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Village Vanguard SMA Hope Grand Prize 2022 x Village Vanguard Collaboration goods will be sold! ! !

Village Vanguard
[SMA Hope Grand Prize 2022 x Village Vanguard] Collaboration goods will be sold! ! !

[Image 1

From Friday, December 30, 2022, at the Village Vanguard Online Store, commemorative goods for the event [SMA Hope Grand Prix 2022] where SMA-affiliated entertainers will meet together will be released! ! A big event once a year for SMA comedians! Even customers who can’t come to the venue will definitely be able to feel the atmosphere of the event! The illustrations are drawn by Natsumi Ogawa! It feels so good! !
[Purchase privilege]
[Image 2

In commemoration of this release, 4 people who purchase over 10,000 yen including tax during the order period will be given a limited acrylic panel that can only be obtained here! ! Make to sure to participate! !
■ Notes *Please be sure to check.
*The announcement of the winner will be replaced with the shipment of the product.
* One application will be accepted for each transaction of 10,000 yen including tax.
*If the same customer purchases more than 10,000 yen including tax, multiple entries will be allowed.
* Even if you purchase more than 10,000 yen including tax, it will be one application for one account.
* Prizes will be shipped after late February 2023.
*We cannot answer inquiries regarding prizes, lotteries, and winners. * If the target prize is canceled or receipt cannot be confirmed, the right to win will be invalid.
* Prizes will be shipped from Village Vanguard Co., Ltd.
*Prizes will only be delivered within Japan. We will send it to the same address as the target product.
* Prizes cannot be exchanged, returned, or reshipped.
* Please refrain from transferring, redeeming, reselling, auctioning, etc. the rights of winning and prizes to a third party.
*The above precautions are assumed to have been acknowledged at the time of application.
【Product Details】
■ Long T-shirt ¥6,000 (tax included)
[Image 3

100% cotton
M Length 70cm/Width 52cm/Shoulder Width 47cm/Sleeve Length 61cm L Length 74cm/Width 55cm/Shoulder width 50cm/Sleeve length 62cm XL Length 78cm/Width 58cm/Shoulder Width 53cm/Sleeve Length 63cm ■ Hoodie ¥8,500 (tax included)
[Image 4

100% cotton
Length 73cm/Width 56cm/Shoulder Width 50cm/Sleeve Length 63cm *One size only
■Mug ¥2,200 (tax included)
[Image 5

Diameter 8cm (12cm including handle) x Height 10cm
■Tote bag ¥3,500 (tax included)
[Image 6

100% cotton
H37cm×W24cm×D12cm/Handle 55cm
■ Smartphone case ¥3,500 (tax included)
[Image 7

PU leather
multi type
Length 156mm x Width 82mm x Depth 23mm
The inside is a slide-type adhesive type.
■Acrylic Key Holder All 10 Types ≪Single Item≫ ¥1,700 each (tax included) ■Acrylic key chain complete set <<10 types[Image 8

Viking: about H74mm x W77mm
Nishikigoi: about H71mm x W80mm
Hollywood Zakoshisho: About H72mm x W59mm
Akira 100%: about H74mm x W58mm
Koume Tayu: About H75mm x W62mm
AMEMIYA: About H80mm x W67mm
Matsumoto club: about H76mm x W63mm
Yadan: about H74mm x W80mm
Captain Watanabe: about H77mm x W62mm
Yasuko: About H73mm x W65mm
■Stickers All 10 types ≪Single item≫ ¥600 each (tax included) ■ Sticker complete set ≪Set of 10 types≫ ¥5,990 (tax included) [Image 9

synthetic paper
Viking: about H60mm x W62mm
Nishikigoi: about H58mm x W70mm
Hollywood Zakoshisho: About H59mm x W52mm
Akira 100%: about H60mm x W51mm
Koume Tayu: About H62mm x W55mm
AMEMIYA: About H65mm x W58mm
Matsumoto club: about H62mm x W55mm
Yadan: about H60mm x W70mm
Captain Watanabe: about H62mm x W54mm
Yasuko: About H60mm x W56mm
[Order period]
December 30, 2022 (Friday) 18:00 to January 8, 2023 (Sunday) 23:59 【Delivery date】
Early March to mid-March 2023
[Sales store]
online store
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The “Village Vanguard Support Site” is now open, filled with “things we like so much that we want to support them on our own”! I’m waiting for your comments and likes! !
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