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Uchino Co., Ltd. A new color of the popular “Shiawase Towel (R)” that is wrapped in happiness!

Uchino Co., Ltd.
The popular “Shiawase Towel (R)” is now available in new colors that will make you feel happy!
Towels perfect for New Year’s holidays “happy to receive & happy to give”
Uchino Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo / President: Nobuyuki Uchino), which proposes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle from bath time to good sleep, pursues a texture that makes you feel happy the moment you touch it. A new color has appeared in the “Shiawase Towel (R)” that was born over the years! We are pleased to inform you that we have developed a total of 13 colors in a wide variety of colors. (
[Image 1d69648-37-0dc10689534b58815fe0-0.jpg&s3=69648-37-d41c11a07d80e7b112e75d3eb45657f4-1235x728.jpg
Towels are ranked high in the list of daily necessities that you want to renew at the milestone of the year. Towels come into contact with your skin every day, such as after a bath or as a pillow cover, so how about welcoming the new year with a towel with a soothing texture? People who are good at living are the ones who keep their mind and body in good condition with fluffy and soft towels and accumulate small happiness every day. The “Shiawase Towel”, which has a touch that far exceeds your imagination, is a perfect item as a reward for yourself who worked hard for a year, or as a gift that casually conveys your gratitude to someone you care about.
Shiawase Towel (R) Product Information
Bath towel ¥13,200 / Small bath towel ¥8,800 / Face towel ¥4,620 [Image 2d69648-37-f421c79a153b8484b79a-1.jpg&s3=69648-37-06389f73096b352308b833fd7e6c91df-3900x3900.jpg
▶Consider people, the environment and society, and use
cotton/sustainable cotton grown in a sustainable way into the future ▶Oeko-Tex(R) is the world’s highest level of textile product safety, It is proof of textile products that are friendly to both people and the earth, as we strictly check whether the production system is in consideration of the environment and workers. Acquired Oeko-Tex (R) Standard 100 Class I certification, which is the strictest standard among Oeko-Tex (R).
▶Recommended by the Japan Atopy Association
Worldwide quality
[Image 3d69648-37-70afb6ca230da712094b-2.jpg&s3=69648-37-083a299bc450f9b309d9bdcfe35bd931-1440x764.jpg

【Company Profile】
Company name: Uchino Co., Ltd.
Head office: 1-7-15 Horidome-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012 Established: August 8, 1947
Representative: Nobuyuki Uchino, President and Representative Director Items handled: Towels, towel handkerchiefs, bathrobes, pajamas, relaxing wear, baby items, etc.
Main clients: National department stores, mass retailers, specialty stores, catalog wholesalers, mail order, etc.
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