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TORICO Co., Ltd. Celebration and completion commemoration! “Tokyo Swastika Revengers” limited design set with a storage box for all volumes is now available! ! Manga whole volume dot com

TORICO Co., Ltd.
Celebration and Completion Commemoration! “Tokyo Swastika Revengers” limited design set with a storage box for all volumes is now available! ! [Manga whole volume dot com]

TORICO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuro Ando) will accept reservations for a set with an original storage box for “Tokyo Swastika Revengers” on December 28th (Wednesday). We have started.

Cumulative circulation exceeded 65 million copies! The final volume of “Tokyo Manji Revengers”, which took the world by storm with
live-action movies, anime, and manga, will finally be released on 1/18 (Wed.)! !
Commemorating the completion of the manga whole volume dot com, a complete comic volume set with an original storage box that can store all volumes is now available!
Surprisingly, it will be a full-color design limited to the entire manga volume dot com!
The design will be announced later, so please look forward to it! ! ▼ Set details with storage box
[Synopsis of “Tokyo Manji Revengers”]
This time, the delinquent is a time leap!? In order to save the person he loves, useless part-timer Takemichi Hanagaki returns to his junior high school days and aims to become the top of Kanto’s most evil delinquent gang!
Takemichi Hanagaki learns from the news that Hinata Tachibana, the one and only girlfriend he dated in junior high school, was killed by the villainous coalition “Tokyo Revengers”.
She lives in a run-down apartment with thin walls and is treated like an idiot by the store manager who is 6 years younger than her at her part-time job. The ultimate is dote…. One day in the midst of such a rock bottom life, I time leap 12 years ago to my junior high school days!!
In order to save Hinata, and to change the life that kept running away, the useless part-timer Takemichi aims for the top of the Kanto region’s most evil delinquent army!
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