USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Opened on 12/9, introduction of ALMEX self-check-in system “KIOSK” for accomm odation facilities at membership resort hotel “Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Kinugawa Keisui”

12/9 opening, introduction of ALMEX self-check-in system “KIOSK” for accommodation facilities at membership resort hotel “Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Kinugawa Keisui”
-Furniture built-in type that matches luxury spaces and reduces congestion at the front desk-

USEN-NEXT HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Yasuhide Uno) ALMEX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shohei Mabuchi, hereinafter referred to as Almex) is a membership resort hotel “Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Kinugawa Keisui” developed by Tokyu Land Corporation
(Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Masashi Okada;
hereinafter referred to as “Tokyu Land Corporation”). Furniture built-in KIOSK (hereafter, KIOSK)” will be introduced today from December 9, 2022 (Friday).
This is the first time a self-check-in system has been introduced to Tokyu Harvest Club. In the future, we will consider introducing it to Tokyu Harvest Club facilities nationwide.
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Self-check-in system “KIOSK” service overview
“KIOSK” is a self-check-in system for accommodation facilities provided by Almex since 2018. There are stand type, table top type, and furniture built-in type, and the furniture built-in type introduced this time can incorporate various equipment into the hotel’s manufactured furniture such as the front counter, so it can be harmonized with the atmosphere of the hotel’s interior. I can do it※. *ALMEX does not provide or sell furniture.
What is possible with this introduction
In the past, you used to pay at check-in and check-out with “KISOK”, but with the introduction of this time, in addition to pre-payment before check-out, which was requested, we will declare and pay for the use of the minibar installed in the guest room. is now possible. This will help alleviate congestion at the front desk during check-in and check-out, enable contactless and non-face-to-face payments, and reduce the workload of front desk staff.
[Image 2d3515-738-29bc31b84079aa315d33-4.jpg&s3=3515-738-33b8ece9460e4fa15b8bd760eb3af733-800x325.jpg
How to use “KIOSK”
◆ At check-in
1. Press the “Check-in” button, select and enter your reservation number, name, QR code, or Tokyu Harvest Club membership number to confirm your reservation information.
2. Follow the instructions on the screen and select your place of residence. If you live outside of Japan, your passport will be scanned.
3. Register and sign the accommodation list. (including roommates) 4. Enter the address of the receipt.
5. A room card and various exchange tickets will be issued.
◆ Pre-payment/check-out
1. Press the “Advance payment” or “Checkout” button and insert the room card. 2. Follow the screen and declare the use of the minibar.
3. Select a payment method and pay the bill.
4. In the case of advance payment, the room card will be returned once. In the case of checkout, the above is the end.
“KIOSK” service site:
“Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Kinugawa Keisui” Comment from the developer We decided to introduce the “KIOSK”, which is built into the furniture, because the design can be freely customized according to the space, and it was a product that matched the high quality of the facility. The monitor itself is large and easy to use, so we believe that members who use the facility repeatedly will be able to check in quickly and be more satisfied.
What is “Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Kinugawa Keisui”?
Tokyu Harvest Club is a members-only resort hotel developed by Tokyu Land Corporation. It was established in Tateshina in 1998 and currently has about 24,000 members. Among Tokyu Harvest Club, the VIALA series is characterized by being able to specify and reserve your preferred room type, such as rooms with private open-air baths and suites.
“Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Kinugawa Keisui”, which will open on Friday, December 9th, is a resort facility where you can feel the lush nature up close as the Kinugawa Valley spreads out in front of you. [Image 3d3515-738-b20c8cda68f953e1a7a5-3.jpg&s3=3515-738-38837f064083bca96196576b09bb5b5c-2000x1334.jpg
“Tokyu Harvest Club VIALA Kinugawa Keisui” site:
Through the provision of “KIOSK”, Almex will continue to transform hotels and inns into DX so that they can focus more on hospitality by supporting congestion relief and labor saving during check-in and check-out at hotels and inns. We will promote it.

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