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VESS Labs Co., Ltd. Start of pre-registration for “SYNAPSS”, a recruitment platform specializing in Web3 h uman resources

VESS Labs Inc.
Pre-registration for SYNAPSS, a recruiting platform specializing in Web3 human resources, started
To provide a new Web3 recruitment experience that utilizes distributed identities (DID/VC).

VESS Labs Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kantaro Fujimori, hereinafter referred to as “VESS Labs”) has started accepting pre-registration for the Web3 specialized recruitment platform service “SYNAPSS” on December 14th. I’ll report back. [Image 1

[What is Web3 specialized talent platform service “SYNAPSS”] SYNAPSS is a talent platform service that focuses on human resources in the Web 3 areas such as blockchain, Defi, NFT, BCG, and GameFi. Scheduled to be launched in February 2023, it will be possible to efficiently find Web3 human resources by utilizing “VESS”, which can issue and manage highly reliable personal background data.
“VESS”, which is the base of SYNAPSS, is a digital background certification product that utilizes distributed identity (DID/VC). Utilizing global standards such as the distributed data network protocol Ceramic Network and DID (distributed ID) Verifiable Credential (Verifiable Credentials, hereinafter referred to as VC), everyone forms their own work identity.・You can own data such as career, achievements, evaluation, etc. and carry it anywhere. In addition, prior to the launch of SYNAPSS, in January 2023, we plan to launch the beta version of Web3 Project, DAO, and “VESS for Org,” a credential management application for organizations that allows companies to issue VCs.
[Image 2

[Background of “SYNAPSS” development]
Currently, there are two major issues in the Web3xHR area.
One is that performance data linked to individuals is siled and recorded on each platform, and you cannot own your own data. Therefore, users have no way to prove their achievements outside of the relevant platform, including business SNS, other than the unreliable “self-assertion”. In addition, employers are plagued by issues such as background fraud and costly reference checks. Another challenge is the lack of Web3 human resources. While Web3 is gaining momentum both in Japan and overseas, there was no “place” where companies could efficiently access Web3 talent, and they could only be found in a small number of categories on SNS and existing recruitment platforms.
SYNAPSS solves these two problems.
[Benefits of SYNAPSS]
In addition to recruiting activities based on VESS’s reliable biographical data, “SYNAPSS” has many benefits.
-Focus on Web3-
Currently, there are few “places” where human resources and businesses focused on Web3 gather, and many web3 projects mainly recruit through SNS such as Twitter and personal connections. SYNAPSS also focuses on Web3 talent, especially non-engineering talent such as BizDev and researchers.
-low cost-
In the current HR space, candidates’ biographical data is siled and based on “self-reporting”, which incurs a lot of costs such as reference checks and screenings to evaluate candidates. Since SYNAPSS has a significantly different business model structure, we can implement recruitment activities at a lower cost than before. -Global expansion-
Currently, we are recruiting human resources and companies in the Web 3 area at two bases in Japan and the US. In the Web3 project and DAO, where global work styles are becoming commonplace, we will focus on matching domestic human resources with overseas projects, as well as matching overseas human resources with domestic companies.
[Regarding pre-registration]
Pre-registration for “SYNAPSS” has started from December 14, 2022. The first 10 pre-registered companies will be able to use the beta version scheduled to be launched in February 2023 for free as a benefit. In addition, if you register in advance, we will also provide priority guidance for an application for organizations (VESS for Org) that can distribute VC format membership certificates and event participation certificates (VC version POAP).
-Pre-registration form for companies-
-Pre-registration form for users-
【Company Profile】
Company name: VESS Labs Co., Ltd.
Location: 2nd floor, Kuwano Building, 6-23-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kantaro Fujimori, Representative Director
Official Twitter:
Please contact the following e-mail address for inquiries regarding business collaboration and media coverage regarding this release.
*We are also looking for business collaborations, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Details about this release:

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