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TV Asahi Co., Ltd. Live broadcast on Sunday, December 11! “Kamen Rider Geez x” and TV Asahi’s “Metaverse Roppongi” will collaborate for this day only! All participants transformed into “Kamen Rider Geez Avatar”!!

TV Asahi Co., Ltd.
December 11th (Sun) live broadcast! “Kamen Rider Geez x” and TV Asahi’s “Metaverse Roppongi” will collaborate for this day only! All participants transformed into “Kamen Rider Geez Avatar”!!

Released on Friday, December 23rd! The first collaboration between the movie “Kamen Rider Geez x Revise MOVIE Battle Royale” and “Shinsekai Metaverse TV!!”! Hidetoshi Ukiyo/Masked Rider Geez, 4 main cast members, including Hideyoshi Kan, appear live!
An original event and VTuber will be developed in the state-of-the-art metaverse space “Light and Star Metaverse Roppongi” being developed by TV Asahi! “Shinsekai Metaverse TV!!” is a one-of-a-kind Metaverse variety show that delivers cutting-edge entertainment, led by MC Tomokazu Seki & Pekopa. This program will deliver a live broadcast SP with “Kamen Rider Geez” (every Sunday from 9:00), which is being broadcast on TV Asahi on Sunday, December 11th! This time, an SP collaboration with the movie “Kamen Rider Geez x Revise MOVIE Battle Royale” released on Sunday, December 23rd will be realized! Guests include Hideyoshi Kan, who plays the main character Hidetoshi Ukiyo / Kamen Rider Geez, Kagekazu Sakurai / Ruga Sato, who plays Kamen Rider Tycoon, Yumena Hoshino, who plays Neon Kurama / Kamen Rider Nago, and Michinaga Azuma / Kamen. Kazuto Mokushiro, who plays the role of Rider Buffer, and 4 main cast members will appear live! Furthermore, if all participants enter Metaverse Roppongi this time, they will be able to transform into “Kamen Rider Geez Special Avatar” for this day only! While being greeted by the program’s catchphrase, “Congratulations. Starting today, you are also a Kamen Rider,” you can fully enjoy the live broadcast! If you download the virtual SNS application “cluster”, you can visit “Light and Star Metaverse Roppongi” for free with a single smartphone, and you can interact with Kamen Rider Geez actors in real time.
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■A special space where all participants can transform into Kamen Rider Geez avatars is born! Fuku Suzuki, who loves Kamen Rider, will make a special appearance and a special surprise from the movie version! A must-see for fans…The original stage of the Gietz vs. Jamato program will also be held!
This time as well, there are plenty of special tricks at “Metaverse Roppongi of Light and Stars”! What’s inside…
First of all, when you access “Metaverse Roppongi”, all participants can transform into “Kamen Rider Geez” avatars! You can play to your heart’s content with the “SP avatar for this day only” that faithfully reproduces the longed-for Geetz! In addition, in the Keyakizaka area in Metaverse Roppongi, life-size panels of Kamen Rider Geez, Tycoon, Nago, and Buffer are set up! And we will also have a special display of the panel of the actors who will appear! You can take a picture together, so please take this opportunity to take a lot of pictures and post them on SNS such as Twitter and Instagram.
In the terrestrial live broadcast that you are interested in, SP guests will also appear in commemoration of the movie release! One of them is Fuku Suzuki, who is famous as an actor who loves the Kamen Rider series! This time, he will appear on VTR as a questioner in the quiz corner that conveys the charm of Kamen Rider Geez! Even more! Luxurious SP guests also appear from the movie version! ! In the VTR, there is also a surprise announcement of the movie! !
In addition, the original hero show of Geetz vs Jamato will also be held! Everyone from children to adults can enjoy watching TV in the “Kamen Rider Geez” special collaboration space commemorating the release of the movie!
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■ A must-see for Kamen Rider Geez fans! After the terrestrial broadcasting ends, a talk show limited to the first 1,000 people will be held at “Metaverse Roppongi”!! Hideyoshi Kan, Ruga Sato, Yumena Hoshino, and Kazuto Mokushiro will release a large amount of (secret) talk such as the secret story of Geez’s shooting!
After the end of the terrestrial live broadcast, a limited talk show will be held in “Metaverse Roppongi” with four main cast members: Kan (playing Geez) & Sato (playing Tycoon) & Hoshino (playing Nago) & Mokushiro (playing Buffer)! We will release a large amount of valuable talk, such as the secret story of Kamen Rider Geez’s shooting. There are lots of inside stories that can only be heard here! This is a premium event limited to the first 1000 people! Please join us! Movie “Kamen Rider Geez x Revise MOVIE Battle Royale”
・ Released on December 23, 2022 (Friday / holiday)!
―――-INTRO & STORY-――――――――
≪Geez VS Revise VS Ryuki≫ A shocking battle begins now.
This work consists of the first part, which begins as the “last story” of Kamen Rider Revise, and the “seamless 2-part work” that rushes into the “worst game” co-starring Gietz, Revise, and Ryuki.
Waiting for Hidetoshi Ukiyo who was convened for the Desire Grand Prix was a new game “Desire Royale” that was remade by someone. Kamen Riders clash with each other due to the tactics of a mysterious game master who works behind the scenes! A mysterious Kamen Rider also appears, and an unprecedented battle game begins…!
Who will win in the end after a fierce battle? ――And what is the wish that the winner will grant?
[Text Box: Cast/Staff Billing: Hideyoshi Kan, Kentaro Maeda, Subaru Kimura (Voice Cast), Ruga Sato, Yumena Hoshino, Kazuto Mokushiro, Kokoro Aoshima / Ryo Kitamura, Wataru Hinata, Ayaka Imoto, Noritaka Hamao, Yui Asakura, Kurodo Hachijou, Junya Komatsu Miku Ito (voice acting) Shugo Oshinari/Emi Kurara Shigeyuki Totsugi Guest: Yusuke Onuki Tetsuhiro Ikeda Hajime Yamazaki (voice acting) Ryo Horikawa Hiroshi Kamiya Masaki Hasegawa (nishikigoi) Original work: Shotaro Ishinomori Screenplay: Yuya Takahashi Hanta Kinoshita Director: Takayuki Shibasaki Music: Toshihiko Sahashi Kotaro Nakagawa Action Director: Tsuyoshi Miyazaki Kei Fujita Special Effects Director: Hiroshi Butsuda Theme Song: “Change my future” Kumi Koda Production: “Geez/Revise” Production Committee (Toei/TV Asahi/Toei Video/ADK Emotions/Kinoshita Group/Bandai) “Geez/Revice” Production Committee (C) Ishimori Pro/TV Asahi/ADK EM/Toei]
official information
“Kamen Rider Geez x Revise Movie Battle Royale” Official Site
“Kamen Rider Geez x Revise Movie Battle Royale” Official Twitter Account name: @toeiHERO_movie ( “Kamen Rider Geez” Official Site
“Kamen Rider Geez” Official Twitter
Account name: @krGEATS_toei ( Program official account
◆ Homepage:
◆ Twitter: @MetaTV_5ch ( ◆ “Light and Star Metaverse Roppongi” Official Website:
■ If you want to play in virtual space, download the virtual SNS application “cluster”!
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