WEF “Infrastructure Crusade”, an event to comprehensively inspect aging infrastructure with the power of citizens, will be held in two districts nationwide every weekend ~Events will be subdivided by municipality, accelerating the comprehensive ins

The “Infrastructure Crusade”, an event to comprehensively inspect aging infrastructure with the power of citizens, will be held in two regions nationwide every weekend ~Events will be subdivided by municipality, accelerating the comprehensive inspection of
infrastructure nationwide~
At the same time, the 2022 omnibus of the “Tetsukatsu” activity that protects the city from the infrastructure crisis with Civic Tech will be released.

The Whole Earth Foundation (hereafter, WEF), an NPO organization that builds, provides, and operates a citizen-participation-type
infrastructure information platform, uses gamification to encourage citizens to collect photographs and images of manholes and utility poles, which are social infrastructure. From January 2023, the participatory event “Infrastructure Crusade” will be held every weekend in two regions in Japan. We will increase the frequency of these meetings from once a month to accelerate nationwide
infrastructure inspections by citizens.
The event will be held in 9 blocks across Japan (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Hokuriku, Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa), and 2 districts (municipalities) will be selected from different blocks. Based on the basis of municipalities, depending on the degree of collection of infrastructure photographic images, we will extract areas that are smaller than municipalities (towns and villages, large areas, etc.), hold limited periods and target infrastructure, Aim to complete by concentrating.
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On January 8th (Sat) and 9th (Sun), 2023, it will start in two districts: Machida City, Tokyo and Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
“Manhole Crusade” January 2023 Schedule
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◇◆ Circumference of “Tekkatsu” activities to protect the city from infrastructure crisis with Civic Tech, 2022 omnibus◆◇
2022 progress of social contribution type Web3 application “TEKKON”  TEKKON will be open to the public in October 2022 after a beta version. Even after its release to the public, we continue to add new functions one after another and update it so that it will lead to the provision of more detailed infrastructure information to
infrastructure operators. TEKKON will continue to focus on collecting accurate infrastructure data and rewarding citizens who do the right thing (such as not posting inappropriate images).
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2020.12 Establishment of Whole Earth Foundation
2021.11 “Guardian of Iron and Concrete” web version
2022.3 “Guardians of Steel and Concrete” mobile app
2022.7 “TEKKON” closed beta version
2022.9 “TEKKON” public beta version
2022.10 “TEKKON” general release
2022.11 Added support for Japanese, added “telephone poles” to shooting targets 2022.12 Added accessory function to allow marketplace listing The momentum of shooting and posting on TEKKON has not stopped, and the number of manhole images collected by Citizen has exceeded 1.92 million! !
[Image 4d79512-35-ef977e329bfe04b1bfa9-4.jpg&s3=79512-35-2e7d882c9d97bd68dd584a6d26ed8342-1516x795.jpg
Citizens (citizens) play TEKKON before going to work, during their lunch break, and on their way home. With each passing day, the momentum of shooting and posting surged, and more than 1.92 million manhole data (domestic: 1.75 million, overseas: 170,000) was collected. There are more than 80,000 utility poles. The social movement “Tetsukatsu”, in which citizens work to preserve
infrastructure, is becoming a daily practice.

The number of reviews that determine the state of infrastructure deterioration has exceeded 31 million, and the number of inspections has exceeded 300,000! !
[Image 5d79512-35-82e1c2cc1f4392d47a85-5.jpg&s3=79512-35-e9804bd9bd9bf8a992e936c4d3e4456e-1517x795.jpg
Many Citizens also cooperated with the review function, which improves the accuracy of data by allowing multiple people to check the collected infrastructure images with the eyes of a third party. The review function for judging the deterioration state has increased to 31 million in total, and the inspect function for re-examining posted infrastructure photo images has increased to 300,000.

This year, for the first time, a collaboration event with a company was held, the target infrastructure “electric pole” was added, and for the first time, an electric power company started a demonstration experiment, etc., and “Tetsukatsu” accelerated with the first-ever development.
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“First, let me introduce the first one.” From November 26, 2022, the “Manhole Crusade”, which was developed in collaboration with Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, was the fastest completion ever. Since the first “Manhole Crusade” was held in Shibuya in August 2021, we have held a total of 14 manhole wars so far, but we have recorded the fastest collection speed ever, “20,000 units in one and a half days”. did.
The second first initiative is to develop a collaboration event with companies, and at the end of October 2022, in collaboration with Tokyu Land Corporation and Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Co., Ltd., “Manhole Seisen in Kutchan-cho” was held. Furthermore, from November 2022, “electric poles” will be added as a target infrastructure, and for the first time, the event “Utility pole holy battle” will be held jointly with Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Co., Ltd. for three cities in Hokuriku at the end of November. Although this is the second company to collaborate with a company, it was developed as the first power company’s demonstration experiment to confirm the possibility of improving the maintenance and management efficiency of power distribution equipment.
Also, in 2022, we will hold an event “Telegraph Pole Holy Battle in Shibuya” where you can enjoy the fun of interaction by incorporating elements of team battles from conventional individual battles for the first time. We have set up pop-up stores in four locations in the city and prepared two NFT dogs that you can get when you stop by. Participants commented, “I’m more motivated to participate in the event” and “It’s fun to hear from volunteers.” became the first step. Towards the circle activity of “Tetsukatsu”! Formation of an “offline community” [Image 7d79512-35-22731841d1e3c9bbc750-7.jpg&s3=79512-35-f1bc5f26908dfdb20c725735280e4601-1516x795.jpg
In 2022, “TEKKON Fan Meetings” will be held three times, and an offline community is being created. Normally, online communication is the main TEKKON, but by meeting face-to-face, users can understand each other further and the circle of friends is expanding. From fiscal 2023 onwards, it will be held once or twice a month in various parts of the country, and we will continue to build face-to-face
relationships in each region.
Next summer, we aim to complete half of about 15 million manhole covers nationwide!
Aiming to further accelerate the circle of “tetsukatsu” Accelerate the development of “infrastructure holy war” all over the country The “Infrastructure Crusade”, which aims to conduct a nationwide inspection with the power of citizens, will be held in eight locations ( Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, Kutchan Town, Hokkaido, and three cities in Hokuriku Prefecture (Kanazawa, Toyama, Fukui; Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture). From next year onwards, the event will be held more frequently, and next summer we aim to complete 7.5 million manhole covers, equivalent to half of the 15 million manhole covers nationwide.
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What is the “Infrastructure Crusade”, a nationwide infrastructure inspection activity promoted by WEF?
 The social infrastructure that is essential to our lives, such as waterworks, manholes, utility poles, and guardrails. It is an essential infrastructure not only in Japan but also in any city in the world, but aging is a major social issue.
The WEF believes that there is a way for the general public to participate in the problem-solving process and prevent the collapse of infrastructure. We are promoting.
As a tool for collecting infrastructure data, we use the social contribution type Web3 application “TEKKON”, ask people to “take and post photos” or “review the posted photos”, and provide the posted information to local governments and infrastructure companies. By doing so, we will contribute to the preservation of infrastructure. In addition, in order to strengthen the collection of infrastructure images, we are calling for citizens to participate, taking pictures of infrastructure in designated areas, and developing an event called “Infrastructure Crusade” aiming for completion, aiming for a nationwide infrastructure inspection. This initiative, which collects images through the power of citizens and leads to comprehensive inspection and maintenance of social infrastructure, is called “Civic Tech”, which combines civic (citizens) and tech (technology), and citizens use technology such as IT. It is attracting attention as an advanced case that aims to solve social issues by utilizing it. About “TEKKON”
“TEKKON” is a new social contribution-type location information game that aims to ensure the safety of infrastructure by having citizens work together to take pictures, post, and review each other in response to the issue of aging infrastructure. It has a reward function that allows you to get points as rewards (incentives) by “taking and posting photos” or “reviewing posted photos” of social infrastructure such as manholes and utility poles. The game is designed so that the points you can earn change by using to raise the level of your companion dog or increase the number of dogs.
[Image 9d79512-35-a629a7e3d4103fc0b02c-1.png&s3=79512-35-ceb136b8a4b78d74913d273c13ccd614-385x525.png
App name: “TEKKON”
Usage fee: Free
Download method: iOS app version: App Store (iPhone) delivery Android application version: Google Play distribution
Target model: iOS application version: iPhone (iPhone6s or later OS ver.15)      Android application version: Android (Android or later OS ver.7) Service general start date: October 17, 2022 (Monday)
About Whole Earth Foundation
 Headquarters: Singapore
Japan office: Shibuya 1-chome Building 7F, Shibuya 1-3-9, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established December 2020
URL: http://www.wholeearthfoundation.org/en/
The Whole Earth Foundation is an organization that calls for citizen participation and promotes activities aimed at solving social issues related to aging infrastructure. Developed “TEKKON” using Web3 as an application to protect the city from infrastructure crisis. By using tokens as a reward for infrastructure data, we encourage users to collect more infrastructure data and provide a mechanism that can return economic value to users who have contributed to society. In the future, we will expand the circle of social activities “TEKKON” by expanding the functions of “TEKKON” and expanding the “TEKKON Infrastructure Crusade”, an event that calls for citizen participation that we have held so far, nationwide.

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