TSI Holdings Co., Ltd. Nano Universe has started the first sale SALE!

TSI Holdings Co., Ltd.
Nano Universe has started the first sale SALE!
[MAX 80% OFF] A SALE for men’s items for autumn and winter has started.
From January 1, 2023 (Sunday), Nano Universe will hold a first sale SALE where you can purchase a wide range of lineups, including original brands and select brands, miscellaneous goods, shoes, bags, etc. at up to 80% OFF. .
[Image 1d9786-343-3fe247343eee5c72d503-5.jpg&s3=9786-343-fd2b4d9ab53065270df19e76c2cbf75f-1500x857.jpg
From outerwear that can be used in the coming season to bargain items that can be worn until spring, we have a wide variety of attractive products, including popular brands. Please enjoy your shopping during the great sale period.
Sale items *Offer rates are subject to change without notice. We will introduce some of the items that have become even more bargain at the sale price.
■ Gun club check bar collar coat
Bal collar coat using wool fabric from Bishu. The shape of the collar is opened at the front to create a beautiful balance when worn, and the box pocket on the waist has a modern arrangement with curved corners. The bal collar coat is a highly versatile item that can be used not only for dress styles such as suits, but also for casual wear.
[Image 2d9786-343-763b911163bff39ef2c4-1.jpg&s3=9786-343-78664b55ca66cb138da63d6750109eba-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6682211210
Available colors: gray, brown
Deployment size: S/M/L
Price: ¥41,800 → 40% OFF ¥25,080 (tax included)
Official mail order site:
■British wool Kenpi coat
British coat using Melton Kempi. By using kemppi, which is a rough hair material, you can enjoy a wild texture that cannot be found in ordinary wool. The long length that completely hides the inseam is a nice point that makes it easy to balance with the inside. It is a full-fledged piece that can be worn until the middle of winter, with excellent cold and wind resistance.
[Image 3d9786-343-159d2830b524d67a2a74-2.jpg&s3=9786-343-37b3773ab77787d9464f227b78ff6e40-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6682211211
Available colors: charcoal brown
Deployment size: S/M/L
Price: ¥35,200 → 40% OFF ¥21,120 (tax included)
Official mail order site:
■ Nishikawa Down (R) / Military Stand Neck Down
This down jacket features a matching ripstop material and military taste. The silhouette has a voluminous silhouette that gives you a mature impression of casual style just by wearing it. The point is that you can enjoy changing the silhouette by squeezing the tape inside the waist. The hood that can be stored in the collar is an accent, and it is also useful as a practical item.
[Image 4d9786-343-6d6f66d0e8b2efbb2b0c-3.jpg&s3=9786-343-88db9b8125538d7c2e9f60373757ee16-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6682214206
Available colors: Black, khaki
Deployment size: S/M/L
Price: ¥55,000 → 30% OFF ¥38,500 (tax included)
Official mail order site:
■ Storm fleece setup “slim”
A setup using a multi-functional material that has excellent stretchability, moisture permeability, and windproof properties. It is fully equipped with the functions necessary for everyday use, such as easy care that does not worry about wrinkles, and proposes a new office style that matches modern work styles such as telework. By brushing the back side, you can eliminate the cold feeling in winter. [Image 5d9786-343-7ddb12ed1313ae857427-4.jpg&s3=9786-343-d661e264801a63e3e1ded6e33bc4a909-1500x1800.jpg
Product number: 6682218207
Available colors: charcoal, olive
Deployment size: S/M/L/XL
Price: ¥22,000 (tax included) → 40% OFF ¥13,200 (tax included) Official mail order site:
In the nano-universe catalog, we introduce other recommended items for SALE. ■ SALE item summary:
https://store.nanouniverse.jp/jp/c/c1010?category_type=1010&price_min=&price_max=&s_fg=1 ■ Nano Universe Catalog: https://store.nanouniverse.jp/jp/
■Holding store
Each nano universe handling EC site, each nano universe store (excluding outlets)
*From the perspective of preventing the spread of the “new
coronavirus” infectious disease, some stores may be closed or have their business hours changed to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees. For details, please check the website of each commercial facility.
Details about this release:


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