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VAZ Co., Ltd. “Kokoro Ogiyama” has opened a personal YouTube channel “Kokoro Channel / Kokoro Ogiyama”!

VAZ Co., Ltd.
“Ogiyama Kokoro” has opened a personal YouTube channel “Kokoro Channel / Kokoro Ogiyama”!

Our influencer “Kokoro Ogiyama” will open a personal channel “Kokoro Channel/Kokoro Ogiyama” (URL:
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“Ogiyama Kokoro” personal channel opened!
The name of the YouTube channel that will start this time is “Kokoro Channel/Kokoro Ogiyama”. The posting time is “5:56” in the afternoon. It is a particular posting time that is easy for viewers to remember. A channel that emphasizes the concept of “everyone’s best friend” and “emotions” that delivers the unadorned appearance and gives energy, and various emotions such as “kyunkyun”, “frustration”, “laughter”, “fun”, and “sadness”. Share with your audience. “Kokoro” is a first-year high school student and has returned from her “Melpuchi” days as an adult YouTuber.
Through YouTube, it will be a growth diary channel where “Kokoro Ogiyama” will take the first step toward her future dream of becoming an “actress” while exploding the strong character cultivated in “Mel Petit”. Please stay tuned.
[Comment from Kokoro Ogiyama]
“Hello, this is Kokoro Ogiyama!” I’ve always wanted to open a personal channel, so I’m very happy to be able to start! I’d like to post a video that everyone can relate to and can relate to~ I’ll do my best to edit it myself! ! ! Thank you for your support ^^
[About the first video]
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“Kokoro Channel / Kokoro Ogiyama” first video
The first post featured Kokoro Ogiyama dressed as Santa. “Kokoro” has spent a lot of time preparing for the opening of YouTube in order to give the best Christmas presents to the fans who have supported Melpuchi even after graduating. On the 24th of Christmas Eve, Kokoro Santa came back to everyone through YouTube! Enthusiasm and passion transmitted through the screen! Please subscribe to the channel and receive your thoughts!
First video URL: [Profile] Kokoro Ogiyama
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Ogiyama heart
After working as a regular member of the YouTube channel “Mel Petit”, which is popular among junior high school girls, he is active mainly on SNS. In particular, TikTok has over 10 million views.
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