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Valentino releases video work featuring voice actor Ryuusei Nakao, who voices Frieza in “Dragon Ball”

Valentino Japan Co., Ltd.
Valentino releases video work featuring voice actor Ryuusei Nakao, who voices Frieza in “Dragon Ball”

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Maison Valentino has partnered with six famous Japanese voice actors to create a special video work as part of the text-only campaign ‘Valentino The Narrative II’. From July to December 2022, one voice actor will appear each month wearing the latest collection of Valentino, who will read the love texts written for Valentino by the authors.
In December, the final month, Valentino played the role of Frieza in the “Dragon Ball series”, “Soreike! We will announce the work produced in partnership with Ryuusei Nakao, who plays the key character in many works such as Baikinman in Anpanman and Mayuri Nii in BLEACH. A special video of Mr. Nakao reading the text written for this campaign by Murathan Mungan, a Turkish writer and poet who gained fame with his collection of poems “Osmanlıya Dair Hikayat” published in 1980, will be released on December 9, 2022. (Friday), published on Valentino’s YouTube channel.
[Ryusei Nakao × Murathan Mungan video release page]
[Video 2:]

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In addition, a video of Nakao reading aloud a text by Andrew Sean Greer, an American novelist and short story writer who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2018 for Les, will also be released in December. It’s a schedule.
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About ‘Valentino The Narrative II’
Valentino announced ‘Valentino The Narrative II’ in March 2022 as the second chapter of ‘Valentino The Narrative’ announced in 2021. In this second chapter, Valentino once again ran a text-only campaign, bringing new expression to the way fashion communicates.
Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli continues to communicate the values ​​of authenticity and individuality by building polyphonic communities and creating polyphonic conversations. In this text-only project, Pierpaolo invited 17 world-famous authors to create 17 unique and impactful campaigns with their words.
The fill rouge of the campaign is ‘love’ in all its forms and in all its meanings brought to life by writers and poets. Various love is colorfully laid out. Alok Vaid Menon, Amir Srinivasan, Andre Aciman, Andrew Sean Greer, Britt Bennett, David Sedaris, Douglas Coupland, Elizabeth Acevedo, Emily Ratajkowski, Fatima Fareen Mirza, Hanif Kureishi , Layla Slimani, Melissa Broder, Michael Cunningham, Mieko Kawakami, Murathan Mungang and Jeong Serang are participating in this cross-genre experimental campaign.
In a video project in partnership with six voice actors, from July to December 2022, one voice actor wearing the latest collection of Valentino will appear every month, and the writers will write a love sentence for Valentino. , read with all your heart.
The first work Natsuki Hanae × Douglas Coupland
2nd work Natsuki Hanae x Melissa Broder
Third work: Yuki Kaji x Britt Bennett
4th work: Yuki Kaji x Michael Cunningham
Fifth work Yuki Kaji x Mieko Kawakami
6th work Ayane Sakura x Emily Ratajkowski
7th work: Ayane Sakura x Fatima Faline Mirza
The eighth work Junya Enoki x David Sedaris
The ninth work Junya Enoki x Alok Vide Menon
The 10th work Sora Amemiya x Jung Serang
11th work Sora Amemiya x Elizabeth Acevedo
12th work Sora Amemiya x Leila Slimani

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