U-GAKU, in order to commit to the “change” of the participants, newly started a “one-time two-base study abroad program” in Chatan, Okinawa and Niseko, Hokkaido.

Crepity Co., Ltd.
U-GAKU, in order to commit to the “change” of the participants, newly started a “one-time two-base study abroad program” in Chatan, Okinawa and Niseko, Hokkaido.
Realize a new study abroad style that allows you to go to both U-GAKU’s domestic study abroad bases, Okinawa Chatan and Hokkaido Niseko, in one study abroad.

The study abroad program “U-GAKU” operated by Crepity Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Representative Director: Katsuyuki Ikumo), whose mission is to “create coincidences and connect them to the future,” will start from February 2023. We would like to inform you that we have started the “Study Abroad at Two Locations Once – Study Abroad in Both Okinawa and Hokkaido”, which allows you to study abroad at two locations in Chatan, Okinawa and Niseko, Hokkaido. This program is operated in-house in all countries and regions, from attracting customers to running the program. As a result, it is possible to provide low-priced services, and it is a service that can provide a new study abroad experience by changing the area of ​​stay in the middle, like this one-time study abroad at two sites.
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About study abroad at two locations once
With U-GAKU’s “Study abroad at two locations – Okinawa and Hokkaido, study abroad”, you can change your study abroad destination even during your study abroad. is a possible program.
You can change your study abroad destination even in the middle of the program by paying the difference between the programs in Okinawa and Hokkaido.
*Air tickets must be arranged by yourself.
▼Local acceptance
From February 2023
▼Minimum length of stay
4 weeks
▼Course fee example
Okinawa Chatan/1 month course: From 229,800 yen
*Cost for changing study destination from Okinawa to Hokkaido: 30,000 yen Hokkaido Niseko/1 month course: From 259,800 yen
*Cost for changing study abroad destination from Okinawa to Hokkaido: 0 yen [Image 2

◆ Reasons why “study abroad at two locations once” is possible U-GAKU manages its own study abroad program so that it can responsibly provide participants with opportunities for change, not only before studying abroad but also during study abroad. Therefore, participants can freely travel between U-GAKU’s bases by simply completing simple procedures and preparing an airline ticket.
In addition, even if you change your study abroad destination, you can smoothly transfer the information of the participants to the new study abroad destination, so you can change your study abroad destination with peace of mind. increase.
◆ What we want to offer with “one time study abroad at two locations” The one-time two-base study abroad program was born from the desire to provide more “opportunities to know the true self”, which is the value provided by U-GAKU.
We believe that the experience of spending time away from your usual place in a different land and the experience of interacting with various people will broaden your sense of values ​​and bring you the opportunity to know your true self.
For this reason, U-GAKU realized two study abroad programs at one time in order to provide an environment that provides as much stimulation as possible, which is necessary for participants to know their true selves.
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What is “U-GAKU”
U-GAKU is based on the concept of “changing, studying abroad”. Through two lessons, “U-ENGLISH LESSON” and “U-LIFE LESSON”, you can not only improve your English skills, but also learn English and aim for your future life. We will support you until the setting and strive to maximize the results through the program. We also provide a place to meet and interact with a diverse range of people of all ages and nationalities, and support the challenge of turning the rudder to the life you want to live. Currently, U-GAKU provides services at the above domestic bases (Okinawa, Hokkaido) as well as overseas bases (Philippines/Cebu, Canada/Toronto).
◆ U-GAKU’s commitment
In order to fully meet the latent needs of participants who say, “I want to change something about my life,” U-GAKU will take
responsibility not only before studying abroad but also during the study abroad period. We operate our own study abroad programs so that we can provide opportunities that trigger change. Our direct contact with the participants allows us to tailor the program to suit each individual, as well as adapting to their changing needs and values ​​during their stay. In addition, in order to provide participants with an opportunity to move forward in their own lives, we not only provide English programs, but also strengthen ties among participants, carry out joint initiatives, and explore various cultures and values. We provide opportunities to create values ​​and transform lives, such as creating opportunities to come into contact with views. Then, through the “U-LIFE LESSON”, participants will look back on their lives, know themselves, verbalize the future they want to pursue and the process to realize it, and design goals for how they will spend the program. By proactively participating in the program while making proactive improvements, we are able to provide a more successful experience.
Achievements of U-GAKU
A total of 200 people have participated in the study abroad program “U-GAKU”, which started in 2020. In addition, in 2022, we provided “domestic study abroad for groups” to Nippon Institute of Technology, graduate schools, and people tree English School, which operates English classes for infants to junior high school students.
◆ Voices of past U-GAKU participants
●Anyway, my view of everything changed here. It’s fun, I want to know, I want to talk to people. I experienced a new feeling that I had never felt before.
●In the past two weeks, I have learned that what I need now is to relax and work hard without fear of failure. I think there will be many things that I have to overcome in the future, but I will do my best to make use of this experience and overcome them!
●For me, I realized that acting from the standpoint of others leads to happiness. If you live for happiness, your efforts and relationships with others along the way will change to happiness. Here are my two week answers.
●Thanks to U-GAKU, even if I have to use English in the future, I can think that I will be fine because I participated in this program, which has given me a lot of confidence.
●I made a lifetime memory and best friends! Also, interacting with native teachers expanded my world, and I realized the joy of speaking in English!
Program contact
[For individuals]
Official website: https://u-gaku.jp/
Free online individual consultation application form
[For groups]
Official website for groups: https://u-gaku.jp/contact
Contact form: https://form.run/@u-gaku-contact
Crepity Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name Crepity Co., Ltd.
Company URL https://crepity.jp/
Representative Katsuyuki Ikumo
Founded February 1, 2021
Number of members: 30 (including outsourcing)
Business description Operation of domestic English study abroad U-GAKU, consulting business, project management support, and new business development support
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