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What are the points to avoid SDGs wash? Free online seminar Thorough explanation of the basics of SDGs

YUIDEA Co., Ltd.
What are the points to avoid SDGs wash? [Free online seminar] Thorough explanation of the basics of SDGs
A seminar to learn how to correctly understand the SDGs that you think you know from the basics and how to avoid the risk of SDGs washing and flames in sustainable branding and communication design with customers.

As the deadline for achieving the SDGs approaches in 2030, not only large companies but also SMEs are required to make full-scale efforts. Recently, recognition of the word SDGs has progressed rapidly, and it has been a long time since it was called the “SDGs boom”. On the other hand, there is no end to the number of cases in which the appeal of “cosmetic efforts” called “SDGs wash” as if piggybacking on the boom has instead led to flames.
Companies are required to make essential efforts for the SDGs, but what is the cause of the SDGs wash happening in the background? What points should we be careful of with business partners and consumers so that they are not considered SDGs wash and flames?
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The SDGs = Sustainable Development Goals aim to be achieved by 2030. As this deadline draws near, the need to work on the SDGs and the need to create a system to that end is only increasing, not only among large companies but also among small and medium-sized enterprises. However, without a proper understanding of the essence and background of the SDGs, if we simply act as if we should just do what we can, we will end up falling into the SDGs wash, which could lead to damage to the credibility and brand image of the company.
In this online seminar, we will deliver points to avoid the risk of SDGs wash and examples of SDGs initiatives that increase the value of companies and brands in two parts.
In the first half, Ayako Katsu, General Manager of the ESG Innovation Division of YUIDEA, who has experience and knowledge in producing CSR/sustainability reports for more than 10 years, will explain the basics of the SDGs that we want to understand correctly again now, and will focus on the SDGs wash. I will explain the points to avoid becoming
In the second half, from the perspective of sustainable branding, for which needs are growing, we reconfirmed the significance of companies working on the SDGs and sustainability, and while unraveling the cases and trends of SDGs wash, we will discuss how companies can avoid the risk of burning. Here are some specific actions that should be taken. – Voices of previous seminar participants –
“It was very easy to understand and wonderful.” (Electronic equipment manufacturer)
“The explanation of specific points was easy to understand.” (Entertainment Business)
“It was easy to understand with plenty of examples” (building materials/housing) “The part I thought I knew was brushed up” (media/broadcasting station) “It was a novel explanation from a different perspective from previous SDGs seminars.” (sole proprietor)
“I was thinking of implementing an education about SDGs wash, so this content was very helpful.” (Chemical manufacturer)
“It was a fulfilling and varied content” (event / PR)
– What you can learn at the seminar –
Understand the essence of SDGs
Points to avoid the risk of SDGs wash
Tips for branding strategy related to SDGs
Sustainable activities based on a correct understanding of the SDGs will increase corporate value
-Recommended for those who have such a sense of challenge-
I am not confident that I have a correct understanding of the SDGs What should we start with to start promoting the SDGs?
I want to spread SDGs initiatives within the company
I want to understand the SDGs wash and use it to improve sales promotion and PR I would like to know preventive measures to avoid the SDGs wash I want to learn perspectives for incorporating SDGs into management strategies I want to refer to examples of other companies’ initiatives and trends in Japan and overseas
▼Seminar Overview
-first half-
1. Basis of SDGs
2. Precautions when using the SDGs logo/icon
3. What is wash?
-Latter half-
1. Relationship between sustainability and SDGs
2. What is sustainable branding?
3. A good example of sustainable branding
4. Precautions to avoid SDGs wash
5. Determination from case studies, the difference in how to communicate 6. Sustainable branding with growing needs
▼Speaker introduction
Ayako Katsu (General Manager of ESG Innovation, YUIDEA Co., Ltd.) [Image 2

Having been involved in the production of CSR/sustainability reports for over 10 years, I try to disseminate business activities that capture social issues and make proposals that emphasize the effects that result from them. Designed effective communication to target readers in CSR/sustainability reports of many companies.
Mami Naito (Sustainable Branding Business Promotion Officer, YUIDEA Co., Ltd.) [Image 3

After working in the production department of an advertising agency and the e-commerce business department of a business company, he has been involved in writing and editing for a long time, as well as managing various websites such as corporate sites, EC, and owned media. After joining YUIDEA in 2021, he is responsible for the mission to promote the sustainable branding business, and in addition to being the editor-in-chief of the owned media “Sustainable Brand Journey”, he is working on program development and communication design proposals. ▼Date and time
Please select the desired date and time from the following on the application form.
Wednesday, January 18, 2023 14:00-15:30
Wednesday, January 25, 2023 15:00-16:30
Wednesday, February 8, 2023 12:00-13:30
▼Participation fee
Online via Zoom
* For those who have applied, we will send you a viewing URL in advance. ▼How to apply
Please fill in the necessary information on the special form and apply. The application deadline is [until 10:00 on the day of each delivery date]. We are looking forward to your application.
* We also accept applications for free individual consultations. If you are interested, please check “I would like an individual consultation meeting” in the application form below.
▼ Notes
・This project will distribute pre-recorded videos online.
・ Only those who have received the participation URL will be eligible to participate. Applications from other companies in the same industry may be refused.
・The URL for participation will be sent to those who apply for the event twice, one day before the event and the other on the day of the event.
・Please refrain from recording, recording, or redistributing the content of the distribution.
・After watching the seminar, we will send the seminar materials to those who answered the questionnaire form at a later date.
YUIDEA Co., Ltd.
Marketing communication in the sustainable x ethical era
 Working on sustainability and disseminating activities will have a positive effect on various stakeholders. Consciousness of
sustainability has increased in consumer activities, and we have entered an era in which it is considered that we do not communicate = we do not work on it. We increase value to become a “brand of choice” through sustainable branding.
[Image 4d20348-27-be2bf950e80714571ec4-3.png&s3=20348-27-f44e7c9e9cdeca8736726ab2e23d6789-1107x701.png
[Image 5d20348-27-e7b804683d9599052cb4-4.png&s3=20348-27-9806c245664c54ce049b90089f236496-1117x642.png
Efforts and dissemination of sustainability require design based on specialized knowledge.
In that regard, YUIDEA has a track record of more than 1,000 companies over 20 years of professional support such as sustainability report production, various consulting related to corporate public relations and information disclosure, correspondence to ESG evaluation organizations, and materiality identification. Based on this knowledge, YUIDEA’s unique strength is that we can support appropriate communication design and information transmission.
In addition, YUIDEA has been making plans and proposals that lead to the lives of consumers for more than 25 years. Based on such diverse experiences, we optimize communication based on the needs and values ​​of the new era. Reach out to a wide range of target customers, deepen brand understanding, and convert them into customers. Furthermore, by increasing customer loyalty and cultivating repeat users, we help improve lifetime value.
In addition to planning and analysis, we collaborate with a team specializing in creative and technology, and can consistently handle site, visuals, and video production, so we can design without blurring the axis.
▼Contact us
YUIDEA Co., Ltd.
Sustainable Brand Journey Editorial Department
Twin Hills Myogadani, 4-5-16 Kohinata, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0006 TEL: 03-4503-5282 (Weekdays: 10:00-18:00)

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