Turning the negative of agriculture into a positive system. Established PLOW WORKS Co., Ltd.

Turning the negative of agriculture into a positive system.
Established PLOW WORKS Co., Ltd.
The first project will be released on makuake from 17:00 on December 7th (Wednesday)

In November 2022, we established PLOW WORKS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Izumi-ku, Sendai City, Representative Director Kiyoshi Aizawa) in order to create a system that turns all negatives related to agriculture into positives. As the first launch project, the project “Hitotsubu no Omoi”, which creates contact between farmers and consumers and creates a virtuous cycle, will be held on December 7 (Wednesday) 17 at “makuake”, a support purchase service for new things and experiences. We will start pre-sale from time to time.
Official website: https://plow-works.jp/
Official Instagram: https://instagram.com/plow_works?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= makuake: https://www.makuake.com/project/plow_works/

[Image 1d112638-2-3e2c98e3b2b3509b2df4-0.jpg&s3=112638-2-dc426adcdd5570117d1c3d9945c3ae68-1265x410.jpg
There is a situation called 3K (hard, dirty, unprofitable) in agriculture. For those of us who have had agriculture right next to us since we were young, this is very sad, but at the same time, it is a word that makes sense.
In 2020, the number of farmers (individual management entities) decreased by 22.5% compared to five years ago, and the proportion of those aged 65 and over is 69.8%, indicating that the population is aging. *1 On the other hand, many young people, who will be
responsible for the future, have a negative image of agriculture. We launched this company to improve this situation, improve the image of agriculture, and create a system that benefits everyone. Our power is still small, but we would like to increase the number of supporters, collaborators and collaborators and build a hopeful primary industry. *1 Exhibit: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Summary of 2020 Agriculture and Forestry Census results (approximate figures) Future activities
We will set up three pillars, sales, co-creation, and collaboration, and will release projects sequentially for each.
In the first phase, we will focus on selling agricultural products and planning and selling original products.

About Hitotsubu no Omoi Project

[Image 2d112638-2-72cc0dccc8945c83b5b8-1.jpg&s3=112638-2-6e1f950f5ccf23e156200e10c32c7c1a-1600x900.jpg
This is a project that aims to share two-way thoughts by creating a mechanism that allows producers to enjoy delicious food made with their passion. We will transmit the thoughts and personalities of the producers, sell the crops under the name of the producer on our sales platform, and aim to become a fan. There are simply two rules for selling rice. It is to be first-class rice quality and to have a passion for crops. Farmers also want to feel the joy of having their own crops eaten delicious. I’m going to give shape to such thoughts. source
At makueke, we created raft charcoal from an ethical perspective to make rice even more delicious. We will provide you with a set of “Gamori ware earthenware pot”.
Set contents details
[Image 3d112638-2-8b1af0a6cfb7007964db-5.jpg&s3=112638-2-1c84c43514a6b087f4e7cdf1adb2ad45-1600x900.jpg
We offer either Sasanishiki or Hitomebore rice from 1 go, 2 go, 5 go, or 10 go from the rice of registered farmers of “Hitotsubu no Omoi”, a project that aims to share the feelings of farmers and consumers. [Image 4d112638-2-a72b7e023eaed4f0067d-3.jpg&s3=112638-2-c3faf1bf17be5e3bd90eaf7cdae7ebed-1600x900.jpg
Bamboo charcoal made from bamboo from an oyster farm using the Abe-style charcoal-grilling method (PAT5898130). Rich in micropores, it exhibits excellent deodorizing adsorption effect and combustion characteristics. It also contributes to environmental issues such as industrial waste reduction and carbon minus.
[Image 5d112638-2-3c099c98ed235ef9ec09-4.jpg&s3=112638-2-164fcd3357a98d3aba19e48a70d8ffb4-1600x900.jpg
Super soft water for fluffy rice with no unpleasant taste
We offer a set of ultra-soft water “Matsubara source” with a hardness of 7.2 mg / L pumped from 600 m underground in Naruko, Miyagi prefecture.
[Image 6d112638-2-7bc16b4035c70d92aeb7-2.jpg&s3=112638-2-dd5275beef885896c1395a776cde920a-1600x900.jpg
A limited number of earthenware pots from Miyagi Prefecture’s Daigamori Yaki, which is currently discontinued, are available. Served in an open fire type earthenware pot.
Company Profile
Company name: PLOWWORKS Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Kiyoshi Aizawa
Head office location: 2208 601 Izumichuo, Izumi Ward, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture 9813133
URL: https://plow-works.jp/
Year of establishment: November 2022
Capital: 1,000,000 yen
Business: Sales of agricultural products, provision of solutions

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