Trenders Co., Ltd. Beauty innovation firm “ampule” announces “2023 beauty trend forecast”

Trenders Co., Ltd.
Beauty innovation firm ampule announces 2023 beauty trend forecast
Beauty innovation firm “ampule” operated by Trenders Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryoko Kurokawa, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Listing: Securities Code 6069) is “2023 Beauty Trend Prediction”. will be announced.
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5 keywords to describe beauty trends in 2023
“ampule” was born in April 2020 as a beauty innovation farm. Since its birth, we have been involved in brand consulting and promotion planning for more than 260 cosmetics brands, and at the same time, we have published a total of 5 issues of the trade magazine “ampule magazine” that disseminates domestic and international beauty information. Based on the broad knowledge of the beauty industry cultivated through these activities, we will announce five keywords as beauty trends to watch in 2023.
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“No color makeup”
― “NewJeans” style nude makeup ―
“NewJeans” is a Korean female idol group that officially debuted in August 2022. In the hit chart of the popular music app “Melon” in Korea, it was the first Korean idol’s debut song to rank at No. 1, making a spectacular debut. Unlike the conventional image of Korean idols, their make-up is nude and understated with little shadow, so “colorless make-up” is attracting attention at once. Many Korean cosmetic brands have already launched nude color items, and it can be said that it is the favorite of the makeup trend in 2023.
“NEO Fem Care”
― Evolution of Femcare x Aging ―
Originally, “fem care” meant taking care of a woman’s body, but it seems that it is often used as an expression to solve the negatives unique to women, such as products that care for the delicate zone and sanitary products. Now that it is no longer special for women to be beautiful regardless of age, more and more women want to be feminine not only in terms of appearance but also sexually, even as they age. NEO Femcare” was born. Solutions such as supplements, beauty medicine, and dance training are expected to evolve widely.
“Partner Share”
– “Beauty” is a common theme for men and women –
As “male beauty” shifts from “trend” to “common sense,” beauty items and beauty experiences will become more genderless. In addition to the conventional “men-only” beauty items, new trends such as items that can be used and shared by male and female partners, and experiences that can be visited together, “beauty” has become a common theme for both men and women. . Communication about beauty between partners will increase, and it seems that shopping behaviors for both men and women will no longer be special.
“Fragrance brand from Asia”
―Bringing the “fragrance” of Asia to the world―
Until now, the majority of fragrance brands originated in France, but in recent years, Asian fragrance brands such as South Korea’s “NONFICTION” and Japan’s “KITOWA” have appeared and are attracting a great deal of attention. In addition, the birth of a perfume collection from the popular Korean brand “TAMBURINS”, which has been developing body care and home fragrances, has sparked the trend. In addition, many fragrance brands with original packaging and world views have appeared from China, and it is predicted that Asian fragrance brands will dominate the world in 2023.
“Beauty meets wellness”
―Further fusion of beauty and wellness―
After the corona disaster, wellness changed from “something to be conscious of” to “life itself”. As a result, it is expected that “beauty” will be further integrated with wellness. Various new initiatives have already begun globally, such as foreign-affiliated cosmetics brands that have already started collaborating with Femtech Service. By integrating beauty and wellness, new concepts will be born, and it looks like it will be a year of innovation.
Beauty-focused innovation farm “ampule”
“ampule” is a beauty specialty that aims to be the “strongest drop = ampule” that boosts evolution by supporting the challenge of the beauty industry by uniting all people who have love and feelings for “beauty”. It was launched as a chemical innovation firm. By empowering J-Beauty, we will brighten people’s future 100 years from now. ・ampule website:
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