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Toyozumiya Group (General Incorporated Foundation SF Toyoizumiya) \Osaka prefecture free inspection project / Conducted every day during the year-end and New Year holidays in re sponse to the “8th wave

Toyoizumiya Group (SF Toyoizumiya General Incorporated Foundation) \Osaka prefecture free inspection business/-No reservation required PCR test/antigen test-Performed every day during the year-end and New Year holidays in response to the “8th wave” of the new coronavirus infection [Toyozumiya Group]
Toyoizumiya Group (SF Toyoizumiya General Incorporated Foundation)
On December 26th (Monday), the unique standard “Osaka Model” that conveys the infection status in Osaka Prefecture was lit up in “red” to indicate a state of emergency.
While there is still concern about the simultaneous spread of the new coronavirus infection and influenza, further thorough measures are being called for.
At the Toyoizumiya Landmark Tower, we will carry out free PCR tests and free antigen tests every day, including Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays.
The number of new coronavirus infections nationwide continues to increase, and the spread of infection is accelerating, and caution is being called for the year-end and New Year holidays. In addition, it is necessary to continue to be careful about influenza, which is feared to be a simultaneous epidemic.
The Toyoizumiya Group continues to work together as a group to strengthen our efforts against the new coronavirus.
Osaka Prefecture New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Free Testing Project “Free PCR Test” / “Free Antigen Test”
Currently, it is being held every day including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, but it will be held without rest during the year-end and New Year holidays.
[Image 1

● Implementation time
[Number of people accepted] It will end as soon as it reaches 75 people in both the morning and afternoon.
*Reservation not required
*PCR tests are subject to change depending on the infection status and the number of tests.
Location: Toyoizumiya Landmark Tower 1F
(3-2-1 Nakasakurazuka, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
●Days of the week: Monday to Sunday (including holidays)
[Every day including the year-end and New Year holidays]

● “Smartphone Registration Assistance Service” for those who are not good at registering smartphones
[Image 2

Every day from 13:30 to 14:30, we will continue to implement the “Smartphone Registration Assistance Service” where staff will work together from account creation to registration.
The “procedure” and “reception” of registration are separate. 1) Registration procedure

2) Reception

3) Inspection
If you are not good at registering your smartphone and are worried about the operation, please take this opportunity.
(Some contents may change depending on the spread of infection) [Image 3

●Certificates can be issued. (Confirmation before and after travel, etc.) ■ You can also use it when you need a certificate for travel, etc. ■ Antigen test: After the test, it will be issued as soon as the results are available.
■PCR test: Once the results arrive at the registered smartphone address, you can download the certificate.

● Time required to determine test results
PCR test: Judgment and results will be notified by e-mail from the next day to the day after next
(*Depending on the day of the week and the number of tests, such as Saturdays and Sundays, it may take more than 72 hours after the sample arrives.)
Antigen test: Judgment on the spot on the day
●Those who can take the test
1.Persons subject to inspection
・Please be sure to refer to the guidelines of Osaka Prefecture. 2.Those who can take the test at our center
[Image 4

●If you wish to take a PCR test, you must register using your smartphone. ・Results will be sent only by email.
*If you do not have a smartphone, please come with your family and friends. ・ Those who have obtained an e-mail address in advance. (Recommended to register with Yahoo! Mail or Gmail)
*Notifications may not be delivered to mobile phone company e-mail addresses (docomo [], softbank [], au [], etc.). .
*If you do not receive an email notification after completing the test, please check the test results on My Page.
●Smartphone registration is not required for antigen testing. ● Acceptance of preschool children (1 to 6 years old)
-Notes and requests-
・It is necessary to collect 1 ml of saliva from the funnel.
・Please understand in advance that we cannot make a judgment if we are unable to collect the sample.
・We recommend that you try it in advance to see if it is possible to collect about 1 ml of saliva using a straw at home.
*Detailed explanations will be provided at the reception on the 1st floor. ●Inspection features
[Image 5d88706-176-e3b14eecf1228a1ea032-4.jpg&s3=88706-176-daa08cf61ecc6b32d8b1c248868332d9-650x441.jpg
・Antigen qualitative tests using nasal swabs are slightly less accurate than PCR tests, but have the advantage of being able to obtain results quickly. There is no need to register specimens on smartphones.
・The PCR test has the characteristic of being highly accurate in diagnosis, although it takes 1-2 days to notify the result.
You can choose according to your wishes.
*Both tests can be selected.
Distribute the latest information on free PCR tests
The latest information will be distributed on the official Twitter account below.
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Toyoizumiya Group Official Twitter Account
Click here for the Toyoizumiya Group website
Toyoizumi Family PCR Testing Center Website
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