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Ururu Co., Ltd. Cumulative number of registered bidding projects surpasses 20 million on bidding information b ulletin service “NJSS”

Ururu Co., Ltd.
Cumulative number of registered bidding items for bidding information bulletin service “NJSS” exceeds 20 million
-Increase in bidding projects related to trends such as “DX” and “SDGs”-
Ururu Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Tomoya Hoshi), which develops multiple SaaS as a leading company to solve the labor shortage problem, operates the bidding information bulletin service “NJSS”. We are pleased to announce that the number of registrations has exceeded 20 million.
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(Bid information bulletin service “NJSS” ■ “NJSS” publishes data on Japan’s largest “bidding”
“NJSS” is a business support service that can collectively search and manage bidding/successful bid information of organizations such as government agencies, local governments, and affiliated organizations nationwide, with a market scale of over 20 trillion yen. The timing, sites, specifications, etc. of bidding projects differ depending on the organization, and it is extremely difficult to find past bidding information from the site of the ordering organization, etc., and the vast amount of information is complicated. “NJSS” possesses data on Japan’s largest bidding projects, and various fields related to “bidding” such as services, goods, construction and construction, as well as breaking news information and information posted in the past* holds the data.
More than 8,300 registered institutions collect bidding/successful bid information, and the use of this bidding big data will improve the efficiency of bidding operations, expand sales channels for new entrants, and analyze the bidding trends of competitors. It is possible to bid strategically and strategically.
(*) Collection of bidding information started in October 2008 The total number of registered bid projects has exceeded 20 million as the bidding market for government agencies continues to grow year by year.
The public sector bidding market continues to grow year by year, with the annual number of projects exceeding 1.5 million, and the amount of information on bidding projects is growing steadily. Recently, the number of bid projects related to world trends, such as “DX / digitalization”, “SDGs”, and “work style / telework”, is increasing, and local governments nationwide are actively announcing projects. Against this background, since the start of service in October 2008, “NJSS” has accumulated information on bidding and bidding by crawlers and crowdworkers from each institution, and the total number of registered bidding projects has exceeded 20 million. did.
-Changes in the cumulative number of registered bidding projects in NJSS- [Image 2

“NJSS” will continue to provide accurate and speedy bidding/successful bid information, support the improvement of business efficiency of companies and increase opportunities for receiving orders, and contribute to the revitalization of the economy and society by increasing the transparency of bidding. We aim to create a prosperous and sustainable society.
[Overview of Ururu Group] Ururu Co., Ltd. ( Established: August 31, 2001
Location: KDX Harumi Building 9F, 3-12-1 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Tomoya Hoshi
Business description:
◆ CGS (Crowd Generated Service) business * CGS is Ururu’s unique business model that utilizes crowd workers.
・Telephone brokerage service “fondesk”
・Bid information bulletin service “NJSS”
・Photo sales system “En Photo” for kindergartens and nursery schools ・Business trip photography service “OurPhoto” * Operated by OurPhoto Co., Ltd. ◆ Crowdsourcing business
・Operation of the platform “Shufti”
◆ BPO business * Operated by Ururu BPO Co., Ltd.
・Comprehensive outsourcing
・High-precision AI-OCR service “eas”
・“eas next” total support service for employment of persons with disabilities ■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Ururu Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Nagata

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