have a cactus on the stem (the stem of the wine glass). You can save 1,500 yen as a set.
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Wine (Polly Fern) and glass set (green)
“Wine (Paulie Fern) and glass set (green)” * Save 1,500 yen on the set ・ Pauly Fern (Askesang 2019) 1 piece
・Cactus wine glass 2 points
Price: 16,500 yen (tax included)
Click here for the lineup of all 3 types of “Wine and Glass Set” [Christmas only] Novelty gift
[Benefit 1: Mini-mini size winter preparation]
[Image 8

A mini-mini size hat or muffler will be presented to those who purchase Lisa Larson’s pottery works. If you wrap the muffler tightly and put a Santa hat on it, the usual pottery will be transformed into a Christmas specification.
[Benefit 2: Ornament card]
[Image 9

(Left) Front (Right) Back
Lisa Larson’s popular character, Mikey, is a Christmas-only design with a large collection of mice, and is slightly larger than a postcard in A5 size. Since it has a cutout line, you can cut it out and hang it on the tree as an ornament, or you can write a message on the back so you can distribute it as a greeting card.
[Distribution period]
Monday, November 14, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022
*Applies to those who shop at Tonkachi Store or directly managed store, TONKACHI,6.
*One mini muffler and hat will be given to those who purchase Lisa Larson’s pottery. Randomly delivered from several sizes and colors. *One piece will be handed over per order.
* Ornament cards will be discontinued as soon as they are gone. TONKACHI STORE
Marianne Hallberg / Ceramic Artist
[Image 10d50580-287-aa7dbb60919870de4671-9.jpg&s3=50580-287-763e30a379c7d57fb5d4afa6affa8889-640x518.jpg
Born in 1952 in Gothenburg, Sweden, as the daughter of a florist. After wandering around the world in his youth, he started making pottery. His one-of-a-kind style attracts the attention of advanced creators, and his name is mentioned as an admired ceramic artist by the younger generation. An artist who is loved by artists. The creed is “Be Kind”.
Marianne Hallberg Official Site
Donna Wilson / Textile Artist/Designer
[Image 11d50580-287-7c225690d7a0692919cf-10.jpg&s3=50580-287-95605368ea83207fe63b1b9d382aab7a-640x518.jpg
Born in a small rural area in the northeast of Scotland, Donna grew up surrounded by nature, scenery, and a warm family. Since creating his first knitted stuffed animal in 2002 when he was studying at the Royal College of Art, England, which is said to be the world’s top art university, he has created strange figures, fun apparel, and original furniture. We are expanding our range of activities and disseminating them to the world. Currently based in London.
Donna Wilson Official Site
M.B. Goffstein/Author
[Image 12d50580-287-8e7cb62ce69d417fdca1-11.jpg&s3=50580-287-8faa35d6249f6b9da1a7bd9d0960ab3f-347x450.jpg
Born in 1940 in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
After graduating from Bennington College, moved to New York and started working as a picture book author.
In 1966, he published his first picture book. Winner of the New York Times Children’s Picture Book of the Year Award and the Caldecott Award.
Has been writing novels since 1989. In his later years he wrote stories and poems about nature and heaven.
Died on his 77th birthday in 2017.
M.B. Goffstein Official Site
Pauly Fern/Ceramic artist and illustrator
[Image 13d50580-287-7f4b7db8d6e3a167e1e0-12.jpg&s3=50580-287-d251e2351af805412165e072ca5e397c-573x505.jpg
Born 1994 in Norwich, East England. A ‘new nostalgia’ inspired by organic everyday life, stories and own childhood. Despite being a next-generation artist with 70,000 SNS followers, he is not good at cities. He lives with four canaries in a rich natural environment, makes pottery, and draws pictures.
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