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Toyotsu Fighting Eagles Corporation SDGs activities Supporting art for people with disabilities (art brut)

Toyotsu Fighting Eagles Co., Ltd.
[SDGs activities] Support for art by people with disabilities (art brut)
Thank you for always supporting Fighting Eagles Nagoya.
This time, Fighting Eagles Nagoya will tie up with the “CBC Housing Mirai Tsunagu Project” to promote SDGs activities by supporting art for people with disabilities (art brut).
From December 3rd (Sat) to 9th (Fri), in conjunction with “Disabled Persons Week” * 1, we aim to realize a symbiotic society where people with and without disabilities respect and support each other, at the home game venue of FE Nagoya. It was decided to carry out initiatives related to raising awareness, such as by supporting art for people with disabilities.
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[Image 2d105674-7-56a56215176c7b76bdf0-3.png&s3=105674-7-4ebfd1cda39083ce67ee48e1b9ffc160-537x138.png
■ Implementation overview
・Section 9: At the Ryukyu match, works on the subject of FE Nagoya players and head coaches by 3 people from the life care office “Atelier Brute” * 2 will be exhibited.
・ Invite Atelier Brute (30 people) to a home game
Venue: Nagoya City Biwajima Sports Center
Date: 12/3 (Sat) 4 (Sun) 15:05 TIP OFF vs Ryukyu Golden Kings Exhibition contents: The following works will be exhibited in the venue lobby ・2 main visuals
・ Caricatures of 15 players and head coaches
・5 pieces of ball art
・Two original posters
・Player introduction video using caricatures
*Introduced on a large screen at halftime on 12/4 (Sun.)
* A postcard will be given to the first 1,500 people each day ■Introduction of works (partial)
[Image 3d105674-7-c28ea82dd7bd77072247-1.jpg&s3=105674-7-f9b923ffe0cc5c618345c2b3179d778a-337x238.jpg
[Image 4d105674-7-40055d4740dc346fd17c-2.jpg&s3=105674-7-3bfc29df213418f17f189d8b48a9dd5c-337x239.jpg
[Image 5d105674-7-66c0a67cb7c96547f36d-4.png&s3=105674-7-29c11b68e745071c54ec45e956f6478f-966x323.png
*1 About disability week
“Disabled Persons Week” is to deepen public interest and understanding of the welfare of persons with disabilities in accordance with the June 2004 revision of the Basic Law for Persons with Disabilities. It was established as an alternative to the traditional Disability Day (December 9) with the aim of motivating people to actively participate in the activities of
“Disabled Persons Week” is a week from December 3rd to December 9th every year. During this period, the national government, local governments, related organizations, etc. will develop various awareness-raising efforts. (From the Cabinet Office HP)
*2 About Atelier Brute
Atelier Brute, a care facility operated by the certified NPO Popeye Organization name: Authorized NPO Popeye
Representative: Chairman Miki
Location: 2-51 Shiga Minamidori, Kita Ward, Nagoya 462-0842
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