Tuple Japan G.K. Tupl and NTT DOCOMO conduct a trial of an automatic optimization solution for base station antenna tilt angles.

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Tupl conducts trial with NTT Docomo for automatic optimization solution for base station antenna tilt angle

Tupl conducts trial with NTT Docomo for automatic optimization solution for base station antenna tilt angle
BELLEVUE, Washington – December 2, 2022 – Tupl conducted a trial with NTT DOCOMO, INC. (hereafter referred to as DOCOMO) for a base station antenna tilt angle optimization solution.
Currently, regarding the tilt of the base station antenna, radio engineers perform various tunings and set the optimum angle while considering the radio wave conditions and the relationship between multiple cells. Tupl RF Shaping performs deep reinforcement learning based on terminal location information and wireless related data to calculate the optimal tilt angle. This will enable effective use of frequencies, improvement of radio wave conditions within cells, reduction of interference, and improvement of user quality.
In collaboration with DOCOMO, we have devised a new way to give rewards for reinforcement learning, conducted a trial to evaluate improvements in area coverage and capacity within the area, and confirmed the effects. This result will be implemented in the same solution in the future, and will be sold and deployed globally. Masashi Masuda, General Manager of Radio Access Development at DoCoMo, said: “This time, we were able to obtain excellent results in the trial of tilt optimization of base station antennas. This result is based on the technical strengths of both companies, namely, Tupl’s knowledge of network optimization using deep reinforcement learning, and DOCOMO’s mobile technology. We believe that this is the result of our co-creation, leveraging our experience as a telecommunications carrier.”
Tupl CEO Petri Hautakangas said: “Through this trial with NTT DoCoMo, we were able to further evolve our RF Shaping solution. Currently, many telecommunications carriers spend a great deal of effort and money adjusting base station tilts. We hope this solution will improve the efficiency and quality of processes for operators around the world.”
Shinichi Sugano, head of Tupl’s Asia-Pacific region and representative of Tupl Japan LLC, said as follows. “We believe that this trial with NTT DoCoMo is a big step towards the automation and development of wireless optimization. We believe that such a solution will be essential in the future in order to optimally respond to
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