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Wintrans Co., Ltd. Can you buy a house for 100 yen? Deliver to people who can’t buy it due to high prices and soaring materials! Treasure hunting matching site “empty house base”

Wintrans Co., Ltd.
You can buy a house for 100 yen!? Deliver to people who can’t buy it due to high prices and soaring materials! Treasure hunting matching site “empty house base”
In response to consultations on 2,000 vacant houses that cannot be sold even at 100 yen, we have developed a remote brokerage business linked to the local area. 49 units sold in 3 years.

A portal site “Soraie Base” operated by Wintrans Co., Ltd.
(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroki Takaso) that connects people who want to sell and renovate vacant houses will open in August 2020. Two years have passed since then, and 49 contracts have been concluded. (As of December 5, 2022, there are 2,000 consultations, and currently about 300 are posted) New businesses targeting vacant houses are booming, but the conditions are strict even among vacant houses, and even real estate companies say, We will report on the results of the tough challenge of selling a vacant house that says, “I can’t sell my house,” after honestly disclosing the unreasonable conditions. [Image 1

Empty house base →
-Challenge of “empty house base” that handles vacant houses that do not sell = unprofitable-
Even if you say vacant house, from the perspective of a real estate company that is a professional in buying and selling, there is a clear line between “vacant house that sells” and “vacant house that does not sell”. By the way, the final reason why a real estate company considers a property to be unsellable is that it is considered “not profitable” due to labor costs, advertising costs, risk conversion, etc. Therefore, based on our vacant houses, we post such properties in the price range of 100 yen to several hundred thousand yen *1. Roads are too narrow for cars to enter, rain leaks and termite damage are likely to increase renovation costs, and so on. However, even if the property is worthless to a professional, among the 120 million people in Japan, there are people who say, “I want to use that vacant house!”
“Vacant house base” is rare in the real estate industry, which is said to be a local industry, in order to respond to the urgent
circumstances of owners who want to let go at any price. It is a site that realizes the expectations of customers who want to polish and use it.
*1: In addition to the listed price, registration fees and
administrative fees will be charged separately.
*2: Proceed with sales procedures in partnership with local real estate companies, etc. where the property exists.
-The opportunity is our “empty house pass” business-
[Video 2:]

The reason why we specialize in vacant houses is that half of the consultations brought in through acquaintances were the sale of inherited vacant houses. It’s hard to sell a house full of memories, and it takes years to decide to sell, and the value of the house is declining, making it even more difficult to let go.
In addition, inherited real estate often has complicated rights and human relationships, and the worries tend to be deep. We wanted to learn about the troubles of relationships with relatives and family members, and relationships with neighbors at home, and want to support them.
And by specializing in vacant houses, as mentioned above, many properties that are not profitable and classified as “unsold vacant houses” by real estate companies have been brought in, and the “vacant house pass” business has become a separate business. I opened an empty house base.
-What kind of people will buy it? –
At our company, we provide information and consulting on how owners can repair and renovate purchased properties and real estate investment. Considering the time and effort involved, even real estate properties that are not profitable for real estate companies can be treasures for amateur buyers and real estate investors.
Single mothers who want to buy as cheaply as possible because they have little cash on hand, owners who want to make it possible to live in a second house by themselves, and real estate investors who want to buy gemstones at the rough stage, polish them so that they can sell, and then sell them. It is very popular with everyone.
Mr. A (Purchased a property in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture) When I was considering relocating, I wanted a house where I could live with my children while taking care of it myself. At that time, I was grateful that the property I found at Vacant House Base was very cheap in terms of price.
Mr. B (Purchased a property in Hitachi City, Ibaraki Prefecture) I am of Chinese nationality, but I was interested in investing in real estate in Japan. While looking for various properties, I arrived at the vacant house base and purchased the property I liked. I am satisfied with the post-purchase support, such as being introduced to someone who can handle procedures and construction that I cannot do myself, and teaching me how to renovate.
-In fact, a new proposal for utilizing vacant houses that is difficult for real estate professionals-
Even properties that are seemingly difficult to utilize can find new value if the situation is sorted out and risks can be foreseen. By connecting vacant houses with entrepreneurs with such a challenging mindset, the vacant house base will give buyers confidence that they have their own house, and provide them with the opportunity to start a real estate business, further contributing to social problems. Realize the reuse of vacant houses.
We would like many people to know about “empty house base” through media coverage. Even in the real estate industry, which is a business that is familiar to everyone, “unsold vacant houses” is a difficult problem from a business perspective. Even if you want to do something about it emotionally, in reality, there are problems that you can’t do anything about because you can’t advertise because of the low profit, or because you only have a network in your local area. We ask for your cooperation in reducing the number of unsold vacant houses as much as possible. It is also possible to conduct an online interview with the person who purchased the product.
49 contracts concluded at “Soraie base”
Site release: August 2020
Contract price range: 100 yen to 4 million yen (average 311,963 yen) Number of properties handled: about 300
Purpose of use: Home (residence, second house), business use (rental business, private lodging, atelier, garage, etc.)
-About Empty House Pass-
[Image 2

“I can’t sell an empty house” Do you have such a problem? “It’s too old,” “Poor access conditions,” “Furniture left in the house,” etc. If you are having trouble with such a vacant house property, please consult with us about the vacant house pass. We have a track record of many purchases of properties that have been turned down by others. Since it is available nationwide, even an empty house located far from the city center is fine.
There are many reasons for unsold vacant houses, such as “the building is old” or “the building is severely damaged”. Real estate agents may not handle such properties.
■ Hiroki Koso, Representative Director of Wintrans Co., Ltd. [Image 3

Born in 1989 in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture. When he was in high school, he was selected for the Kyushu Selection (7-a-side) in rugby, and after that he went to Fukuoka University to join a business team. After experiencing an internship at an NGO that supports developing countries, I got a job at a company that runs a bridal business. After that, after working in the real estate industry, he became the representative director of Wintrans Co., Ltd. in 2018. In 2019, we started the “empty house pass”, a trading business specializing in vacant houses. Furthermore, in August 2020, the “empty house base” will be released. As a real estate company that specializes in vacant houses, we act as a bridge between the thoughts of owners and buyers. Please also see here for the founding history etc. →
-Wintrans Co., Ltd.-
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