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What was the decisive factor in choosing that house maker / construction company? 1st place “ Trust in the company / person in charge”!

ARINA Co., Ltd.
-Survey results-What was the decisive factor in choosing that house maker / construction company? 1st place “Trust in the company / person in charge”!
research report

“Ideal House” ( operated by ARINA Co., Ltd. asks people over the age of 18 all over Japan, “What was the decisive factor in choosing that house maker / construction company? ” and conducted a questionnaire survey. We will publish the results. [Image 1

Survey method: Internet survey
Number of people surveyed: 200 (20s: 19, 30s: 91, 40s: 56, 50s: 28, 60s and over: 6)
Research Subject: ARINA Co., Ltd., Ideal House
Survey period: December 14, 2022
Survey report:
Announcement date: December 19, 2022
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Survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What was the decisive factor in choosing that house maker / construction company?”
[Image 2

1st place: Trust in the company/person in charge
・We were positive about removing the urbanization control zone held by the third degree relative, and although we were unable to remove it in the end, we were able to find land that we could be satisfied with and felt safe with.
・We went around several major house builders, but in the end we asked a local construction company. I was fascinated by the president’s personality.
・The personality of the person in charge of sales.
・I gained trust by seeing the actual factory and the actual house. Also, the response from the person in charge was wonderful.
・Because the name recognition as a major house builder and the impression of the sales people were very good.
・Because I have a long-standing relationship with a local company, I have a sense of trust.
2nd place: Sense of security due to name recognition and high word-of-mouth evaluation
・I thought that a company that was actually highly rated by many people could be trusted even if it was a little higher.
・My father-in-law worked in interior design and was familiar with house builders.
・When my brother built a house with the same house builder and listened to the story, there was no bad story. Because the area where the house was built was different, the salesman was different, but the salesman who took care of our house was not greedy, he was kind and proposed the floor plan exactly to our liking, and the land was quickly acquired. He looked for me and liked it, so I proceeded with a bang. I’m still glad I asked.
・There was a sense of security that a major company with a certain degree of name recognition would not go out of business.
・When you choose a place for the first time, you may be worried about whether it will be okay.
3rd place: Favorite design
・Because I liked my favorite design and selling.
・I looked at various house builders, but they all advertised insulation, and after all, the possibility of relocation is not zero, and I don’t know how long I will live, so I thought it would be nice if there was some degree of insulation and durability. , chose the design you like.
・When I saw a construction example, I thought it was a style I liked, and when I visited the model house and office, I decided to make a decision because the atmosphere there was also good.
・Even though it is a house maker, I chose an architect teacher, and I was able to obtain the safety of the house maker standard.
・Because the design of the interior and exterior walls was stylish in a built-up house.
・I liked the sense of security and design of the PC construction. 4th place: Appropriate price
・Because I was looking for a ready-made house and it was in the area I wanted at a reasonable price.
・There was no option to change the contractor because the land and building were a set. However, the cospa looked good, so I’m glad I chose it as a result.
・It fits our budget.
・I chose it because it was within my budget, but I was also particular about it. ・It’s more expensive than other house makers, but the warranty is good and the quality of the surrounding residents is good.
5th place: Other
・”Introduction from a trustworthy real estate-related acquaintance” My husband is also real estate-related, so he said that it would be fine. ・『Introduction from an acquaintance』I was introduced by an acquaintance. ・[Convenience of building location] It is a detached house within 10 minutes from the station, and there was a site suitable for a kitchen garden. I agree with the price.
・”The performance of the house is good” Our house was built by a local construction company. I chose it because it had a good reputation for building a house with high airtightness and high heat insulation. In addition to being particular about insulation materials and windows, it was attractive that the design was designed with detailed calculations such as the time and direction of sunlight entering the house.
・”My husband worked for a house builder, so I built it there.” ・Emphasis on “brother” reliability.
6th place: high safety
・Because I want to focus on the point that I can live safely when I live. ・Because making is the most important thing.
・After all, it is important to be a large company. Not only was it safe, but the price was also a little cheaper than other companies, so I decided to choose it as if I was on a big ship.
・Because it is a steel frame, I thought it would be strong against earthquakes. 6th place: Generous after-sales follow-up
・Solar power generation was standard equipment, the outer wall used a material that does not easily get dirty (material that decomposes dirt with sunlight), the unit price per square meter was cheaper than other manufacturers we were considering, The person in charge was very enthusiastic, and he would come for regular inspections until 30 years.
・There is a length of the warranty period as a generous after-sales follow-up. I put the most emphasis on this. Subsidies are also supported in the generous after-sales follow-up.
・I’m an amateur about architecture, so I can’t understand the merits and defects of a house until I live there. I think it’s better to have a construction company that can be consulted after completion than a construction company that is finished.
・Of course, the design is a famous company, and I felt that the after-sales follow-up was proper.
· First of all, I was able to go to a nearby house builder for consultation immediately. Also, the reputation was very good, and I really liked the person in charge and the atmosphere of the store. Of course, they listened to our opinions seriously and built a
custom-built house together. Even after it was built, the house was inspected for free, and I was invited to an event. Thanks to the event, I was able to make friends with people who made it with the same house maker in the neighborhood. Furthermore, after an earthquake or heavy snowfall, they always visit our homes to check on the situation. If you have any problems with the house, they will help you with anything. It’s been almost 20 years since I built a house, but I don’t think there is a house builder who will follow up like this. 8th place: high degree of freedom
・The intermediary was kind and helpful, and in the meeting with him, I was able to incorporate various wishes even though it was a built-up plan. After that, I had a meeting with the house builder, but they listened to my requests seriously and made counter-suggestions. ・Petite free design is possible, and the price is low because it is a compact house. I chose it because I could freely design it to my liking.
・Although we were able to freely choose various things such as the floor plan and materials, there were few proposals for the floor plan. I don’t think I would ever choose to build it again.
[Summary] What was the decisive factor in choosing the house maker / construction company in this survey? The 1st place was “Trust in the company / person in charge”
While I have various anxieties and worries when building a house for the first time, it is very reassuring to hear me kindly and solve my doubts with polite explanations. “Reliability” and “sense of security” ranked first and second, respectively. It was a result that you can see well that it is an important element for making a house that does not fail.
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