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Two reprints before release! What is the career design that the No. 1 top personality in the “Voicy” care er category talks about for two years in a row? Released “Life Strategy to Overcome the ’40-Year-Old Wall'”

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
[Two reprints before release! ] What is the career design that the No. 1 top personality in the “Voicy” career category talks about for two years in a row? Released “Life Strategy to Overcome the ’40-Year-Old Wall'”

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Naomi Taniguchi) announced on December 23, 2022, “Life strategy to overcome the “40-year-old wall”” (written by Haru Oishi). was published.
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“Voicy” Career Division No. 1 for 2 consecutive years! “Voicy” Career Design Talked by Top Personalities
This book is a book about career design in the 100-year life era by Haru Oishi, a top personality who has been No. 1 in the career category of the voice media “Voicy” for two consecutive years. At the time of reservation before release, Amazon Books Philosophy Category Ranking No. 1 (December 7-9, 2022), Rakuten Books
Humanities/Thought/Social Genre Ranking No. 1 (December 7-9, 2022) Acquired. However, it is a topical book that was decided to be reprinted twice before its release.
The author, Ms. Oishi, is a mother of two children who will be attending graduate school from 2022 while doing audio distribution, writing, and running a yoga studio. After joining a foreign-affiliated company as a new graduate, Ms. Oishi worked for 16 years. It was a dull feeling.”
I’ve become a middle-ranking person at work, and I have a family, and I can see the future direction. I have far less anxiety about the future than when I was young, and my life is going well.
But there is another me who asks me this question.
“Are you satisfied with the accumulation of the rest of your life?” It’s not just Mr. Oishi, I think there are many people who feel this vague feeling.
This is probably because we are entering an era of 100-year lifespans, and things that are an extension of a professional life are coming into view. Regardless of gender, there are many people who are in the middle of the second half of their professional life and wonder, “Is it okay to stay like this?”
This book breaks down the “fuzzy feeling” that many people feel around the age of 40, that is, the “40-year-old wall”, and explores how to design the second half of life in order to live as you are. ?” is for thinking.
Mr. Oishi himself also hit the “40-year-old wall”, and as a result of trial and error, he chose to quit the company and live with the work he wanted to do (= his own business). I’ll give you specific suggestions based on my experience.
The identity of the “40-year-old wall”
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Have you ever heard the term “mid-life crisis”?
It is a psychological crisis peculiar to middle age, depression and anxiety disorders that fall into middle-aged and elderly people, and it is said that people in their late 30s to 50s are more likely to fall into it.
This “midlife crisis” can be explained by psychologist Erikson’s “psychosocial developmental theory.” It is a way of thinking that “walls will appear several times in life. By overcoming them, you will grow psychologically.”
Until the age of 40, people develop around acquiring new sensations and knowledge. After being born in this world, we grow physically and mentally, go out into society, choose a way of life, create our own family, and grow with love. We usually reach the peak of our growth around the age of 40.
After that, the course of development changes. It changes to the development towards the end of life and begins to pass what it has to the next generation.
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It’s time to change from “gain” to “reduce”. Until now is the time when the tide of development changes.
Mr. Oishi says that this “mid-life crisis”, when the tide is turning and people are bewildered by a different feeling, is what the “40-year-old wall” really is.
to live a happy life
When you break down the question, “What elements are necessary for a happy life?”, the following three elements can be seen.
1. Money (income/assets)
2. Connections (family, friends, acquaintances)
3. Health (physical strength, cognitive ability)
These three aspects can be said to be the foundation for human beings to feel happy.
In order to satisfy these three elements, it is necessary to design a career that does not reach retirement age. In this book, we refer to “work” that satisfies the three elements of “money,” “connection,” and “health,” and is rewarding.
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So, how do you find your own “self-made business”? and how to start? In this book, I will carefully tell you the specific steps that you can start right now, one by one, with the author’s actual experience. When thinking about how to design the second half of one’s life, one keyword is not based on what the world and others consider to be “good” = “everyone’s correct answer”.
In order to live more like yourself in the second half of your life, please find a job = your own job that focuses on “my correct answer” instead of “everyone’s correct answer” through this book.
book outline
【table of contents】
First of all, is it okay for the rest of my life to be the
accumulation of the present?
Chapter 1 The identity of the “40-year-old wall”
Chapter 2 “Self-sufficient work” to create happiness from the age of 40 Chapter 3 How to start your own business beyond the “40-year-old wall” (preparation)
Chapter 4 How to grow your own business beyond the “40-year-old wall” (Practical version)
Chapter 5 “40-year-old wall” Trial and error and future changes Conclusion For those of you who are hitting the “40-year-old wall” [Author information]
Haru Oishi Working Mama Haru
Worked for a foreign manufacturer for 16 years. While working long hours is the norm, he manages to find time with “decomposition thinking” based on his experience as a manager with a child. In between one-op childcare, started sending out under the name of “Working Mama Haru”. Secure multiple income channels other than company employees, such as transmission business, writing business, real estate rental business. In April 2020, I will graduate as a company employee and enter sabbatical time (learning leave for which the purpose is not decided). After that, he launched the online studio yoga “Pospam” and the skin care brand “soin” for mothers and children. Enter graduate school from spring 2022.
The voice media “Voicy” has recorded over 40 million views and is active as a top personality. In addition, it is also sent on Twitter, note, and Instagram. The total number of followers on SNS is 150,000. His books include “Time Techniques to Stop” (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha), “Life Shift Habit Techniques” (Forest Publishing), and the e-book “Sabbatical Time: Strategic Vacations Overcoming the 40-Year-Old Wall” There is a way of life that keeps working instead of FIRE. Mother of 2 children.
Twitter: @wa_mamaharu
Voicy: “Radio for drawing out learning” [Book information]
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Title: “Life strategy to overcome the “40-year-old wall””
Release date: December 23, 2022
Publisher: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: 46 size / 248 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-2921-4
List price: 1650 yen (tax included)
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