We approach Tomoko Konoike’s current situation during her solo exhibition “Miru Tanjou”. The January issue of Bijutsu Techo features Tomoko Konoike.

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We approach Tomoko Konoike’s current situation during her solo exhibition “Miru Tanjou”. The January issue of Bijutsu Techo features Tomoko Konoike.

Bijutsu Shuppan Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will release the January issue of “Bijutsu Techo” featuring “Tomoko Konoike” on Wednesday, December 7th. This special feature delves deeply into Tomoko Konoike, who continues to reexamine the fundamentals of art, developing site-specific works and activities that involve places and weather in various places.
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“Bijutsu Techo” January issue
Special Feature “Tomoko Konoike”
“Miru Tanjou” comes down to your feet
Tomoko Konoike continues to question the fundamentals of art by developing site-specific works and activities that involve places and weather. This summer, Tomoko Konoike’s solo exhibition, which started in Takamatsu and relayed to Shizuoka, is titled “Miru Tanjou”. It’s an unfamiliar typeface. Try writing by hand. I am amazed at the leap between “ru”, which can be written smoothly with one stroke, and “birth”, which is complicated and has many strokes. Try saying it out loud. Does it smell and what does it taste like? These words, which somehow have a physical response, may be an open space for artists who have met various materials, topography, weather, and people, and who have had fun through craftsmanship. In this special feature, we, the audience, want to head there together.
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The latest interview was conducted not only inside the museum, but also at the Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, which has a walking path on the back of the museum, immediately after the opening on November 3rd. “Nowadays, the audience does not rely on the words they see with their eyes, and they are clearly starting to walk on their own. Now, with ‘Miru Tanjou’, the title has come to our feet,” says Konoike.
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In conjunction with the “Miru Tanjou” exhibition, we will focus on six perspectives to interpret Konoike’s current activities. “01 Birthday party to see” “02 Written dance” “03 Feces thought and museum” “04 Table runner that tells a story” “05 Painting of Oshima and Kinyokai” , People who have been involved with Konoike talk about each theme. [Image 4d10983-236-5fe5851b57893d21f098-6.jpg&s3=10983-236-f7db4d4a501e459f3325ed58a0a3a94c-822x595.jpg
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In “Tomoko Konoike’s Structure”, what Konoike saw and touched in the process of forming from material to something with a structure. The framework of the work is written down by the artist himself, using keywords such as “drawing,” “words and letters,” “gimmicks,” “house and skin,” “dance,” “play,” and “model.”
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Special Talk: Natsuki Ikezawa x Tomoko Konoike “Seeing with what you don’t see, listening with what you don’t hear”. Existing art, the curse of seeing, modern civilization, the constraints of words and letters. How can we escape from those stumbling blocks and continue on our way? A conversation between writer Natsuki Ikezawa and artist Tomoko Konoike, who collaborated on the year-long newspaper series Wakatakeru. What is the landscape beyond the boundary between the human world and the natural world, relying on the senses of the body? [Image 7d10983-236-534054b64af64ef3e075-7.jpg&s3=10983-236-3489bf7ed0d0b79094adaeeb958c8e9f-822x595.jpg
There will also be a long interview with Precious Okoyomon, who installed a gigantic teddy bear in a drained elementary school pool at Okayama Art Summit 2022, and an artist who was born in California as a second-generation Japanese immigrant and imprisoned in a detention camp. , with Ryo Sawayama’s essay on Ruth Asawa.
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【table of contents】
Tomoko Konoike
“Miru Tanjou” comes down to your feet
Latest interview with Tomoko Konoike
FOCUS01 Miru’s birthday party
Miru Birth Party: What is born between the fingertips and the work Conversation: Kodue Handa x Yoshi Hosoya
FOCUS 02 written dance
Staying in Time: Tomoko Konoike’s Method
Kinoshita Tomoe = sentence
FOCUS 03 Fecal Thought and Museum
Takehiro Okuwaki = Text
FOCUS 04 Storytelling table runner
go on a trip. To keep meeting, misunderstanding, and changing. Naoko Maybon = sentence
Column: Rolling table runner
Kanji Yuminos = Sentence
Structure of Tomoko Konoike
Junko Sugawara = Editing Junko Ogawa = Design
FOCUS 05 Painting of Oshima and “Kinyokai”
“Birth to show” – from a certain wall climber
Kuraza Emi = sentence
Column: Conveying the origins of art—About Tomoko Konoike
Fram Kitagawa = text
FOCUS 06 “Escape Stairs” and “Green Forest Unicorn”
Artists Concerning Unicorn in the Green Forest
――The spiral connected by Isamu Wakabayashi, Seizo Tajima, and Tomoko Konoike Discussion: Towards the planet: What I felt during my trip to Takamatsu and Oshima
Hiroki Yamamoto = Written by
Conversation: Natsuki Ikezawa × Tomoko Konoike
Seeing with things other than eyes Listening with things other than ears ARTIST IN FOCUS
Shunsuke Imai
Toshiharu Suzuki = coverage and text
Natsumi Aoyagi
Shigeru Matsui = coverage and text
New York/London/Berlin/Torino/Los Angeles/Santa Fe
Precious Okoyomon
Hiroki Yamamoto = Listener
Art & Design School Guide
Ruth Asawa—The Nest of Life/Environment
Ryo Sawayama = Sentence
“Nankoku Hidai – The Art of Lines -” Exhibition
Noi Sawaragi = sentence
“Shinya Hoki Solo Exhibition – S171101ST(R)” “Shinya Hoki Solo Exhibition” “Gerhard Richter” Exhibition
Minoru Shimizu = Text
Bijutsu Techo January 2023 issue on sale December 7 (Wednesday) Regular price | 1800 yen + tax
Published by Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.
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