WeWork Japan LLC WeWork Japan New Year’s remarks

WeWork Japan LLC
WeWork Japan New Year’s remarks

At the beginning of 2023, WeWork Japan GK, which develops flexible offices, would like to offer the following New Year’s greetings from CEO Johnny Yu.
Last year, WeWork Japan established a new purpose (meaning of existence): “Creating change here.” Vision: “Community is a space of possibilities.” I launched. If we continue to “change” ourselves, and if the member companies that move into WeWork “change” at WeWork and bring about innovation, it will lead to the resolution of social issues surrounding us and the further growth of Japan. I think. Last year, there was a gradual increase in movements in anticipation of with-corona and post-corona, and the penetration of “hybrid work”, which flexibly selects between office work and telework, rather than conventional office utilization, has accelerated. Globally, flexible offices are revitalizing faster than in Japan, and we have had the opportunity to have companies of various industries and sizes choose WeWork as Japan follows suit.
As the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, more and more member companies are coming to work at WeWork, even while working from home. I felt that the was evolving. In order to respond to the diverse needs of member companies accompanying such changes in the environment, WeWork Japan is conscious of hybrid work styles and community revitalization, gradually resuming real events and creating a system that makes it easier for people to come to work. We have supported the work styles of our member companies while strengthening our production. In addition, WeWork spaces are used not only for work spaces, but also for large-scale events and projects for existing member companies and external companies. Last year, we realized several large-scale projects at bases in Tokyo by utilizing our service solutions that enable the implementation of large-scale events and projects intensively in a short period of time. In this way, WeWork Japan, as a strategic partner for various companies, is expanding the
possibilities of space utilization with an emphasis on corporate needs and sustainability.
Since the second half of last year, there have been concerns about the difficulty of future business forecasts and long-term commitments due to headwinds in the macro environment and slowing economic growth. There were not a few companies that were cut. On the other hand, large companies and startups with strong earnings records are moving their headquarters to WeWork to more aggressively promote innovation, and adopting flexible offices as part of their personnel strategy to secure excellent human resources. I could see a tendency to do so. In addition, we have found new ways to use flexible offices, such as using WeWork as a call center base.
This year, as a full-fledged recovery from the corona disaster, it is expected that overseas companies will advance into Japan and inbound demand will revive. At the same time, we believe that people’s working styles will diversify at an accelerated pace, and that hybrid work will become more pervasive in companies. We will increase the number of events and various initiatives, such as the development of new services and products that support flexible work styles, new work styles, open innovation, new business development, and themes that address issues common to WeWork member companies. I am planning to WeWork Japan expects the market to become more active in the future, and will provide flexible services and products that meet the needs of companies in various industries and working individuals. We will continue to play a role as an open innovation platform that provides various opportunities for collaboration, aiming to improve the satisfaction of member companies. In addition, by promoting
collaboration with partner companies, we will continue to promote more advanced work styles and office DX. In addition, we will continue to focus on CSR activities aimed at solving social issues and
contributing to the SDGs aimed at creating a sustainable society, and we will strengthen our support programs for non-profit organizations, local governments, educational institutions, and startups. I plan. As a company that drives new ways of working, we will continue to work hard so that more companies, entrepreneurs, and building owners can feel the value of WeWork.
Thank you for your continued support of WeWork Japan this year. ■ Outline of WeWork Japan LLC ■
Founded in New York in 2010, WeWork operates flexible offices in more than 700 locations* in more than 150 cities in 38 countries around the world. WeWork Japan opened its first domestic base in Tokyo in February 2018. In a workspace that uses a space design that enhances creativity and productivity, we offer products that can be contracted on a monthly basis, scaled up and down from one to several hundred people, and can be used across more than 30 bases in Japan. We provide office solutions. In addition, WeWork, which has a wide variety of members from startups to large companies, local governments, and NPOs, has formed a community that transcends the boundaries of industries and companies, creating many business collaborations.
“Change is created here.” WeWork Japan will continue to support diverse work styles in the new era and propose new office value that promotes innovation and collaboration.
https://weworkjpn.com/ * As of September 2022
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