Umi to Nihon Project Public Relations Office Enjoy learning and acting! SDGs in the sea with programming! SDGs x programming on-site class was held!

Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office
Have fun learning and taking action! SDGs in the sea with programming! SDGs x programming on-site class was held!
November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) Yokohama Municipal Katsuta Elementary School
On November 30, 2022 (Wednesday), the Yellow Pin Project, a general incorporated association, will target 4th graders of Katsuta Elementary School in Yokohama City, with the theme of “marine plastic litter”, one of the social issues, “Programming the ocean’s SDGs! ”We carried out a home delivery class.
This event is part of the “Nippon Foundation ‘Sea and Japan Project'” that connects people through the sea in order to pass on the rich and beautiful sea to the next generation.
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Event overview
・Overview: “Programming for the SDGs in the Sea!”
Content of the class: Let’s save sea creatures with Scratch
・Schedule: November 30, 2022 (Wednesday) 8:50-12:10
・Venue: Yokohama City Katsuta Elementary School
・Participants: 110
・Support: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Ministry of the Environment
・ Cooperation: NPO ILove Tsuzuki, Little Studio Inc.
Learn about the marine plastic litter problem through programming! For 110 4th grade students at Katsuta Elementary School in Yokohama City, we conducted a “Let’s save sea creatures with Scratch” using a tablet device for each student. The class will focus on one of the social issues related to Goal 14 of the SDGs, “Let’s protect the abundance of the ocean,” and the theme will be “marine plastic litter.” Plastic is an essential part of our lives and is very familiar to us, but plastic waste that is not disposed of properly and flows into the sea has a major impact on the marine ecosystem. At the beginning of the class, all the participants thought about what the SDGs are, and then used tablets to study the operation of the block programming software Scratch.
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Let’s think about social issues of the sea through programming In Save Sea Creatures with Scratch, program a hungry killer whale to send a message to feed a fish. It was impressive to see children who were good at programming looking around and teaching to children who had little experience learning programming. In class, we touched on the issue of marine plastic litter and learned that while plastic is convenient for our lives, if it is not properly used and sorted, the plastic litter that flows into the sea can harm sea creatures. I called. I believe that I learned that children’s rich ideas and that programming skills learned at school will be put to use in the future to solve the problem of marine plastic litter. Through programming learning that incorporates SDGs learning, I was able to learn about social issues of the sea and their solutions in a fun way. It was an opportunity for me to think about the importance of the ocean and develop an inquisitive mind that would lead me to take actions that lead to the resolution of social issues.
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Voices from participating children and teachers
・I was able to learn about the impact marine litter has on living things, so I wanted to convey the importance of reducing marine litter. (Boy, 9 years old)
・When I get home, I want to find out more about the SDGs on the ocean. (Female, 10 years old)
・I decided to use eco bags instead of plastic bags. (Female, 9 years old) ・While learning about plastics that are familiar to children, I was able to learn about programming, which was a great learning
experience. Thank you very much. (Faculty)
-Organization Profile-
Organization name: General Incorporated Association Yellow Pin Project URL:
Activity details: “SDGs in the ocean with programming!” Is a non-profit activity by the Yellow Pin Project that educates children about the SDGs and supports their experience in solving social issues using ICT. Under the theme of SDGs issue 14 “Let’s protect the richness of the sea”, we aim to create a new STEAM learning place where you can learn about SDGs and the ocean effectively while enjoying programming through workshops, visiting classes, and lectures. .
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The Nippon Foundation “Sea and Japan Project”
The sea supports the lives of Japanese people in various ways, and sometimes gives us peace of mind, excitement, and inspiration. This is an all-Japan project in which children and people all over the country see the current state of environmental deterioration in the sea as something that belongs to them, and spread the circle of action to pass on the sea to the future. is.

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