Village Vanguard Steam Prison x Village Vanguard Collaboration goods will be released!

Village Vanguard
[Steam Prison x Village Vanguard] Collaboration goods will be released!

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Popular game released by HuneX! A special collaboration between [Steam Prison] and Village Vanguard has been realized! Deformed designs and life-size designs of the characters of Steam Prison, which quickly became popular in the otome game community, as a love ADV that denounces the absurdity of the world, and designs that extract the famous scenes in the game that will make your heart beat. became! Even more…! Acrylic panels of each super-large character are also available! ! I would like people who are really in love to buy it! ! From December 15, 2022 (Thursday) to January 9, 2023 (Monday / holiday), it is a complete build-to-order production for a limited time, so please be careful not to miss it! Don’t miss the
collaboration goods that are only available now!
【Product Details】
Gachikoi die-cut acrylic panel 6 types in total ¥15,000 each (tax included) [Image 4

[Image 5

Fin Euclase: W396mm x H476mm
Eltcreed Valentin: W381mm x H489mm
Ulrik Ferrier: W232mm x H499mm
Adage: W422mm x H499mm
Ines Heinrich Heine: W353mm×H466mm
Yune Sekiei: W332mm x H500mm
■ Key visual acrylic table clock ¥8,000 (tax included)
[Image 6

■ Famous scene character stand 6 types in total ¥3.500 each (tax included) [Image 7

■ Character smartphone stand 6 types in total ¥1,800 each (tax included) [Image 8

■ Trading SD character sticker ≪12 random types≫ ¥500 (tax included) [Image 9

*This product is a random product, so you cannot choose the type. *Please note that we do not accept exchanges or returns even if there is a type that is not what you are looking for.
synthetic paper
about 7cm
■ Trading SD character round badge <<12 random types[Image 10
▼ Click here for details!
▼ Click here for “[Official] Steam Prison” Twitter!
▼ “Village Vanguard Support Site” is now open!
Villevan staff’s love explodes! POP is not enough! ?
The “Village Vanguard Support Site” is now open, filled with “things we like so much that we want to support them on our own”! I’m waiting for your comments and likes! !
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■ Village Vanguard Official HP

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