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Wellness Kit Co., Ltd. Announcing the results of the “2022 Cannabis / CBD News General Election”! The firs t place is “Thailand to legalize cannabis”

Wellness Kit Co., Ltd.
“2022 Cannabis / CBD News General Election” Results Announced! The first place is “Thailand to legalize cannabis”
Japan’s first cannabis / CBD news voting event held. Ranking announcement of 17 carefully selected news

What is the “2022 Cannabis and CBD News General Election”?
The “2022 Cannabis and CBD News General Election” is an online voting event that determines the most impressive news ranking from 17 carefully selected news related to cannabis and CBD in Japan and overseas that occurred in the same year. Since this will be the first event, it will be the first attempt in the industry. This event was jointly held (December 11-21, 2022) by Japan’s largest CBD shop search site “CBD Library” and cannabis / CBD news information site “CANNABIS INSIGHT”.
* CBD (cannabidiol) is a health ingredient derived from cannabis (hemp) that is approved for use in Japan. In recent years,
expectations are increasing in the wellness field.
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■ “2022 Cannabis / CBD News General Election” Results
Here are the results of the 2022 Cannabis and CBD News General Election: 1. Thailand to legalize cannabis (352 votes)
2. Amazon Japan allowed CBD products to be sold (237 votes)
3rd. HHC was designated as a designated drug (228 votes)
4. President Biden Releases Statement on Cannabis Decriminalization (224 votes) 5th place. CBD gummies manufactured by “UHA Mikakuto” will be available for pre-order from August 18th (152 votes)
6. Germany announces cannabis legalization plan (147 votes)
7th place. The Kishida administration’s first “big-boned policy” included the word “cannabis” (128 votes).
8th place. Cannabis idol “ASA GIRLS” debut (125 votes)
9. Shibuya, “CBD Journey vol.4” and “CanaCon2022” held (107 votes) 10th. Cannabis delivery started at Uber Eats in Canada (106 votes) 11th place. CBD featured in TBS national terrestrial news program (105 votes) 12th. “Summary” of the 4th Subcommittee on Cannabis Regulation published (95 votes)
13th. “ABEMA Prime” broadcasts discussions on cannabis regulation and CBD (94 votes)
14th. Cannabis information variety started broadcasting on terrestrial TV (80 votes)
15th. Cross-sectional survey on actual use of CBD products in Japan published (79 votes)
16th. Liberal Democrat Study Group launched to promote industrial hemp (76 votes)
17. US CBD company signs first MLB sponsorship deal (37 votes) [Image 2d114234-1-c9d74118f3358b159fb1-1.png&s3=114234-1-26c328678f854b4ac909897bb1556be3-1212x808.png
Total votes: 2,376 votes
Voting participants: 464
Free comment field (optional) entry rate: 78%
■ Top ranking news and voter comments
1st place: Thailand to legalize
Cannabis was legalized in Thailand on June 9, 2022. This news was picked up by major media and news outlets in Japan and became a hot topic. Thailand’s cannabis legalization measures implemented in the middle of the day. There are many unstable places, and regulations may be tightened in 2023.
▼ Comments from voters
For the first time in Asia, its use for medical purposes has been legalized. The news that it will be legalized even for medical purposes is very good and impressive.
Taking this opportunity, I hope that it will be one step closer to legalization in Japan and will be available.
2nd place: Amazon Japan allowed the sale of CBD products
From May 11, 2022, the sale of products containing CBD has been permitted on Amazon Japan, which had previously prohibited the listing of products containing CBD. It is revolutionary that CBD can be obtained on Amazon, which everyone usually uses, and it has become easier for CBD beginners to get their hands on it.
▼ Comments from voters
Since CBD products are now available on Amazon Japan, I feel that CBD has become more familiar in Japan.
I found it really useful. This is news that CBD felt more familiar. The impression that you can purchase with confidence has been strengthened.
3rd place: HHC was designated as a designated drug
From January to March 2022, HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) became a boom in Japan, and it became a popular ingredient to the extent that it continued to run out of stock. However, it was designated as a designated drug from March 7, 2022 because it contains psychoactive effects similar to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Since the designation as a designated drug, there have been several news reports of HHC-related arrests.
▼ Comments from voters
I was surprised at how quickly HHC was regulated until it was designated as a designated drug.
The shock of HHC regulation is immense. It was an opportunity for me to stop taking antidepressants, and I decided to study questions and truths in various fields.
Many of our voters have given us enthusiastic comments on cannabis and CBD news. ■ Looking back on cannabis and CBD news in 2022 (summary)
2022 has been a year of big changes both at home and abroad. In the same Asian region as Japan, Thailand enforced the cannabis
legalization policy in June, and the number of cannabis stores has increased rapidly even in the city of Thailand. In addition, in the United States, where there is a lot of cannabis-related news, policy news was noticeable in each country, such as President Biden’s statement to decriminalize cannabis. In Japan, there were positive news about the use of cannabis-derived ingredients, such as the start of clinical trials with CBD preparations and the Kishida
administration’s “basic policy” including the word “cannabis”. From the business side, there was a lot of news that led to increased awareness of the industry, such as a CBD startup launching a collaboration product with a major confectionery company, and Japan’s largest event being held at Shibuya Stream. In 2022, we were able to experience a significant change in the cannabis and CBD markets both in Japan and overseas.
■ Considerations for 2023
Based on the 2022 rankings and retrospectives, we will consider the outlook for the cannabis and CBD market in 2023.
1. From “part control” to “ingredient control” due to the revision of the Cannabis Control Law
An expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is considering revising the Cannabis Control Law. Rather than regulating cannabis plants by parts, it is regulating THC, which has psychoactive effects, and is showing a willingness to focus on research and trials of CBD, which has no psychoactive effects. Due to these factors, 2023 is considered to be a year in which not only the CBD business will accelerate, but also the entire market will change significantly. 2. Entry of major companies
Clarification of standards through a cannabis-related “regulatory review,” including the Cannabis Control Act, could lead to larger companies entering the CBD market. We believe that it will become easier to obtain CBD, such as CBD products being sold in more familiar places, high-quality products, and lower prices. In fact, in 2022, “UHA Mikakuto Co., Ltd.” was involved in the production of CBD gummies.
3. Possibility of revisiting the era of law-breaking herbs
In the cannabis / CBD industry, there are a certain number of users who seek psychoactive effects, so ingredients similar to “THC”, which is regulated in Japan, are often distributed. For this reason, as in the news of “HHC regulation”, which won the third place in the ranking, new psychoactive ingredients are imported, regulated, and imported again. ” may be caused.
■ Voting summary
Voting site:
Voting period: December 11, 2022 to December 21, 2022
Voting method: Internet voting
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