TSI Holdings Co., Ltd. Nano Universe has started the first sale SALE!

TSI Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nano Universe has started the first sale SALE!
[MAX 80% OFF] A SALE for women’s items for autumn and winter has started.
From January 1, 2023 (Sunday), Nano Universe will hold a first sale SALE where you can purchase a wide range of lineups, including original brands and select brands, miscellaneous goods, shoes, bags, etc. at up to 80% OFF. .
[Image 1d9786-344-489763a29f977b4bac7f-0.jpg&s3=9786-344-18a6b88ebb5b1951b81de6e86a628054-1500x857.jpg
From outerwear that can be used in the coming season to bargain items that can be worn until spring, we have a wide variety of attractive products, including popular brands. Please enjoy your shopping during the great sale period.
Sale items *Offer rates are subject to change without notice. We will introduce some of the items that have become even more bargain at the sale price.
■ BELLANDI no-collar egg coat
Collarless coat from the Import Melton series, made from high-quality material with a bulge. It’s an oversized cocoon shape with a stripped-down design, and it has a wonderful balance of sophistication and maturity. When you open the hiyoku-style front, the black water buffalo button gives it a classy effect. The luxurious design makes you look good just by putting it on, making it a gem that will elevate your style from commuting to work or on holidays.
[Image 2d9786-344-4f3f2c4f989720be62aa-1.jpg&s3=9786-344-d1b2821fffc6a690d07316c9eb164a5c-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6692211304
Available colors: black, camel, L. green
Deployment size: I/II
Price: ¥47,300 → 30% OFF ¥33,110 (tax included)
Official mail order site:
■ Layered padding coat
A set outerwear that completes a mature style just by matching it. The military-style padding coat and inner vest with gourd quilting are excellent items that can be layered or worn alone. Not only the design, but also the functionality such as water repellency, light weight, heat retention, etc., is also attractive, and comfortable to wear.
[Image 3d9786-344-a825e2b73e7d229e4ad7-2.jpg&s3=9786-344-412ded50ecfe6ff39022d8c21f2809f1-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6692211312
Available colors: Black, Ivory
Deployment size: I/II
Price: ¥39,600 → 50% OFF ¥19,800 (tax included)
Official mail order site:
■ Karze shirt jacket
A shirt jacket that incorporates a men’s-like military design into a synthetic material. Attractive hybrid design that gives you a sense of casualness and neatness. The dropped shoulders and length give it a sense of looseness and save a tight feeling. You can also enjoy layering the inner layer by opening the first button and using it as an open-collared shirt.
[Image 4d9786-344-65ba03a8dfe8d132b9f5-3.jpg&s3=9786-344-d5839ef1f50aaf711aa0f975b7138ee0-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6692220316
Available colors: black camel
Deployment size: I/II
Price: ¥17,600 → 50% OFF ¥8,800 (tax included)
Official mail order site:
Pill-less knit V-neck cardigan
A V-neck cardigan made from Nano Universe’s original material that minimizes pilling with a special spinning method. The vertical V-neck gives a sharp impression to the neck, and the elegant matte gold thin buttons are the main points of this design. You can wear it with any bottoms, so it is easy to mix and match, and we recommend wearing it with a top of the same material for an ensemble outfit.
[Image 5d9786-344-57b74d69279aa79775ce-4.jpg&s3=9786-344-fef5c62298b1248d4698db7c514a54d3-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6692222301
Available colors: black, top gray, beige, red
Deployment size: I/II
Price: ¥14,300 (tax included) → 30% OFF ¥10,010 (tax included) Official mail order site:
In the nano universe catalog, we introduce other SALE recommended items. ■ SALE item summary:
https://store.nanouniverse.jp/jp/c/c1020?category_type=1020&price_min=&price_max=&s_fg=1 ■ Nano Universe Catalog: https://store.nanouniverse.jp/jp/
■Holding store
Each nano universe handling EC site, each nano universe store (excluding outlets)
*From the perspective of preventing the spread of the “new
coronavirus” infectious disease, some stores may be closed or have their business hours changed to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees. For details, please check the website of each commercial facility.
Details about this release:


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