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Valens Semiconductor Wins Three CES 2023 Innovation Awards

Valens Semiconductor Ltd.
Valens Semiconductor Wins Three CES 2023 Innovation Awards
Showcasing Latest Innovations for Automotive Safety and Mobility at CES LVCC West Hall #W319

Valens Semiconductor, a leading provider of high-speed connectivity solutions for the automotive and audio/video markets, has won three CES 2023 Innovation Awards in the categories of Embedded Technology, Automotive Technology & Advanced Mobility, and In-Vehicle
Entertainment & Safety. ). This award confirms Valens Semiconductor’s unique and comprehensive high-speed connectivity solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s automotive and machine vision markets such as medical and robotics. This year’s CES Innovation Awards program received a record 2,100+ submissions.
“Embedded Technology” Award: Valens Semiconductor’s VA7000 chipset for various markets requiring advanced machine vision such as automotive, medical and robotics ( ) The series was recognized for its excellent performance in long-distance transmission, multi-gigabit sensor connectivity. The VA7000 chipset family offers the automotive industry unmatched bandwidth, range and electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity to enable enhanced performance in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving applications. In addition, the VA7000 enables the evolution of medical devices for use in invasive processes such as single-use endoscopes, where inexpensive, long-distance, space-saving, and high-resolution images must be transmitted over flexible, EMI-tolerant wires. increase.
Automotive Technology & Advanced Mobility Award: The VA7000 Chipset Family ( ) is the industry’s first Mipi A-PHY compliant high-speed, long-haul SerDes (serializer/ Deserializer) received high marks as a solution. The VA7000 enables rapid adoption of software-defined vehicles that require centralized processing systems, high bandwidth, and (virtually) no latency error-free links for safety and security applications. The VA7000 chipset is one of the few products on the market that can operate over UTP cable (Unshielded Twisted Pair) at multi-gigabit link speeds. Automotive Entertainment & Safety Award: VA6000R of the VA6000 Chipset Family Provides Rear View with Unparalleled Casualty Mitigation for the Trucking Industry ( ) provide. It provides an error-free link for distances of up to 40 meters and provides high EMI immunity through the existing wiring (jumper cables) of the tractor trailer. In addition, it can be adopted for new and used trucks.
Gideon Kedem, senior vice president and head of automotive division at Valens Semiconductor, said, “We are extremely honored to receive three innovation awards for our connectivity solutions that improve safety for today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles. “As the automotive industry undergoes a major transformation, Valens Semiconductor is redefining in-vehicle connectivity by offering a unique and comprehensive solution for high-speed connectivity. “This award is a strong boost as OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers join the existing VA7000 A-PHY ecosystem.”
Gabi Shriki, Senior Vice President and Head of Audio and Video Division at Valens Semiconductor, said, “Valens Semiconductor is leading innovation and safety in medical processes with the highest levels of medical-grade video image quality. We are proud of this,” he added, adding, “A key pillar of our strategy is the application of our automotive chipsets to various sectors such as enterprise, education, healthcare and industry. It is to be utilized in the adoption of audio and video.”
Operated, designed and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)(R) ( ), the CES Innovation Award program recognizes design and engineering excellence in 28 consumer product categories It is an annual competition to The “Best of Innovation” award will be presented to the award with the highest evaluation among these awards. An expert jury ( ) consisting of industry experts such as media, designers, and engineers will evaluate innovation, engineering, functionality, and aesthetics. , reviewed the application based on the design level.
See our latest innovations in advanced vehicle safety and mobility at CES 2023, January 5-7 at our booth (LVCC, West Hall, #W319). Click here for details ( ). About Valens Semiconductor
Valens Semiconductor opens up new possibilities for connectivity by developing long-distance high-speed transmission of video and data for the audio/video and automotive industries. Valens’ HDBaseT(R) technology is a leading standard in the audio and video market, and its chipsets are embedded in many products in a wide range of applications. Valens automotive chipsets have been installed in systems from major manufacturers and installed in cars around the world. Valens has played a key role in enabling ADAS and automotive evolution, and its advanced technology is the basis for new industry standards in high-speed in-vehicle connectivity. For more information, please visit
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