Toyosu Co., Ltd. For you who are “curry mouth”! New for a limited time! Released “Curry No Kuchi Keema Curry Sen”

Toyosu Co., Ltd.
To you who are “curry mouth”! New for a limited time! Released “Curry No Kuchi Keema Curry Sen”
Keema Curry Flavor, popular in the curry world, where you can really feel the umami of the meat

Toyosu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, President: Masahiko Sanada) will launch “Curry No Kuchi Keema Curry Sen” on December 21, 2022 in the “Curry No Kuchi” brand, which is mainly deployed in department stores. It will be on sale from (Wednesday) for a limited time.
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I love everyone! Popular curry “Keema Curry Flavor” in Curry Sen “Curry Senbei Specialty Store Curry No Kuchi” is a serious “curry sen” that pursues a taste that can’t be found in cheap sweets by carefully blending spices, herbs, and oils. We opened in June 2022, and thanks to you, half a year has passed. The long-awaited new product is “Keema Curry Flavor,” which boasts top-class popularity among curries. A zippered bag is used for the package so that you can easily enjoy curry noodles at home. It’s easy to carry around, and you can pick it up and store it little by little, so you can easily fill your stomach anytime, such as between work or study, or when watching movies or watching sports. The package with a natural craft feel can also be used as a small gift.
Point of commitment
 This curry rice cracker satisfies the taste of a curry that is a little greedy. I want to eat a meaty curry! Satisfy that little craving. Keema curry has minced meat wherever you eat, and you can feel the meat. We combined 19 kinds of fragrant herbs and spices with the strong flavor of “meat (minced meat)”, which is the characteristic of keema curry. In addition, “Keema Curry Sen” has 2 ★ levels of 5 levels of spiciness. It has a less spicy finish so that people of all ages can enjoy it. Enjoy the umami of meat and curry that you can easily enjoy in one bite.
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