Too luxurious, Italian chestnut shochu! ? DABADA ITALIANO debut from Italy x Kochi/Shimanto! !

Mutemuka Co., Ltd.
Too luxurious, Italian chestnut shochu! ? DABADA ITALIANO debut from [Italy x Kochi/Shimanto]! !
A limited quantity is finally on sale from Shimanto sake brewery in Kochi, known for chestnut shochu [Dabada Hiburi]!

Chestnut shochu Dabada Hiburi was born in 1985 in the upper reaches of the Shimanto River, the largest chestnut production area in Kochi Prefecture. That Dabada Hiburi now reaches the time of evolution. Only carefully selected high-quality chestnuts from Italy, one of the world’s leading chestnut-producing regions in Europe, are used. Its name is DABADA ITALIANO.
An amber-colored dream was born where Japanese and Western meet and ferment. [Image 1

Mutemuka Co., Ltd., known for chestnut shochu Dabada Hiburi, uses only carefully selected high-quality chestnuts from Italy, one of the world’s leading chestnut producing regions in Europe [DABADA ITALIANO]. Limited to 100 bottles -Limited Bottles- are finished with a higher degree so that you can enjoy the flavor more, and are a special specification of the Tosa Kumiko BOX. One of the attractions of DABADA ITALIANO is its mellow woodiness, aged in barrels made from natural chestnut wood. Italian chestnuts are different from Japanese chestnuts and have a unique aroma. You can enjoy the elegant taste of high-end whiskey and the sexy aroma that spreads in your mouth. [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

This time, DABADA ITALIANO’s TV commercial and promotional movie will also be released. The shooting location is a sake brewery in the upstream of Shimanto, Kochi, where DABADA ITALIANO is actually produced. Shimanto shochu and Italian chestnuts, expressing the fateful encounter between Japanese and Western. The performer who matched the coordination of the formal suit and apron was neither a model nor an actor, but a former brewer who actually worked for Mutenmukan.
■ DABADA ITALIANO-TV commercial 30 seconds-
[Video 3:] ■DABADA ITALIANO-full movie-
[Video 4:] Tosa Kumiko continues to create delicate and bold works by combining traditional craftsmanship that has supported Japan with cutting-edge technology and materials. Resonating with the same Tosa “innovation” spirit, only 100 Limited Bottles are specially designed for the Tosa Kumiko BOX. Original patterns not found in traditional patterns are arranged to create a sophisticated and warm design.
[Image 5

【Product Summary】
■[Limited to 100 bottles] DABADA ITALIANO -Limited bottle-/[Uses black koji] Contents: 700ml/Ingredients: chestnut (Italy), barley, rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice)/Alcohol content: 37 degrees / Price: 22,000 yen (tax included, shipping fee not included) *Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from early January
DABADA ITALIANO / [Uses black koji] Contents: 700ml / Ingredients: chestnut (Italy), barley, rice (domestic), rice koji (domestic rice) / Alcohol content: 35% / Price: 5,500 yen (tax included)・Shipping fee not included)
[Image 6

[Image 7

[Mute Mukan HP]
[DABADA ITALIANO official website]
[Click here to order DABADA ITALIANO] [Click here for reservations for DABADA ITALIANO (limited bottle)]

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