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What is the “HKK law” that makes anyone look beautiful? Released “Bijin Nagusa New Edition”

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
What is the “HKK law” that makes anyone look beautiful? Released “Bijin Nagusa [New Edition]”

Discover Twenty-One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Naomi Taniguchi) published “Beauty Gestures [New Edition]” (by Nobuyuki Nakai) on December 23, 2022.
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You can become a “beautiful woman” by changing your “gesture” At cafes and restaurants, on the train, at business meetings and presentations…
Don’t you find yourself drawn to someone you happen to meet in your casual everyday life and find yourself staring at that person? The moment we meet a wonderful person, we unconsciously turn our gaze and are moved. And at the moment when I am moved, I feel that person is “beautiful”.
The “beauty” here is not something that depends only on the shape you were born with.
Don’t you often describe an attractive person as “that person has some kind of ‘atmosphere’?”
In fact, what determines beauty is the “atmosphere” of the person. In other words, anyone can look “beautiful” if they acquire the “atmosphere” that makes them look beautiful.
In this book, the author, who has taught more than 7,000 women who want to be actresses, models, and talents, how to behave and behave beautifully, teaches the “beautiful gesture law” created based on his own research. increase.
Even if it’s a rule, just change the way you place your hands, the angle of your face, and the direction of your body.
Using illustrations and photographs, it provides easy-to-understand explanations of daily gestures, behavior in business situations, gestures in romantic situations, how to walk, and how to take beautiful photos.
What is the “HKK Law”?
The basic law that is the cornerstone of beautiful “gestures” is the “HKK (Hiner Kasaner Katamkel) law”.
When the body moves, “invisible lines” naturally occur. If you can use this “invisible body line”, you can freely create your own impression, that is, the atmosphere.
This book proposes the following three “lines” to create a beautiful atmosphere. Curve created by “Hinnel (H)”
Consistent lines and complex lines created by “Casanel (K)”
A slanted line created by “Katamukel (K)”
Just by moving your body with these three lines in mind, your impression will be dramatically different.
These three lines are used as the basic means of expressing human emotions in every art and design world.
-3 types of beauty impressions created by 3 lines-
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Each of these three types of lines creates three impressions. Hinel (H) is active, Kasanel (K) is gorgeous, and Katamukeru (K) is soft. This is the “HKK Law”.
In this book, we will explain beautiful “gestures” based on this law. ★ Beautiful “gestures” when using a smartphone
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Place the palm of the other hand under the elbow of the smartphone holder and place it like a plate.
→By supporting the working hand with the non-working hand, there is a flow in the line of movement, and the use of the body is compact. Then, you can create a “feminine and polite atmosphere”.
★ Beautiful “gestures” when taking pictures
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By considering the orientation of the body (shoulders, torso), the orientation of the neck (eyes, face, head), the orientation of the fingers, and the orientation of the hands, you can not only look beautiful but also be taller. , Youthful and thin.
book outline
【table of contents】
Introduction You can become a “beautiful woman” by changing your “gesture” Introduction How to Create an Aura of Beauty Secrets of people who look “beautiful”
Lesson01 A Daily Aura of Beauty Basic beauty “gestures” that can be done in everyday life
Lesson02 An Aura of Beauty at Work A beautiful “behavior” valued at work Lesson03 Beauty in Your Love Life A beautiful “gesture” that attracts your love partner
Lesson04 An Elegant Walk A beautiful “way of walking”
Lesson05 Taking Elegant Photos How to take beautiful “photos” that increase the number of “likes”
[Author information]
Nobuyuki Nakai
Posing director, actor, model, image consultant
Dropped out of the School of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University. Belonged to the theater company “Yume no Yuminsha” when he was a student. After leaving the company, he worked as a model. Developed the “HKK method” to create an atmosphere with gestures. Instructed more than 7,000 talent candidates at vocational schools such as Watanabe Entertainment College. Independent after obtaining a qualification as an international image consultant in the United States. From celebrities to executive businessmen, he teaches personality branding with “expressions, actions, and ways of speaking.” NHK/E TV “R no Law” and Fuji TV “Nonstop! ], etc., as a “gesture” expert. His publications include “Handsome and Beautiful ‘Gessa’ that Both Women and Men Adore” (published by Shosha), “Mote Gesture Encyclopedia” (Wani Books), and “Lessons of Gestures That Bring Out Attractiveness” (Yamato Shobo).
[Book information]
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Title: “Beauty Gesture [New Edition]”
Release date: December 23, 2022
Publisher: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: Small B6 size / 256 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-2918-4
List price: 1320 yen (tax included)
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Rakuten Books

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