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TSI Holdings Co., Ltd. Let’s hug Pearly Gates’ golf bag and post it on Instagram! We are holding a golf bag hug campaign!

TSI Holdings Co., Ltd.
Back hug your Pearly Gates golf bag and post it on Instagram! We are holding a golf bag hug campaign!
Post on Instagram and win a gift (Holding period: December 19th to December 31st, 2022)

[Image 1

A golf bag that has enjoyed golfing together for a year.
We’re sure you’re all in love with your golf bag.
However, there are not many opportunities to take pictures with them because they are on carts at the golf course.
How about taking a commemorative photo of you hugging your precious golf bag from behind as the end of the year?
[Image 2

GOLF BACK HUG campaign
Campaign overview
December 19, 2022 (Monday) to December 31, 2022 (Saturday) until 23:59. 【Special page】
Published in PEARLY GATES official app
Click here to download the app → 【Application method】
1. On Instagram, the official account (@pearlygates_official) (hereinafter referred to as the “official account”)
2. Post a photo of yourself hugging a Pearly Gates caddy bag on your Instagram feed.
3. Describe the following hashtags #Pearly Gates #Caddy Bag Hug Campaign. 4. A Pearly Gates travel cover will be presented to one person by lottery from among those who applied.
* Those who have completed 1., 2., and 3. will complete the application. * Those who are already following “@pearlygates_official” can also apply. * The contents of the gift, the announcement of the winning results, and the application rules are listed below.
Pick up a golf bag that you would like to recommend to those who do not have a PEARLY GATES golf bag yet! !
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[Image 4

[Image 5

[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

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[Image 10

Campaign application terms
[Gift contents of the golf bag hug campaign]
Receive a Pearly Gates travel cover. * Prizes cannot be selected. Thank you for your understanding.
[Announcement of winning results]
・After the application period ends, the winners will be determined by a strict lottery from among the applicants.
・ Only winners will be notified of the winning results by direct message from the official account in mid-January.
Please follow the official account even after the application period ends and turn on the Instagram notification setting (push
notification) on your device.
*If you change your account name from the time of application, we may not be able to contact you even if you win.
・If it is not possible to confirm that you have maintained the conditions for applying, such as following the account of
“@pearlygates_official” and liking this post at the time of the lottery,
You may be excluded from the lottery.
・After receiving the notification of winning, please contact us by the specified method with the necessary information such as the delivery address of the prize by the specified deadline.
If we are unable to contact the winner by the specified deadline or if we do not receive the necessary information, we will invalidate the winning.
・Prizes will be shipped only within Japan.
・If the prize is returned to us due to unknown address, long absence, refusal to receive, etc., and it is not delivered for a certain period of time, it will be treated as a withdrawal from winning.
・Even if you apply with multiple accounts, you can win once per person. ・We do not accept questions or inquiries about confirmation of application acceptance, lottery method, winning, losing, accidents or damage during shipping, etc.
・We may not be able to apply due to server congestion, in which case we will not take any responsibility.
・Applicants will be responsible for expenses such as Internet connection fees and packet communication fees related to the application.
・By participating in this campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to this application agreement.
(If you are a minor, we will assume that you have consented to your parental authority.)
・If any of the following applies, the winning qualification will be invalid. *If our company determines that there was misconduct in the application. * If the communication environment is in a bad state and the DM does not arrive *If there is a problem with the registration information
・Please note that prizes cannot be returned or exchanged.
・We are not responsible for any damages caused by prizes after the prizes have been shipped. Please note.
・Prizes will be shipped from mid to late January. (Delivery may be delayed depending on the situation.)
・Rights cannot be transferred or exchanged for money or goods. ・Plan contents are subject to change without notice. Please note. ・Winners will not be contacted before the application deadline. Please be careful about spoofing accounts.
・Comments on this post may be used for marketing purposes. At that time, we do not use personal information such as account name. ・By applying for this campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to the Instagram Terms of Use.
・This campaign is not sponsored by Instagram. Due to maintenance or malfunction of Instagram,
Even if you cannot apply for this campaign, we will not be held responsible. -Notes-
1. When using this campaign, customers shall not engage in any of the acts set forth in the following items.
(1) Posting violent content, discriminatory content, pornography, or other content that may cause discomfort to other customers.
(2) Engaging in illegal acts or posting content that encourages illegal acts; (3) Infringing the trademark rights, copyrights, moral rights of authors, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, etc. of the Company or a third party, or engaging in acts that are likely to infringe;
(4) Violating the privacy of the Company or a third party, or damaging the honor or credibility of the Company;
(5) Slandering our company or a third party
(6) Collecting personal information of other customers
(7) Providing services similar to this campaign using the name of this campaign or names similar to these
(8) Include the name of this campaign in the metatags, etc. of the website under your control.
(9) Interfering with the smooth operation of this campaign by means of virus programs, unauthorized access, or other methods;
(10) Copying, editing, adapting, distributing or reselling information or services provided in this campaign
(11) Ponzi schemes, illegal multi-level marketing, other illegal businesses, or similar activities
(12) Making a third party perform the acts specified in the preceding items. (13) In addition to the actions stipulated in the preceding items, acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that the Company deems inappropriate based on reasonable grounds.
2. If the customer violates the preceding paragraph, at the discretion of the Company without prior notice, the customer may suspend or suspend the use of this campaign,
I agree in advance that I may delete the posted content and take other necessary measures.
-About personal information-
Personal information received from customers will be used only for the purpose of notifying winners of this campaign and sending prizes, and will not be used for purposes other than contacting customers regarding this matter.
After the campaign ends, we will handle it appropriately according to the personal information protection policy of TSI Co., Ltd.
[Image 11d9786-336-34a84e37a1a8b9ce1185-10.jpg&s3=9786-336-efaa68db3d4d61afabbdf3bcb0b272ba-1242x1920.jpg
Started in the spring of 1989 from Sanei International, which has many men’s and women’s wear brands.
The men’s division staff will start playing golf. However, there is no golf wear that they want to wear. Everything started with the thought, “If that’s the case, let’s make it ourselves!” Since then, Pearly Gates has continued to propose new golf wear that transcends all frameworks under the concept of “let’s play golf more casually and more happily.”

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