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Very popular! Over 20,000 copies! Yoichi Ito, the author of “Speak in One Minute”, whose cumulative total of books has exceeded 770,000 copies, has published the latest book “How to Build ‘Our Team’: Leadership that Fully Utilizes the Strengths of Me

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
Very popular! Over 20,000 copies! Yoichi Ito, the author of “Speak in One Minute”, whose cumulative total of books has exceeded 770,000 copies, has published the latest book “How to Build ‘Our Team’: Leadership that Fully Utilizes the Strengths of Members”.

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Naomi Taniguchi) published on November 18, 2022, “How to Build ‘Our Team’: Leadership that Makes the Most of the Strengths of Members” (Yoichi Ito)・Written by), which has exceeded 20,000 copies. [Image 1

The latest book by Yoichi Ito, the best-selling author with a cumulative total of 770,000 copies, has exceeded 20,000 copies! On November 18, we released a new book by Yoichi Ito, the author with a cumulative total of over 770,000 copies, including the bestseller “Talk in 1 Minute”. The theme of this time is how to make a ′′ team ′′ in the future.
As the president of Z Holdings’ in-house university, Z Academia, Mr. Ito is working on various initiatives so that employees of Z Holdings companies can “team”, while at Musashino University, Japan’s first Entrepreneurship Faculty (Musashino EMC). , and as the dean of the department, I manage it by forming a team with faculty members, staff, students, and each section of the university.
Mr. Ito, who has nurtured next-generation leaders and managed various “teams,” will talk about how to create a team that encourages each team member to “own themselves.”
It has been well received even before its release, and has exceeded 20,000 copies.
-Reader’s voice- (Excerpt from the customer’s voice received by our company) ◆I listen to Yoichi Ito’s Voicy. Mr. Yoichi gave me courage, and I also had the courage to climb the next step as a manager. I will do my best to refer to this book. (Female in her 40s)
◆As the leader of the team, I learned about the release of this book with the feeling of clinging to something in my gloomy days, and I read it with a forward-looking devotion. I was able to verbalize what I was feeling uneasy about, and I felt refreshed, and I was energized to do it from tomorrow. (Female in her 40s)
◆It was a hint for the issues I’m doing right now, such as 1on1, project team management, and review. (Male in his 30s)
About “How to build ‘our team’ Leadership that makes the most of the members’ strengths”
[Image 2

In a hierarchical organization, new things are no longer born During Japan’s period of rapid economic growth, a hierarchical organization with a clear vertical relationship between “boss” and “subordinates” was the norm.
There is a “correct answer” in work, and it is something that can be obtained by accumulating experience.
However, in the present age when most things are available to people, new value and purpose of “Why do you do it?” Also, the well-being perspective of “does it contribute to people’s happiness?” is also attracting attention.
There is no “correct answer” that can be measured numerically like “good performance”.
Due to such social changes, it is necessary to convert from the conventional hierarchical organization to a flat organization to create new value.
It’s not because it’s an age of diversity or because it’s trendy, but it’s becoming a society that can’t produce results unless it’s a flat team that makes the most of each individual’s strengths.
Practically how to build a team in the future
In response to changes in society, many books related to creating flat organizations have been published and become hits. However, many of them are theoretical and abstract, and leaders in the field are often troubled by the gap between the ideal and reality.
This transitional period calls for more practical and concrete methods. This book introduces Mr. Yoichi Ito, who has been engaged in the development of next-generation leaders and has created teams in various forms, how to create a “team that makes full use of individual strengths.”
We will explain practically how to manage the team, such as the form of the team that we should aim for, how to create it, and how to manage the team, such as 1on1, meetings, projects, and how to set goals.
It is a book that understands the behavior of future leaders. Excerpt from “Introduction”
It goes without saying that our own ambitions and thoughts are important, but we cannot ignore the “team” and achieve something. Freelancers may spend a lot of time and work alone. However, connections with people always occur through work, so if there are people who work together as a member of the project, it means that we will do things as a team (even if it is not a formal organization). Then, what should we aim for, what should we think about, what should we train, and how should we act when we move as a “team”? This is quite difficult.
In the first place, there is no right answer to what a team should be, and I am worried about how to match my thoughts and how to deal with the complexity of human relationships. there will be.
Depending on the organization, project, community, etc., the way it should be will be completely different, the way it works will be completely different depending on the purpose, and above all, the way it will work will be completely different depending on the members. I can never say, “This is the correct answer.” If there is a correct answer, it will be different for each person and each team. It’s always individual. And you are the one who thinks about it. What I offer is a foundation based on a single scale. Based on that foundation, I want you to think, “What about my team?”
Whether you’re a team leader or just one member, there’s something to think about and do. I hope that this book will give you the
opportunity to do so.
book outline
【table of contents】
Introduction Dedicated to all team leaders who have a moyamoya Prologue: A leader’s top priority is to make the most of each member’s strengths Chapter 1 “Flat field” for teams that make use of individual strengths Chapter 2 The act of “listening” is more important than giving instructions Chapter 3 How to create a “meeting” where everyone talks proactively Chapter 4 Scoring goals as a team
Chapter 5 How to create a “horizontal place” that transcends organizational boundaries
Chapter 6 Take a step forward together
Final chapter What will you do?
in conclusion
[Author information]
[Image 3

Yoichi Ito
President of Z Holdings Corporation Z Academia / Dean of Musashino University Faculty of Entrepreneurship
After working at the Industrial Bank of Japan and Plus, joined Yahoo in 2015. Currently, as president of Z Academia, he develops
next-generation leaders for Z Holdings as a whole. He also focuses on developing leaders as a representative of Wei Wei and as a visiting professor at GLOBIS Graduate School of Management. In April 2021, he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, Musashino University (Musashino EMC). His representative work is the best-seller “Talk in 1 Minute” (SB Creative), which has sold over 590,000 copies. In addition, “Just write one line diary” (SB Creative), “FREE, FLAT, FUN” (KADOKAWA), etc.
[Book information]
[Image 4

Title: “How to Build ‘Our Team’: Leadership that Makes the Most of the Members’ Strengths”
Release date: November 18, 2022
Publisher: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: 46 size / 240 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-2910-8
List price: 1650 yen (tax included)
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