White Foundation Seko Komuten Co., Ltd. has been certified as a “White Company Certified Gold” / Published an interview page!

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Seko Komuten Co., Ltd. has been certified as a “White Company Certified Gold” / Published an interview page!
We are pleased to inform you that Seko Komuten Co., Ltd. has acquired the “White Company Certification Gold” operated by the Japan Next Generation Enterprise Promotion Organization (commonly known as the White Foundation).

Many companies have acquired White Company Certification as the only certification system in Japan that comprehensively and objectively evaluates the work style of companies, and more than 330 companies have acquired it in December 2022.
Among them, the interview page was released on December 16, 2022, along with the acquisition of “White Company Certification Gold” by Seko Komuten Co., Ltd.
Company information page
《Efforts as a white company》

White company certification Screening results
[Image 1d39303-76-a6aadfbee86b97936fe2-1.png&s3=39303-76-cfab31a564a1882abc90832335b1ba73-637x915.png
Certification period: July 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
Company category: small
Certification rank: Gold
Business model/productivity: 18 points/20 points
Work-life balance: 18 points/20 points
Health management: 16 points/20 points
Human resource development/job satisfaction: 16 points/20 points Diversity & inclusion: 8 points/20 points
Risk management: 20 points/20 points
Labor-related items           : Complying
Total: 96 points/120 points
Reasons for obtaining white company certification
At Seko Komuten, we are strongly conscious of “creating an
organization that focuses on human resources” and have been
implementing initiatives to improve the workplace environment for more than 10 years. In order to disseminate our efforts outside the company, we have acquired white company certification.
Among the various third-party certifications available, the reason I chose white company certification was because it seemed to be the most difficult. It is not possible to obtain certification based on just one outstanding feature, so I was attracted to the fact that I was evaluated comprehensively, including not only human resource development and work-life balance, but also my business model. Now that I have acquired it, I feel the difficulty of “maintaining” white company certification. (Seko Construction Co., Ltd. / Person in charge)
Future goals
We want to provide a place where all the employees who work at Seko Komuten can shine.
We are focusing on human resource development such as support for acquiring qualifications, so we would like to create a company together with our employees while firmly developing their individual areas of expertise. In addition, I would like to continue to focus on “creating a comfortable workplace” by further enhancing work-life balance and health management. (Seko Construction Co., Ltd. / Person in charge)
About us
Trade name: Seko Komuten Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masayuki Niki
Business description :・Steel pipe pile construction
       ・Ground survey
・Surface ground improvement work
・Column ground improvement work
        ・Building subsidence correction
       ・General housing
        ・General architecture
Established: February 1990
Capital: 30 million yen
Sales: 824 million yen
Number of employees: 99 or less
Location: 4-8-22 Isoyama, Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture
Company website: https://www.seko-c.co.jp/
What is White Company Certification?
[Image 2d39303-76-27bf14f5d48297d3c987-2.jpg&s3=39303-76-89d9d265073c2b0424d17bc431350e77-2006x1987.jpg
“White Company Certification” consists of 70 questions that companies should address in order to become white. (compliance), we confirm the presence or absence of initiatives and grant certification. “White Company Certification” is the only certification among Japanese organizations that comprehensively evaluates companies that are not focused on one initiative but are working on seven items in a well-balanced manner.
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