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“War is a plunder business, and the army is a well-trained bandit.” Revealing the inner workings of the Chinese military, the phantom best-seller “Popular Edition (Reprint Edition) Chisato Rout,” which was burned by GHQ, is released.

Heart Publishing Co., Ltd.
“War is a plunder business, and the army is a well-trained bandit.” Revealing the inner workings of the Chinese military, the phantom best-seller “Popular edition (reprint edition) Chisato Rout,” which was burned by GHQ, is released.
A young Chinese man who knew Japan well and was forced to conscript, from the standpoint of a pure third party, records his irretrievable war experience.

Heart Publishing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroaki Hidaka) has published a popular version of “Reprinted Senri Rousou”, which was published in 1938 and became a bestseller with over 1 million copies sold. . [Image 1

Chen Tengyuan, the son of a wealthy Japanophile, came to Japan at the age of 14 or 15, and when he was about to graduate from a Japanese university, the China Incident broke out. Worried about his hometown, he returned to Japan, where he was forcibly recruited and sent to the front lines. This book, which was published in the form of a novel, entrusted to a Japanese teacher and a manuscript depicting his war experience, became a bestseller with more than 1 million copies sold. [Image 2

“I can still hear the shrieks of the dying man hit by the cannonballs. Oh, the torso and things like that remain in my eyes.”
The author hurriedly wrote the manuscript before the feeling volatilized. This is because I didn’t want to depict the “empty shell” of war. One of the reasons why this book sold so explosively is probably because of the graphic depictions that allow readers to perceive the true nature of war.
“War is a plunder trade, and an army is its best-trained bandits.” These are also the words of the author. The fact that it was an unprecedentedly valuable record that revealed the inner workings of the Chinese military, such as daily looting, uniformed soldiers, military commandos, and women’s comfort corps, was probably another reason why it attracted so much attention. However, the author himself had no choice but to become one of those bandits in order to live under the great power of the state.
The author is Chinese, but has lived in Japan since he was a boy, and his senses are half Japanese. There are also Japanese women who have feelings for him. The author states, “With a calmness like that of God, I objectively and portrayed everything from the standpoint of a pure third party.” made it possible. In fact, the author describes the “war” he experienced as he experienced it, and does not intend to criticize China or Japan.
The Japanese army’s war on the continent has been subject to strong biased criticism, such as the “Nanjing Massacre,” but this book is an excellent resource that allows the author to view the war objectively. The author was injured two months after being conscripted and was hospitalized in Shanghai. Just before being discharged from the hospital, he escaped before being sent to the front again and wrote this book, but his whereabouts after that are unknown.
I would also like to recommend reading the popular version [Reprint Edition] Private First Class War Death, written from the Japanese side about the same China Incident.
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・Author profile
[Author] Chen Tengyuan
Born in Chongqing, China. Since his father was a Japanophile, he went to Japan to study in his mid-teens. In August 1937, just before graduating from university, he temporarily returned to his home country, whereupon he was forcibly recruited by the Chinese army and sent to the front lines in the Gangnam region. After two months of fierce fighting with the Japanese army, he was seriously wounded and withdrew from the front lines. After escaping from the Shanghai hospital where he was imprisoned, he wrote the manuscript of this book in one go and sent it to Mr. Ichiro Betsuin in Japan. No further news is known.
[Translator] Ichiro Betsuin
I received the manuscript for this book because I worked as a private Japanese language teacher for the author, Mr. Chen Tengyuan, when he was an international student. I judged that the manuscript entrusted to me was of great significance for publication, and after making necessary corrections, I published it in the form of a translator in March 1938.
[Image 4

・Book information
Book title: popular edition [reprint edition] Rout Chisato
Author: Chen Dengyuan
Specifications: New book format, 352 pages
ISBN: 978-4-8024-0148-7
Release: 2022.12.06
Body: 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
Publisher: Heart Publishing
Book URL:
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