TRUSTART Co., Ltd. TRUSTART Co., Ltd. partners with The Bank of the Ryukyus Co., Ltd. to streamline operations related to trust, inheritance, and asset succession-related products

TRUSTART Co., Ltd. Partners with The Bank of the Ryukyus Co., Ltd. to Improve Business Efficiency of Trust, Inheritance, and Asset Succession Related Products
– Speedy and reasonable support for real estate research-related operations of financial institutions –

TRUSTART Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yojiro Oe, Reading: TRUSTART, hereinafter “our company”), which solves social issues by combining the power of “real estate x technology x people”, For the purpose of streamlining operations related to trust, inheritance, and asset succession-related products of Bank of the Ryukyus (Head office: Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture; President: Yasushi Kawakami; hereinafter referred to as “Bank of the Ryukyus”); We have customized the source service “R.E.SEARCH” for the Bank of the Ryukyus and started offering it.

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“R.E.SEARCH” service site: -Overview of partnership-
Until now, a lot of time and associated labor costs have been spent on real estate surveys. The real estate research service provided by our company makes complicated real estate research more efficient with the power of “technology x people”, and can greatly reduce the time and cost required for real estate research work while ensuring quality. Through this alliance, we will improve the sophistication and efficiency of real estate research work, which is a heavy burden in banking operations, create time to concentrate on customer service, and support the improvement of real estate research quality. -Future Prospects-
The industry that handles real estate is gradually becoming DX, but paper, telephone, fax, and mail are still the mainstream, and there are still many analog operations. The number of companies facing the problem of shortage of human resources is increasing, and many financial institutions and real estate companies are inquiring about the services we provide.
Going forward, we will continue to promote partnerships with financial institutions and real estate companies nationwide to support the streamlining of real estate-related operations. I’m going to liven up the whole thing.
-About the real estate research service “R.E.SEARCH”-
In real estate research, sales representatives are often responsible for everything from field surveys of real estate to the creation of contracts. There are many members. In addition, online real estate surveys have not progressed yet, and in most cases, people actually visit the site or the government office, which has resulted in spending a lot of time and labor costs.
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The real estate research service, which completes the real estate research work that has put pressure on the business hours of many sales representatives, from request to delivery online, enables sales representatives to spend time on sales activities that they should be concentrating on. Become. We provide the real estate research service “R.E.SEARCH” with the aim of improving the operational efficiency of all corporations and employees involved in real estate research. -Characteristics of “R.E.SEARCH”-
1. Complete all real estate surveys online
Ordering and delivery of troublesome real estate surveys are all completed online. There is no need for an estimate or meeting in advance. Delivery of survey materials is also done online using a dedicated system, making it easy to use.
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2. Providing speedy and reasonable services
It is quick (usually ~ 5 business days, the shortest delivery is the next business day) and reasonable (basic research costs start from 10,000 yen).
3. Providing high-quality survey data
Under the supervision of real estate appraisers and first-class architects, quality is managed by a check system with multiple people. We will support the creation of new business opportunities by making it possible to easily provide human resources and digital technology that have not been fully utilized in the real estate industry. ■ Click here for inquiries to “R.E.SEARCH”
■ Click here to request “R.E.SEARCH” materials
-Overview of Partner Company-The Bank of the Ryukyus Co., Ltd.- [Image 4d79172-11-0e834b88d7803eecc540-3.png&s3=79172-11-fc5255e6004b8273f7da3ee0fb1a2a26-254x50.png

Company name: Bank of The Ryukyus, Limited
Representative: Yasushi Kawakami, President
Location: Naha Port Building, 2-1 Higashimachi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture Date of establishment: May 1, 1948
Corporate site:
-About TRUSTART Co., Ltd.-
Official website:
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TRUSTART Co., Ltd. is a real estate tech company that contributes to the growth of the Japanese economy by exploring the possibilities of utilizing real estate in a wide range of industries with the power of “real estate x technology x people”. Our company was established in 2020 after being selected for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Project to Support the Creation of Seconded
Entrepreneurships,” which supports startups from large domestic companies. ( While the market environment surrounding the real estate industry changes significantly year by year, existing business practices remain deeply rooted in the industry, and the previous inefficient and analog business structure is highlighted. We promote the DX conversion of all businesses related to real estate, including real estate surveys and data collection, and combine new technologies with a thorough support system to solve all customer problems.
-Profile of Yojiro Oe, Representative Director-
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Born in 1988, from Mie prefecture. Joined Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation in 2010. Responsible for customer sales centered on wealthy people in the retail department, involved in making wills, organizing inheritance, and brokering real estate transactions. After working on corporate loans in the corporate sales department, since 2018, he has been engaged in new business development (composition of loan products and planning and management of internal business idea contests) in the planning department of the headquarters. In 2020, he founded TRUSTART Co., Ltd., which develops businesses in the real estate tech field, and assumed the position of Representative Director. Waseda University Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA).
-TRUSTART Co., Ltd. Company Profile-
Established: May 28, 2020
Representative: Representative Director Yojiro Oe
Business description: Real estate survey business, real estate big data provision business
Headquarters: 1-1-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shin-Aoyama Building West Building 7F
Capital: 80.15 million yen
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