TV anime “Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN-” Newly drawn picture: Merchandise release / COSPA

Cospa Group Co., Ltd.
TV anime “Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN-” Newly drawn picture: Merchandise release / COSPA
Reservation benefits Ali [Reservations accepted from December 15]
▼ TV anime “Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN-” reservation privilege campaign special site / COSPA
Cospa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshiyuki Matsunaga) will release goods using newly drawn illustrations of the TV anime “Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN-”. Reservations for goods will start from December 15 (Thursday). We will carry out a campaign with benefits when making a reservation at the target store.
[Image 1

Product Details
▼Xuanjo Sanzo
[Image 2

▼ Son Goku
[Image 3

[Image 4

▼Cho Hakkai
[Image 5

-Release date: Mid-March 2023
・ Acrylic stand (large)
Body: about H19.2cm x W6.1cm Pedestal: about H3cm x W5cm / acrylic / 2,530 yen including tax
・120cm tapestry
Approximately H120cm x W50cm / Rare suede (polyester) / 4,840 yen including tax ・80cm tapestry
Approximately H80cm x W33.3cm / Rare suede (polyester) / 2,640 yen including tax ・Sticker
About H9cm x W6cm / 550 yen including tax
・Full color hand towel
Approximately 19cm x 19cm / 100% cotton / 715 yen including tax ·clear file
Approximately 22cm x 31cm / made of polypropylene / 385 yen including tax ·Button Badges
6.5 cm in diameter / made of aluminum / 605 yen including tax [Reservation privilege] TV animation “Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN-” Cospa official shop limited reservation privilege present campaign ▼ TV anime “Saiyuki RELOAD -ZEROIN-” reservation privilege campaign special site / COSPA
[Image 6d99047-259-a5ce4a786a782274846e-1.jpg&s3=99047-259-f9f0b152ab54620363205508cc956bca-1200x1600.jpg
Campaign details
At the target stores and mail order (COSPA official shop, COSPA WEB mail order,, the target product totals 3,000 yen (tax included) per transaction. present one. Please get it during the period!
2L half bromide (4 types in total)
Reservation privilege target period
December 15th (Thursday) to January 23rd (Monday), 2022
Target store
・ Stores: COSPA official shops
・ Mail order: Cospa WEB mail order
・ Mail order: Gstore dot com
Newly illustrated Genjo Sanzo Acrylic Stand (Large)
Original Illustration Son Goku Acrylic Stand (Large)
Original Illustration Sagojo Acrylic Stand (Large)
Newly illustrated Cho Hakkai Acrylic Stand (Large)
Newly illustrated Genjo Sanzo 120cm tapestry
Original Illustration Son Goku 120cm Tapestry
Original Illustration Cho Hakkai 120cm Tapestry
Original Illustration Sagojyo 120cm Tapestry
Newly illustrated Genjo Sanzo 80cm tapestry
Original Illustration Son Goku 80cm Tapestry
Original Illustration Sagojyo 80cm Tapestry
Original Illustration Cho Hakkai 80cm Tapestry
Newly drawn Genjo Sanzo sticker
Draw down Son Goku sticker
Original illustration Sagojyo sticker
Originally drawn Cho Hakkai sticker
Genjo Sanzo full color hand towel
Son Goku Full Color Hand Towel
Sagojyo full color hand towel
Cho Hakkai full color hand towel
Original Illustration Genjo Sanzo Clear File
Original Illustration Son Goku Clear File
Original Illustration Sagojyo Clear File
Newly illustrated Cho Hakkai Clear File
Newly drawn Genjo Sanzo can badge
Newly drawn Son Goku can badge
Originally drawn Sagojyo can badge
Originally drawn Cho Hakkai can badge
*Benefits will be random. Since it will be handed over at random, you cannot choose the pattern you want.
* There is no upper limit to the number of benefits.
*Benefits will be handed out when the product is delivered at the store, and the benefits will be included in the mail order when the product is shipped.
Organizer: Cospa Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Tablier Marketing Co., Ltd.
■ Rights notation
(C) Kazuya Minekura/Ichijinsha/Saiyuki RE PROJECT
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