Why are Japanese people so susceptible to international romance scams? expert interview

White Bear Co., Ltd.
Why are Japanese people so susceptible to international romance scams? expert interview
Why am I being deceived by scammers I have never met?

White Bear Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hidenori Yokoo), which operates the Internet fraud information media “Internet fraud SOS”, published an interview article with an expert familiar with international romance fraud in December 2022. .
[Expert Interview] International Romance Scam Tricks, Features, and Cases URL: https://netsagi-sos.com/romance-scam-interview/
■ What is International Romance Scam?
International romance scams are foreign scammers or Japanese scammers masquerading as foreigners who cleverly approach them via SNS, matching apps, dating sites, etc. on the Internet, and make them feel romantic. It is a special scam that uses it to remit money.
■ Rapidly increasing international romance scams
From around 2018, cases of international romance fraud began to be reported in Japan, and since then, the number of victims has increased significantly.
[Image 1

[Source]: Romance investment scams are on the rise! |National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan
In addition, international romance scams are not only targeted at Japanese people, but are special scams that are increasing in damage worldwide. According to a report from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the United States will lose $547 million in 2021.
[Image 2

[Source]: Reports of romance scams|FTC
https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/data-visualizations/data-spotlight/2022/02/reports-romance-scams-hit-record-highs-2021 It is important to know about international romance scams in order not to get caught
Recently, news reports and police/local government websites have been distributing information that calls attention to international romance scams, but the number of victims continues to increase.
In order to prevent romance fraud damage, I think it is important for more people to know about fraud methods and the actual situation and examples of damage.
■Expert interview: [Mr.
[Image 3d7876-9-15827ddf485f95714ffa-2.png&s3=7876-9-c6828c462d570da477e566a3dbe7a82e-400x400.png
A sister’s Twitter icon to alert international romance scams Therefore, the Internet fraud SOS editorial department interviewed an expert “Nee-san” who works to raise awareness of international romance scams on SNS for the purpose of making the actual situation of international romance scams widely known.
Since she herself was deceived by an international romance scammer, she is an expert who collects fraud information from SNS, raises awareness, and supports deceived victims. .
It is an interview article full of interesting content that you can understand the current situation of international romance scams, so please read it.
◎Interview content
What triggered the alert for romance scams?
Encounter with Fraudster Frank
Activities to alert romance scams
Clever Romance Scam Techniques
nationality of the scammer
What is the average cost of romance scams?
Why are Japanese people so easy to get hooked on?
Why am I deceived by someone I’ve never met
Scammer claiming to be a Ukrainian soldier/doctor
Consultation from the daughter of a fraud victim
To avoid being scammed
■ Interview article (partial excerpt)


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