Uka Co., Ltd. December 26th (Monday)-UKA 70% DISCOUNT OFFERING FOR TEENAGERS starts

Uka Co., Ltd.
December 26th (Monday) ~ UKA 70% DISCOUNT OFFERING FOR TEENAGERS starts

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This time, the total beauty company uka (@instauka, will start UKA 70% DISCOUNT OFFERING FOR TEENAGERS for a limited time from Monday, December 26th.
A limited set titled “Teenagers, use Uka to be ambitious.”
For the first time as UKA, we have set outlet products with 70% discount according to 3 different themes. The package came off a little, so I wanted to use it, so I made too many. The contents are full of commitment, using products that are no different from ordinary ones, and have a big aspiration.
For those who are not teenagers but have teenage feelings and moods, or big dreams, hopes and wishes.
The Feel Better Set is selected for its refreshing scent. A set of hidden gems such as room mist, warm bath salt from the core, aftershave gel recommended for easy moisturizing, balm that can be used for lips and nails, and a mist that keeps your hands and fingers healthy. Better.
The chill out set is selected with a relaxing scent. A room mist that is a hidden gem, a bath salt that warms from the core, a balm that can be used for both lips and nails, a mist that is still active for hands and fingers, and a set of 3 colors of polish for a relaxing time. For the play color set, I want you to play with colors, so I chose polish. Wearing it will make you feel better, stronger, and more energetic. From red, which is a color with mysterious power, two colors of maturity and brilliance.
Colors that are acceptable for all occasions and environments, beige that is acceptable for everyone, and 4 colors that are calm, discreet, calm, and core. Set a top coat that adds dullness and shine, and use play color.
With UKA 70% DISCOUNT OFFERING FOR TEENAGERS, improve yourself and dream big, as a gift for ambitious friends.
【Sales period】
December 26, 2022 (Monday) to January 8, 2023 (Sunday)
[Sales location]
Official online store ukakau
[Contents and price]
[Image 2d50026-247-9be3f2d9c51d5ad731fa-1.jpg&s3=50026-247-930c904625810f2dba64e5b45cc7cc9c-2480x2480.jpg

[Image 3d50026-247-fb95ac3eec0f19eb3628-2.jpg&s3=50026-247-617fc42183f269d8c68f53efea51f661-2480x2480.jpg

[Image 4d50026-247-fb40b62738af1f34a4f5-7.jpg&s3=50026-247-f0bda8adc042748552d65f5129093821-1800x598.jpg
feel better set
Price: 4,000 yen (tax included)
・Uka For Men Body & Aftershave Gel E or GT
・Uka Room Mist 7:15 or 13:00
・Uka Lip & Nail Balm Pillow Talk
・Uka Aromatic Bath Salt Balance
・Uka Nail & Hand Mist Prep
[Image 5d50026-247-640579d145483f2aee8d-3.jpg&s3=50026-247-5aed89382293374a9e0af1c8e7971066-2480x2480.jpg
[Image 6d50026-247-7b6c093758c20044ee63-8.jpg&s3=50026-247-55ad1700937bfc4fd44b441c54a894b9-1800x596.jpg
chill out set
Price: 4,500 yen (tax included)
・Uka Lip & Nail Balm Pillow Talk
・Uka Room Mist 18:30
・Uka Nail & Hand Mist Prep
・Uka Top Coat Smokey Shine
・Uka Aromatic Bath Salt Dream
・Uka Beige Study Two 1/2 or 6/2
[Image 7d50026-247-b2feb5d98d3fcb874d72-4.jpg&s3=50026-247-c61f965bb7cb6a89bafe99f6950f96f2-2481x2481.jpg
[Image 8d50026-247-083dfb30c16fe1997e2f-6.jpg&s3=50026-247-2513923868cbbc530c96b72c5148f103-1798x597.jpg
Play color set
Price: 5,000 yen (tax included)
・Uka Beige Study Two 1/2
・Uka Beige Study Two 2/2
・Uka Beige Study Two 4/2
・Uka Beige Study Two 6/2
・Uka Red Study One 7/1
・Uka Red Study One 8/1
・Uka Top Coat Smokey Shine

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